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Grateful Dead Dave’s Picks 2019 Subscription

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by dtuck90, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. libertycaps

    libertycaps Forum Resident

    Portland, OR, USA
    The Dave's Pick series is still missing:
    1. An Acoustic Set show
    2. A "Shakedown Street"
    3. A Very Special Guest(s) set/show
    4. A "Crazy Fingers"
    5. A 90's era show
    6. A European show
    Did i get those right? What else? 28 Picks released and yet so much unchartered territory left to explore!
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  2. Jerry

    Jerry Grateful Gort Staff

    New England
    One of the best all-time openers. Robert Hunter wrote to Garcia after his death and said that when he was there this night and saw this performance of this song, for the first time in his life he had a feeling that they were doing exactly what they were meant to be doing.

  3. Paul Remesic

    Paul Remesic Well-Known Member

    Riverside, CT
    Haven't heard this show but will be looking forward to it. That said with #25 being 77, #28 1976 and #29 1977 again I really don't want to see anymore post retirement K&D era for awhile, at least until well into 2020. There are plenty of other eras to pull from like 68-70, 72-73, 79-83, post 83...etc. that would be more interesting at least for me. Also seems strange that he would pull from three straight shows with H>S>F as the centerpiece of the show although I can't complain about that.

    Not complaining about the shows per se, just the predictable nature of his picks sometimes. Where is 2/8/70, 2/11/70, 9/28/72, or even 2/19/73 if returned to the vault? Nothing better then a pick like 8/25/72 being revealed in which there wasn't anyone afaik who thought the show was fully in the vault.
  4. libertycaps

    libertycaps Forum Resident

    Portland, OR, USA
    2/26/77 is one for the ages. Both sets look and sound like EPIC Set IIs! Was one of my Top 10 go to fave tapes back in the day. It just sparkled with energy and inspiration.
    Cannot wait for the Full Norman of this. Not to mention bonus stuff from the night after i've never heard. If you complain about too much pristine crispy sounding '77 GoGD, you are just nutty!!
  5. footlooseman

    footlooseman Forum Resident

    whats the second one!
  6. DrLunchbox

    DrLunchbox Forum Deadhead #1604

    Hillsborough, NC
    In for the sub again. Added the Long Strange Trip blu-ray as well. It's a bittersweet day. Just found out my local brewery is shuttering at the end of the month. I guess I'll be saving money on beer now that can go toward tickets and CDS....
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  7. brew ziggins

    brew ziggins Forum Prisoner

    The Village
    Bam! There it is!!!


    Degree of Happiness: Quite High
    Degree of Surprise: Vanishingly Low.

    This had been a favorite show on cassette forever, but I will never forget, sometime in the mid 90s, being picked up at SFO, taken to my friend's duplex in the Haight, indulging in Humboldts finest and auditioning a MR>DAT of the Swing show. Help>Slip>Holy Moly!
  8. laf848

    laf848 Forum Resident

    Sewell, NJ USA
    Ordered the subscription for the 2nd time. I have been listening to the Dead almost daily, for the last 18 months. Started listening to the Dead with the release of the Europe 72, 2 LP set.
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  9. Archtop

    Archtop Soft Dead Crimson Cow

    Agreed, but we're getting a different animal here this time around. Phil is an absolute wildebeest on Slipknot! And as that begins to wrap up into the transition to Franklin's, Jerry fires off a round of false harmonics at the end of his solo. This is a very top shelf Slipknot!
  10. budwhite

    budwhite Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.

    Götaland, Sverige
    Set 1

    Terrapin Station, Minglewood Blues, They Love Each Other, Estimated Prophet, Sugaree, Mama Tried, Deal, Playing In The Band > The Wheel > Playing In The Band

    Set 2

    Samson & Delilah, Tennessee Jed, The Music Never Stopped, Help On The Way-> Slipknot!-> Franklin's Tower, Promised Land, Eyes Of The World-> Dancin' In The Streets-> Around & Around, E: U.S. Blues

    And the big jam from the following night:
    (Saint Stephen-> Not Fade Away-> Drums-> Terrapin St)ation-> Morning Dew
  11. ianuaditis

    ianuaditis Evil Twin

    Long River Place
    To some of us an 'all-time' GD show being released in limited edition format is the biggest buzzkill of all!

    Nothing stops you subscribers from buying a full retail release.
  12. I will be subscribing again this—it's a no-brainer for me.
  13. DCTaff

    DCTaff Forum Resident

    Washington DC
    The Playing-Wheel-Playing is amazing so is the first Terrapin what a way to open a show
  14. dtuck90

    dtuck90 Forum Resident Thread Starter

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  15. Zafu

    Zafu Forum Resident

    Proud purchaser of every release and subscriber of every season wouldn't let this one be the exception.


    These early subscription order deals are a fantastic value.

  16. RockRoom

    RockRoom I Love My Dog

    Phil also lays down a nice solo transition from Eyes into Dancin' which is very beastly!
  17. fishcane

    fishcane Dirt Farmer

    Finger Lakes,NY
    One of the better shows from one of my lesser preferred years. I drop in on the 77 stuff less and less every year it seems.But given its accessibility, and a lil help from betty, I totally understand why.
  18. PhoffiFozz

    PhoffiFozz Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL, 60173
    I preordered as usual... but I am starting to lose interest, just not enough variety for me. I like variety, I like versatility and no matter how strong '77 shows are, I've got plenty to sustain myself on right now. Sure, I'd eventually want more. But throw me a bone! I know I'm in the minority, but I like Brent, Bruce & Vince, I like a good majority of the later period material and even for the stuff I don't like, it's a nice change to hear something I haven't heard in a while. It also makes me appreciate the '70's stuff more when I hear it. But honestly, I'm listening to a lot of the releases of the last year and having trouble finding my 'fresh ears' to enjoy what I know are good performances. It's almost like a pallet cleanse to hear some different eras!

    But let me be clear. This IS a great show and deserving of being released, I just need more versatility. And I also believe in a lot of music from the GD that people (surprising to me) think isn't very good... Yes, there are horrendous moments in the 80's and 90's, but there are blissful ones as well.
  19. Davmoco

    Davmoco Forum Resident

    Morrison, CO, USA
    Got mine reserved for the fourth year.
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  20. wavethatflag

    wavethatflag Way up in the middle of the air.

    Pacifica, CA
    This is the smallest window ever to subscribe, though--today through Nov. 9th? Even two subsriptions ago there was a three-month window.
  21. Dahabenzapple

    Dahabenzapple Forum Resident

    Livingston NJ
    Do we know how much of the 2/27 show we are getting?

    Do we get St. Stephen or just Terrapin onward??
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  22. Grateful Griller

    Grateful Griller Forum Resident

    Swing is such a key show, regardless how many 77 shows they've released...IMO. Not quite the May perfection but that's what makes it so great...that and the incredible set list. Even though I have way more Dead than I actually have time to listen to, I still buy just about every release. Especially the DaP subscriptions. I cherry picked what I thought I wanted the 1st couple years and now seeing how much the early ones fetch on eBay I'm kicking myself...even though I'd never sell them. So if anyone has a copy of the Mosque '77 for face value, I'm your guy...:)
  23. dtuck90

    dtuck90 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Thats only for early birds, subscriptions will still be available at the higher price
  24. wavethatflag

    wavethatflag Way up in the middle of the air.

    Pacifica, CA
    Never mind. :doh:
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  25. libertycaps

    libertycaps Forum Resident

    Portland, OR, USA
    Early Bird Dealio = $7.69 per disc delivered to yr door. NO BRAINER.
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