Grand Funk Railroad

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  1. For CD's look no further than the Japan discs (Past Masters, Super Masters (TOCP prefix) or Cool Price series). They sound great. The Past Masters series did not include the entire early catalogue. I have listed what I have purchased below.

    Grand Funk (Red Album) Japan CP-21 Pastmasters
    Live Album CP-19 Pastmasters
    On Time CP-21 Pastmasters
    Phoenix TOCP Pastmasters II
    We're An American Band CP21 Pastmasters
    Closer To Home TOCP Cool Price - 2 Bonus tracks
    Shinin' On TOCP Pastmasters II
    Survival Japan TOCP
    Closer To Home TOCP 1993
    All The Girls In The World Beware!! TOCP Cool Price
    Caught In The Act Japan Pastmasters II
    E Pluribus Funk Japan TOCP

    One more to look for:
    Mark Don & Mel Iconoclassic 2 CD
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    BTW, I have the Music on Vinyl LP for sale in the Classifieds at a reasonably discounted price from brand-new. It is confirmed digital.

    I have three LP copies - an original, an orange Capitol reissue and an 80's Capitol green label reissue.

    This new one has a very nice soundstage and midrange but I found it lacking in deep bass like my original has. It also has a super quiet playing surface which my original does not have.

    I also have various CD's of this album, and the Japanese is the clear winner. The original Capitol CD was just plain awful!

    So this would be a HUGE improvement for someone who has the original Capitol CD and wanted a clean LP copy, but if you've already got the "go to" copies, I don't see this as a necessity.
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  4. Fixed.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    GFR have been discussed here a LOT - if you do a search on Grand Funk you will see 4 pages of posts/threads, many of them dealing with the best lp/cd versions.
    Yes, the remasters, while packaged beautifully and from the best sources, are generally frowned upon here due to the brickwalling/loudness. The Japan 1st pressings are considered by many here, myself included, to be the best cd versions. Not all of GFR's albums were released on cd before the loudness wars, however, so it can be challenging to find the best cd, and sometimes there's only 1 or 2 choices.
    Don't "do" vinyl myself but original lp pressings, if you can find any in good shape for a reasonable price, should be what you'd want, I would think.
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    I've got a question. I see at Wikipedia that "I'm Your Captain (Closer To Home)" was released as a single that ran 5:31, while the full album version runs 9:58. I've got the Collectors Series comp, which uses the full version. Looking at different Grand Funk cd's online, I don't see the single version anywhere. Has this ever been released on CD?
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    Yes The CP21's are the ones to have. No remasters! Horrible!
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    Grand Funk Railroad - Closer To Home »
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    On time was a favorite for me along Mel on the cover of the red album
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    So what's the deal with the 2003 US cd reissue of All The Girls In The World being out of print and fetching the huge bucks? I see someone here has a WTB in the classifieds for one as well. Figures the one that gets valuable is the one of two I didn't buy when the remasters came out. The other one was Shinin On. That one's still cheap and plentiful...

    Anyway, I found this very strange , maybe not many were pressed of that title?

    Grand Funk Railroad -All the Girls in the World Beware!! (CD, Feb-2003) RARE New »
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    Pulled out the original vinyl, and the Japan CDs, and once again, it's time to celebrate Mark's music.

    CP21-6037 - On Time - love how I didn't have to turn down the volume, from it's usual -15 I listen to Netflix through. With lesser CDs, I have to go as low as -25, but not with a Pastmaster. :hugs:
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    I'm going to have to open my "Trunk of Funk Vol. 1" I got for Christmas.
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    Into The Sun was so perfect for an 11 year-old boy, used to being around various Chicago garage bands, all my life, up to that point.

    This is timeless.
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    grand funk railroad SHOULD have been in the rock hall years ago.

    what a band, they were a phenomenon, culturally praised, critically panned.

    i think they are great.

    and to think they were spawned by terry knight and the pack.
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    I had all the albums up to survival. I can listen to 3 or 4 of their songs these days.
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    My first time seeing them.

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    Posts rarely expire if the thread is still open. :laugh:
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    I finally got the 30 years of funk 3 cd boxset on the way to me as we speak
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    You should seek out E Puribus Funk and We're An American Band. Both are excellent albums.
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    My first big concert was GFR. It was in '73 when I was 18. It was there first tour with Craig Frost as they were touring for the Phoenix album. The opening act was a band called Bulldog. They had a minor hit out at the time called 'No'. When it was time for GFR to take the stage they started flashing this huge strobe light to the sound of a locomotive starting. It started slow and got faster and faster until a spotlight came in and they're was Mark Garner with his guitar around his neck, and standing behind the keyboard hitting the first notes of Flight Of The Phoenix that morphed into Footstomping Music...and they didn't let up the entire show. It was a high energy show to say the least.

    Fast forward to '97 when I got to see them on their reunion tour at the Tennessee Theater. This time my kids were with me as they were teenagers at the time. I had bought a pair of tickets that were in the second row in the floor, and I had win a pair from a radio contest simply by calling in and giving them the name of GFRs bass player.

    I've got all of their records up through E. Pluribus Funk, and their Bosinia, WAAB, and Thirty Years of Funk on CD.
    I always have, and always will be a fan. ;)
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    I love this band. Many lovers of rock n roll don't realize how big these guys were. They sold out Shea Stadium (July 9, 1971) faster than the Beatles. What????
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    How big were Grand Funk overseas? Did they ever do a big tour in their prime outside the US?
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  23. I have had the 30 Years of Funk 3-CD set for a long time, I get it out and listen to a few songs every few years. I think GFR was better than their reputation but with thousands of albums in my collection, GFR just can't get much play.
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  24. MYKE

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    Mark Farner, and it was April 15th, 1998, at the Ryman Auditorium, not the Tennessee Theater.
  25. PooreBoy

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    First off, I know that it's Mark 'Farner', not 'Garner'...that was an obvious mistype. Your correct about the 2nd concert of theirs I attended was in '98 and not '97, it was 6/17/1998 to be exact. But it was at the Tennessee Theater in Knoxville, TN. ;)

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