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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Al Gator, Feb 5, 2021.

  1. Volga

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    And this only makes this Dick's Picks (even) better!
  2. Crazy Otto

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    Cologne, Germany
    Never realized Saturday Night was missing, all these years I assumed Uncle John's was the encore. Definitely better this way :righton:
  3. I love One More Saturday Night!
  4. Volga

    Volga Soon-to-be banned smeirlap

    I love one "One More Saturday Night"
  5. anth67

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    You've gotta love at least two ~ Europe '72 and the Tivoli '72 video.

    Unsung rendition: 6/28/86 (double encore with a really sweet Baby Blue; one of the stronger 80's Ramble On Roses, too, this night)
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  6. Jeez man, that’s like saying that the only worthwhile Dark Star is the one on Live/Dead.

  7. pbuzby

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    Chicago, IL, US
    5/19/74 has a fun Saturday Night out of the Truckin'->NFA->GDTRFB sequence.
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  8. Archtop

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    It's not quite that dire.
  9. Volga

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    Joking aside, there are many good renditions of "One More...", but I see it mainly as the song in the background while the film credits roll.
  10. It is a jolt of rock n roll energy to send the crowd home energized and pumped.
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  11. Volga

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    Or maybe it's a way of saying "we've just blown your minds by exploring the unknown, but don't take us seriously, we're just a dance band".
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  12. GuitarStrangler

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    Slovenia, Europe
    Nightfall of Diamonds (10/16/1989)

    It's been a while since I last listened to this, and should really give it a fresh listen to write any kind of meaningful comments.
    As it is, I am currently occupied with new St. Louis box so haven't managed to make a fresh listen this one.
    From my memory, I'd have a similar bias as with other later era releases. Meaning any MIDI hurts my ears and that is why I never especially liked the jam sequence on disc 2. In fact I think I strongly prefer disc 1 from this release, probably for that very reason. From my memory, there are excellent Half-Step, Stranger and Deal here, and all the other tracks are also quite OK, except "Never Trust A Woman" (it sounds like B-class Allman Brothers song).
    I am not sure how I'd rate this release. Probably around 3 - 3.5 at maximum.
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  13. profusion

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    DiP 23 is just mind-blowing. Love this one...frankly as much as #36.
  14. Spazros

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    Philadelphia, PA
    Dick's Picks 23

    I thought this was a nice, tight show that I would revisit now and then. Until I got to Disc 3. It took me places both emotionally and aurally. I absolutely love this pick and while the first set seems like they are going through the motions, the motions are pretttty pretttyyyyyyy good and the pick gets better and better culminating into TOO followed by Sing Me Back Home which has a visceral effect. This has become a comfort show for me.
  15. GuitarStrangler

    GuitarStrangler Forum Resident

    Slovenia, Europe
    Dick's Picks, Vol. 23: Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore, MD 9/17/72

    This is essential release that represents one more archetypal 1972 Grateful Dead concert. The sound is great and this is utterly enjoyable from start to finish.

    Sugaree and BTW are as perfect as they can be. Tons of energy. It is very funny though, how Jerry confused BTW with Jack Straw at the beginning. This Bird Song is shorter and although it doesn't reach the heights as versions found on other two September DP's, it is still very enjoyable. Big River is killer version. Watch out what Keith is doing with that key variation during China>Rider transition. PITB features some unique jams with untypical tempo changes. Outstanding rendition and one to return to often. Keith is soooo in the zone here.

    Second set is perfect, and what a killer set list. I must mention as far as early Mississippi Half-Steps go, I like this one better than the one from DP36. The meat of the second set if of course The Other One. Man this is some serious s*#t! And running at 39 minutes, it truly a monster jam. Although transition from He's gone is not all that smooth (I'd reach out for DP36 9/3/72 for a perfect example of this transition), this beast gets in the zone immediately. It is tremendous how each band member gets his leading part at some point – and each member's contributions stand out. Of course Phil leads with his bass lines and Jerry drives the ensemble throughout, but also Keith leads the band into that totally jazzed out mind blowing part in the middle (man, how Keith is ON! Listen to those jazz chords!), and later Bob leads the band into that unique jam before the second verse. Top tier jamming material here!

    And that Sing Me Back Home sends shivers down my spine. Sometimes, when I get too emotional listening to this (well maybe after couple of whiskeys), I get a lump in my throat and by the time Jerry rips that wailing solo, it feels like whole life is flashing in front of you. I can't describe how deep can this tune go.

    Sugar Magnolia features Jerry tuning his guitar while the band is already playing the opening bars. But he got it right and jumps the boat very soon. UJB closer is essentially perfectly executed.

    For me, this volume is interchangeable with either of other two DP September 72 volumes (DP36 being rated slightly higher only on the account of bonus material, that gives us 4 discs packed with exquisite music). This whole show flows wonderfully, and the big jams are for the ages.

    Overall rating: 4.6/5
  16. mBen989

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    Scranton, PA
    Dick's Picks 22

    A source text for Anthem and a prime slice of primal Dead.
  17. Al Gator

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    This week: 1974-03-23 Daly City (released 2002-02-11 on Dick's Picks 24)

    Next week: Various (released 2002-03 on Postcards of the Hanging)
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  18. Al Gator

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    Dick's Picks Volume 24

    Recording date: March 23, 1974
    Recording location: Cow Palace, Daly City, CA
    Release date: February 11, 2002
    Recorded by: Bill Candelario

    Disc 1
    First set:
    1. "U.S. Blues" (Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia) – 6:16
    2. "Promised Land" (Chuck Berry) – 4:04
    3. "Brown-Eyed Women" (Hunter, Garcia) – 5:27
    4. "Black-Throated Wind" (John Barlow, Bob Weir) – 7:04
    5. "Scarlet Begonias" (Hunter, Garcia) – 7:14
    6. "Beat It On Down The Line" (Jesse Fuller) – 3:46
    7. "Deal" (Hunter, Garcia) – 5:29
    8. "Cassidy" (Barlow, Weir) – 4:09
    9. "China Cat Sunflower" > (Hunter, Garcia) – 8:41
    10. "I Know You Rider" (trad., arr. Grateful Dead) – 6:02
    11. "Weather Report Suite" (Eric Andersen, Barlow, Weir) – 15:34
    Disc 2
    Second set:
    1. "Playing in the Band" > (Hunter, Mickey Hart, Weir) – 14:11
    2. "Uncle John's Band" > (Hunter, Garcia) – 9:16
    3. "Morning Dew" > (Bonnie Dobson, Tim Rose) – 12:31
    4. "Uncle John's Band" > (Hunter, Garcia) – 6:27
    5. "Playing in the Band" (Hunter, Hart, Weir) – 4:11
    6. "Big River" (Johnny Cash) – 5:54
    7. "Bertha" (Hunter, Garcia) – 6:35
    8. "Wharf Rat" > (Hunter, Garcia) – 9:29
    9. "Sugar Magnolia" (Hunter, Weir) – 8:57
    One of the reasons I started this thread was to revisit releases that I haven’t heard in years. For whatever reason this Pick is one of those - it’s one that never quite clicked with me. It contains highlights from the March 23, 1974 show, very early in the Wall of Sound’s life. Each set is condensed to a single disc.

    The first set is focused mostly on shorter songs, all of which are played well. Brown-Eyed Woman and Black Throated Wind are superb renditions, tight, with every band member contributing. Scarlet Begonias, Deal, and Cassidy are all very enjoyable. The band starts to stretch out in China>Rider, and while it doesn’t rank with the year’s best it is enjoyable in its own way. The disc ends with a fine Weather Report Suite with some great jamming at the end.

    The second set is all about a massive Playing sandwich, one of only a small number of times this specific combination was performed. There’s a false start because Bob’s microphone isn’t working; it falls apart into weirdness and the band starts again. It’s a fairly wide-ranging version with some fantastic work from Phil.

    When Jerry strums the opening chords for Uncle John’s Band everybody’s immediately with him. It’s a fairly typical version for the year, but surprisingly leads directly into a strong Morning Dew, with a fine climax. The segue back into Uncle John’s Band is seamless, and there’s some more nice jamming before the sequence wraps up with a quick return to Playing. It’s a top-shelf sequence and well worth revisiting, but somehow to my ears doesn’t quite measure up with the best of the year. I can’t explain why and I’m hoping somebody here can help open my ears.

    The show continues with a lively Big River and a fun Bertha. A slow, controlled Wharf Rat has stunning chord work from both Jerry and Bob, but Sugar Magnolia seems a little off and the disc ends with a whimper instead of a bang.

    Although the mix takes a few minutes to come together, sound quality is excellent. Every instrument is very clear, and the infamous 1974 vocal sibilance isn’t really noticeable here. The booklet includes a short essay from Bear and a newspaper reprint, both about the Wall of Sound.

    In the end, while it’s an enjoyable slice of ‘74, it doesn’t fall into the essential category for me.
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  19. Crazy Otto

    Crazy Otto Forum Resident

    Cologne, Germany
    Dicks Picks 24: Cow Palace, 3/23/74

    Through tape collecting, ‘74 had become something of a holy grail year for me; the limited amount I’d acquired was incredible, and it remains my favorite year to this day. I'd never heard this show, however, so my excitement was through the roof when it dropped. It’s also historically significant as the first with the complete Wall of Sound, along with the first performances of Cassidy and Scarlet.

    Notes & Highlights:
    • This is another distilled performance: first set songs Mexicali, Tennessee Jed, Roses and El Paso are missing, as are Ship, Ramble On Rose, MAMU and Around from the second set. Encore Casey Jones didn’t make the cut either.

    • After a rough start on the opening U.S. Blues, Kidd gets the sound dialed in nicely. I always prefer when Jerry and Phil are in the middle like they are here. Separation and clarity between the instruments is phenomenal and the vocals sound good.

    • What’s here from the first set is just ok. It sounds a bit on the loose and ragged side to me and is most interesting for the two first-time performances: Scarlet is already well-developed, even if the outro marks it as a very early version; Cassidy isn’t really more than a novelty at this point and they made the right refinements to it moving forward (ie. dropping the cringe-y doo-doo-doo-doo vocals before the choruses). Things get tighter and hotter with China > Rider and the closing Weather Report.

    • The second set highlight is of course the rare Playin’ > Uncle John’s > Morning Dew palindrome that kicks it off, a sequence they performed only three times. This Pick was the first time I’d heard it, so my mind was suitably blown, even if I can safely say that I enjoy the other two (9/10/73 and 11/17/73) more. There are parts that work well (the first Playin’ jam, the Uncle John’s jam into Dew), but overall it’s a little clunky on the transitions and isn’t the performance I reach for when I want to hear this sequence. The rest of the included second set cuts are fine if unspectacular.
    Until the Archive appeared and I’d heard significantly more ‘74 and the other palindromes, I considered this to be more of a special show than the performance actually merits. It still has some nice moments and has historical significance going for it, but at this point it’s far from my favorite ‘74. As mentioned, there are also more satisfying versions of this particular palindrome out there; for these reasons, it's just not something I listen to much anymore and isn't an essential release in my book.
  20. SJR

    SJR Senior Member

    Here ya go …

    Dick’s Picks #24 — Cow Palace, Daly, CA, 23/03/74.

    One of those “historical” shows as it was the first to feature the full Wall of Sound system (this was a full soundcheck/test), and also the debut live performances of Scarlet Begonias and Cassidy.


    1st set highlights include a super-tight, really great Black-Throated Wind with some tasty guitar licks and a sweet-sounding outro jam; the first Scarlet, still in its infancy, is interesting—though not quite there yet as a jammy vehicle, it’s a much airier, slower bluesy number at this point; Cassidy is played and sung quite beautifully, yet again, it’s still in its embryonic state as they just sorta end it rather than jam it out—they don’t touch this one again for a couple of years(?!); I love the intro to this China > Rider, which features some thunderous Phil-bombs and an effortless Feelin’ Groovy jam transition—a super version, as is every single one I’ve heard from 1973-74; and, as is usual for ’74, a gorgeously majestic WRS, with a sensational outro, closes the set.

    An epic, and very tasty mega-jammy PITB > UJB > Morning Dew > UJB > PITB sandwich palindrome opens the 2nd set, though it has to be restarted due to technical difficulties—there’s great transitions all-round, the Dew here, slap bang in the middle, is drop-dead sublime—I do prefer the Pauley Pavilion, 17/11/73 Playin’ palindrome best; a rollicking barroom/saloon-style Bertha, which is unusually placed late in the 2nd set; there’s also a beautiful, soaring Wharf Rat before the rockin’ closer Sugar Magnolia.

    It’s not quite smooth sailing, as there’s some sound issues and glitches that need ironing out. It’s a good show, but nowhere near one of the best of the year—there’s just something about it that I can’t quite put my finger on.

    “You can sure tell the one’s that won their tickets over the radio” . . .

    I: U.S. Blues, Promised Land, Brown-Eyed Women, Mexicali Blues*, Tennessee Jed*, Black-Throated Wind, Scarlet Begonias, Beat It On Down The Line, It Must Have Been The Roses*, El Paso*, Deal, Cassidy, China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider, Weather Report Suite.

    II: Playing In The Band > Uncle John’s Band > Morning Dew > Uncle John’s Band > Playing In The Band, Ship Of Fools*, Big River, Ramble On Rose*, Me And My Uncle*, Bertha, Around And Around*, Wharf Rat > Sugar Magnolia.

    E: Casey Jones*, One More Saturday Night*.

    *not on DP’s #24.
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  21. superstar19

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    Canton, MI, USA
    Surprisingly, this is one of my most played DiPs. Maybe because of the compilation nature that mines the killer with no filler. Disc 1 is enjoyable enough with the first set songs tastefully chosen. The U.S. Blues/Promised Land is a nice one-two punch for the openers. Things really get going for me at the end of the disc starting with the Cassidy. Then we get another '74 China/Rider which you can never have enough of. But it's the second set Playing/Uncle John's/Dew sandwich that I always go back to. I'm with @SJR and 11/17/73 probably being the best, but we wouldn't get that one on an official release for another 10+ years. Jerry has such a cool tone during the Playing jam before they transition into UJB. The transition into Dew isn't quite seamless, but the performance makes up for it. I really dig the mix that Kidd captured on this tape with Phil prominent throughout. Only "complaint" about these Dew's is the lack of the "guess it doesn't matter!" finale, but the rest is so good that we can easily overlook that.

  22. Crazy Otto

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    Cologne, Germany
    Fascinating...I think last week was the first time I listened to this in 10 years.
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  23. Spazros

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    Philadelphia, PA
    Dicks Picks 24.

    I try not to read the posts here so I can listen with a fresh mindset and not just fall in line with people who are MUCH more familiar with the Dead than I am. First time listening to this and I am not in line with the majority here. I loved this pick. LOVED. The first set made me want to get up and dance, the Phil bombs were juicy, Cassidy was beautiful, and I loved CD2 even more. Palindrome is not something I have experienced before so it was cool, but sounded a bit forced. I need to check out the other two palindromes people referenced. In truth, it was the least impressed I was during this show (Other than Morning Dew which i really dug). I even liked Donna on this show. It's not one of my favorites but I can see myself popping it in for a quick Dead escapade some arvo (I am officially never saying afternoon again).
  24. SJR

    SJR Senior Member

  25. MHam

    MHam Give Me Bass Relief

    It's one of my favorites. Along with Road Trips Vol 2 No. 3 "Wall Of Sound" there's no easier way to get a quick 74 fix.

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