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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by mgb70, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. bliss44

    bliss44 Forum Resident

    if this was a decade ago on the main Rush forum, it might’ve been my thread. I was taking my 6-year-old to his first show and got told I was a bad parent for exposing him to the smell of weed.
  2. frightwigwam

    frightwigwam Talented Amateur

    IDK, why does anybody buy Grateful Dead CD’s, anyway?

    np: 1981-12-31 Oakland - I found it on the internet, suckas!
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  3. dsdu

    dsdu Forum Resident

    Santa Cruz, CA
    Shipping notice for Fronton tee shirt received.
  4. US Blues

    US Blues Undermining Consensus Reality

    Well, in the case of the recent Miami release this transfer of the SBD master reel sounds better, by good measure, than the circulating source with a cassette generation in it. If that doesn't matter to you, great! It matters to me and therefore I'm in.
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  5. ODShowtime

    ODShowtime Swirl Life

    The guy I remember was definitely from Philly, that I am sure of, if that helps. His position was anyone who smokes at a concert was a low-life because his child should be able to sit there and not smell anything.

    Kids should be able to enjoy shows if they behave, but the standard of behavior at an adult event should not be dictated by their presence.

    Now sure, we've made a lot of strides in the last 20 years, to the point that we don't have to stink the place out to feel alright. It's just a big bone of contention for me. Get the hell out of my face, I'm not hurting anyone, and there are geniuses on stage performing and I'd like to enjoy it my way. I'm BEYOND sick and tired of being an outlaw.
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  6. a sound painter

    a sound painter Forum Resident

    Even with legalization in my country and province, there seems to be so much social stigma associated with pot that will take much longer to overcome. At least I've been downgraded from outlaw to social misfit, progress of a kind.
  7. ronbow

    ronbow Forum Resident

    St. Louis MO
    Hey - movin’ on up!
  8. Guy Smiley

    Guy Smiley America’s Favorite Game Show Host

    Sesame Street
  9. Coltrane811

    Coltrane811 Forum Resident

    I'm waiting for the 'Legalize Bonus Discs' t-shirts to show up on the lot.
  10. US Blues

    US Blues Undermining Consensus Reality

    Sherman Hemsley is huge Gong fan.
  11. GuidedByJonO)))

    GuidedByJonO))) Forum Resident

    Yup, my favorite Hemsley story is one from Daevid Allen himself:

    “It was 1978 or 1979, and Sherman Hemsley kept ringing me up. I didn’t know him from a bar of soap because we didn’t have television in Spain (where I was living). He called me from Hollywood saying, ‘I’m one of your biggest fans and I’m going to fly you here and put flying teapots all up and down the Sunset Strip.’ I thought, ‘This guy is a lunatic.’ He kept it up so I said, ‘Listen, can you get us tickets to L.A. via Jamaica? I want to go there to make a reggae track and have a honeymoon with my new girlfriend.’ He said, ‘Sure! I’ll get you two tickets.’

    I thought, ‘Well, even if he’s a nut case at least he’s coming up with the goodies.’ The tickets arrived and we had this great honeymoon in Jamaica. Then we caught the plane across to L.A. We had heard Sherman was a big star, but we didn’t know the details. Coming down the corridor from the plane, I see this black guy with a whole bunch of people running after him trying to get autographs. Anyway, we get into this stretch limousine with Sherman and immediately there’s a big joint being passed around. I say, ‘Sorry man, I don’t smoke.’ Sherman says, ‘You don’t smoke and you’re from Gong?’

    Inside the front door of Sherman’s house was a sign saying, ‘Don’t answer the door because it might be the man.’ There were two Puerto Ricans that had a LSD laboratory in his basement, so they were really paranoid. They also had little crack/freebase depots on every floor. Then Sherman says, ‘Come on upstairs and I’ll show you the Flying Teapot room.’ Sherman was very sweet but was surrounded by these really crazy people.

    We went up to the top floor and there was this big room with darkened windows and “Flying Teapot” is playing on a tape loop over and over again. There were also three really dumb-looking, very voluptuous Southern gals stoned and wobbling around naked. They were obviously there for the guys to play around with.

    [My girlfriend] Maggie and I were really tired and went to our room to go to bed. The room had one mattress with an electric blanket and that was it. No bed covering, no pillow, nothing. The next day we came down and Sherman showed us a couple of [The Jeffersons] episodes.

    One of our fans came and rescued us, but not before Sherman took us to see these Hollywood PR people. They said, ‘Well, Mr. Hemsley wants us to get the information we need in order to do these Flying Teapot billboards on Sunset Strip.’ I looked at them and thought they were the cheesiest, most nasty people that I had ever seen in my life and I gave them the runaround. I just wanted out of there. I liked Sherman a lot. He was a very personable, charming guy. I just had a lot of trouble with the people around him.”
  12. uzn007

    uzn007 Pack Rat

    Raleigh, N.C.
    And they say romance is dead...
  13. GuidedByJonO)))

    GuidedByJonO))) Forum Resident

    Okay, these two tidbits about Hemsley are new to me:

    Hemsley collaborated with Yes’s Jon Anderson on a funk-rock opera about the “spiritual qualities of the number 7” (never produced). Hemsley also did an interpretive dance to the Gentle Giant song “Proclamation” on Dinah Shore’s 70s talkshow, that was apparently somewhat confusing for her.
  14. wavethatflag

    wavethatflag The West Coast bzfgt

    Pacifica, CA
    Pics or it didn't happen.

    I've seen some GD apparel lately that I would totally buy, but I have two big drawers absolutely stuffed wth concert Ts. (Pics or no I don't.)
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  15. dsdu

    dsdu Forum Resident

    Santa Cruz, CA
    Good news, David!
    Your order is on the way.

    As part of our ongoing efforts to deliver your item(s) quickly, your package might not have a packing slip and may be delivered in multiple packages. If you want to double check the details of your order you can take a look at the summary below, log-in to your account on the store, or reference your original order confirmation.

    Order Number


    Order Summary

    Grateful Dead Miami June 1974 Limited Edition T-Shirt

    Shipped By Tracking Number
    Standard Shipping 92748909901150583011263193
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  16. GuidedByJonO)))

    GuidedByJonO))) Forum Resident

    Interesting to see that t-shirt delivered in multiple packages!
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  17. Archtop

    Archtop Soft Agitation: Dead Crimson Cow. Amon.

    He must have missed the "Some assembly required; sewing machine not included" fine print.
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  18. bzfgt

    bzfgt Interesting and Copacetic Denizen

    New Jersey
    You can download releases on the internet too. If you're convinced that GDP (or whoever it is) is ripping you off with the bonus discs, I imagine the ethical qualms will be minimal. If you really think this is a ripoff and a sham, you can just get it for free.
  19. KeninDC

    KeninDC Hazy Cosmic Jive

    Virginia, USA
    New sources. Great sound. Gotta use the CD player for something. Gonna read the liner notes some day. Jerry's Daughter.

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  20. xTraPlaylists

    xTraPlaylists I bring order to chaos.

    *******, *******
    Because you can lead a horse to water, but...
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  21. dsdu

    dsdu Forum Resident

    Santa Cruz, CA
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  22. Duffy Shrimpton

    Duffy Shrimpton Forum Resident

    East Croydon

    Same plot with Bev McNee from that shambles on BBC telly "Likely Lads" back in yonks...mams fave...
    Bloke ran with the Hawkwind lot...Liquid Len and Bubbles...we seen 'em backstage all over Shropshire and Cornwall...
    I ran inta yer man at the Gratefuls show in Wigan at Bickershaw '72 we done...bloke was selling lysergic buns out of a pink
    caravan...Dabney had 1 or 8 I reckon..between them buns and the mandies, Ole Dabbers was properly knackered fer
    Jerry and the frisco lads...brilliant time that was, mate...Anyways, Bev was a right proper bender...he'd be pissed on G&T's and
    afganny hash oil and be floppin' around backstage at the Softs and Caravan gigs...him and yer man Hoppers nearly came to blows at the
    corn exchange in Tedford...when he came inta the chips from the shyte telly show, ya's see him with a german bird and bentley...
    a proper twat he was, lads...ya's see him in the publics of Newquay...throwin' his bloody dosh around....Taffy even had a few punch ups
    with yer man at the arms in Saltash he done...slapped this ponce inta the lane more than once....he ended up in the Scrubbs later on...
    bloody tax evasion and a massive sack of space-balls in yer mans snug in Wyken...I last seen yer man was on some advert for old bloke
    nappies or some bollocks....them was the days, my son....THEM was the days i reckon
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  23. seaisletim

    seaisletim Forum Resident

    Philadelphia PA
    Funny thing.. I was just listening to this!
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  24. Grateful Griller

    Grateful Griller Forum Resident

    Cincinnati, OH
    Been a while since I've listened to it but the version from Road Trips 1.3 (think from Yale Bowl 7/31) is awesome. Certainly couldn't say it tops some of the later versions but Phil drops some bomb and band is in sync and on fire.
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  25. Guy Smiley

    Guy Smiley America’s Favorite Game Show Host

    Sesame Street
    “There were also three really dumb-looking, very voluptuous Southern gals stoned and wobbling around naked. They were obviously there for the guys to play around with.”

    Clearly it’s not... :sigh:
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