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    Las Vegas
    Wife and I going to Catalina at eom. In the way back home to NV thinking of staying one night in Long Beach or nearby. Are there any real good Record shops with a really awesome selection of used Records worth going to ? Primarily want original Jazz records like blue notes and original Rock and pop pressings ? I read a lot of good about Fingerprints but have never been there abs don’t know what they have .. trying to avoid Ameoba and new records. Want used primarily :)

    Thanks all :)
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  2. Chrome_Head

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    Los Angeles, CA.
    Freakbeat Records is my go-to for used, but they are up in Sheman Oaks quite a ways away from Long Beach.
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  3. hi_watt

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    San Diego, CA
    In San Diego, Folk Arts records is king so far when it comes to used records. Then there's Record City (same owners as the one in Vegas), and Beatbox Records.
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    Time your trip with the Greater Orange County Record Show....otherwise Freakbeat is the only one I'd go to since Rockaway went under on retail.
  5. goat65cars

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    Go to White Rabbit (Burger Records) on State College Blvd. in Fullerton.Just got a hugh collection of original 50's and 60's Jazz records in their store. Miles Davis (Bitches Brew) John Coletrane, Wayne Shorter and many others. Prices ($50-$300).Was down there Saturday and still plenty of good stuff available. Phone # is 714-930-7930 If I was more of a Jazz collector.
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