Good shops in Albuquerque?

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    I'm going to be in Albuquerque (Old Town) for a conference next week and am wondering if there are any good shops relatively close. Anything worth checking out?

    I an old thread about Albuquerque but that thread is closed.
  2. Tom H

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    I am going to Albuquerque for a week and I'm wondering if there are any good CD shops?
  3. TheSixthBeatle

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    I’m afraid it’s slim pickings. Charley’s on Menaul at Pennsylvania has a few. For the used CDs take a close look before purchasing (all CDs kept behind the counter). They seem to be getting a bit rougher. I’ve gotten a bad one or two and they refund only store credit.

    There’s an interesting guy next to the laundromat on Lomas/Washington but not a great selection.

    I guess we’re mainly a TV town. :o
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  4. Mr. LP Collector

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    There are a couple other stores on the main drag/Central Ave. Nob Hill Music is 3419 Central, Slolo Vinyl is 4710 Central, and Mecca Music and Books is 1404 Central. Before visiting these stores be aware that there has been a bunch of road construction in front of Nob Hill and SloLo. There is parking in the back of those stores but only the regular clientele is aware of it. There are a lot of traveling collectors who give up trying and wind up going to the stores sixth Beatle mentioned. It's been a long time since I've been to those stores with the exception of Charley's.

    Which are good stores BTW, the one on Lomas and Washington is called We Buy Music. If you ever come out to Albuquerque in mid September, IMHO the Albuquerque Record/CD convention pulls in a good crowd. It's held twice a year on mid April and mid September. Mike Walsh promotes it and has since 1989. he pumps in some coin for radio advertising which is always a good thing! April's show got in 852 paid customers along with a few dozen others who got in on free passes from the local stores.

    In regards to HOW MANY cd's these stores have, probably best to call (I live in western Colorado, come in to Albuq. three times a year.)

    Good luck and safe travels!:)
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  5. Tom H

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    Visited Nob Hill Music today and picked up three used CDs. The selection is small there (they also have vinyl and cassettes) but nicely managed.
  6. Shrdlu2

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    There is an excellent musical instrument store in the northeast section, in a small shopping center. You will find it if you need it - go out on I40 to get there. They even had some bass clarinet reeds for me. :)
  7. Erik Tracy

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    There was a small article write-up in the Jan 2019 issue of New Mexico magazine about record shops.

    Mentioned in Albuquerque:
    * Hi-Phy Records
    Sharing space in 2 locations
    1. Spur Line Supply Co. (in the Sawmill District on 20th St)
    2. Little Bear Coffee (Pennsylvania Ave)

    Mentioned in Santa Fe:
    * Guy in the Groove (Cerrillos Rd)
    * Lost Padre Records (Catron St)
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