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Grateful Dead Dave's Picks 2021 Subscriptions

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jackstraw78, Oct 23, 2020.

  1. Because that's the law.
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  2. mcrichley

    mcrichley Forum Resident

    Charging taxes to International customers is a law?
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  3. SJR

    SJR Senior Member

    Re-subscribed for Dave’s Picks 2021!

    It was said upthread, but Dave’s Picks #37 will be William & Mary College, Williamsburg, VA, 15/04/78. As it’s a relatively short show, there’s gonna be an extra 90 minutes from another show from that tour.

    Well, that all sounds like a great way to kick off 2021!

    Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo
    Friend Of The Devil
    El Paso
    Brown-Eyed Women
    Let It Grow

    Bertha >
    Good Lovin'
    Sunrise >
    Playing In The Band >
    Drums >
    Not Fade Away >
    Morning Dew >
    Around And Around

    One More Saturday Night
  4. vinylshadow

    vinylshadow Forum Resident

    Anyone picking up the Deads 5/9/77 Buffalo 5LP set tomorrow for RSD?

    I just bought Europe '72 and Buffalo has all different songs except 3.
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  5. Kate_C.

    Kate_C. abyssus abyssum invocat

    Cap expansion is the brilliant news for me today. It dovetails with my desire to avoid releases destined for dust-catching, and that only happens when you've amassed quite a bit, which is a nice place to be about 11 years after contracting this particular strain of rabies. So I'm jumping off the subscription train with knowledge that a few hours here or there on release days won't shut me out of initial point pricing, though I'm conceding the bonus disc.
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  6. dsdu

    dsdu Forum Resident

    Santa Cruz, CA
    I like this.
    "We'll also be doing things a wee bit differently this year - subscribers will be the first to receive their Dave's Picks."
  7. US Blues

    US Blues Undermining Consensus Reality

    Dave said he likes this coming year's bonus disc better than 22 June 1974. Either he's being a shrewd salesman, or he has something up his sleeve, because there is not a lot of GD better than this year's disc. Giving up the bonus disc is risky. Getting files of said disc is easy if you decide you need to go that route.

    Saving money is alway, of course, in season.
  8. johnnyb1964

    johnnyb1964 Treats please!

    Eugene, Oregon
    On the bus for another year!
  9. Cryptical17

    Cryptical17 Forum Resident

    New York
    I just placed my order. I’ve been a loyal Dave’s Picks buyer since volume 1! Can’t wait to start spinning the discs.

    That said, I’m amazed that the CD is still the conventional format of the series. Where most people seem to deem the compact disc as passé and outdated media, the Grateful Dead still sells it as its sole format.
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  10. Butch1970

    Butch1970 Well-Known Member

    Just jumped in for my first subscription. I got #33 last year and was bummed that I missed out on #34. Did manage to get in on #36. Hopefully 2021 will have a nice mix of shows. I tend to be a fan of the more Jazzy, interstellar-improvs :)
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2020
  11. crazylegs69

    crazylegs69 Forum Resident

    Frederick, MD
    The other show apparently isn't going to be 4/16/78 Huntington. I said so in the 2020 thread, but my guess is Lexington 4/21/78...
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  12. Revolver

    Revolver Forum Resident

    Well, this is my first Dave's Picks sub. I'm super excited for this as I've been getting deep inside the rabbit hole of live Dead recordings this year. Starting off with Dead shows from my birth year sounds like a good start to 2021 (and a good riddance to this stupid year).
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  13. SJR

    SJR Senior Member

    * unless you live in Australia, then you’ll just have to wait 3 months ;)
  14. SJR

    SJR Senior Member

    I wanted to, but it’s $250 AUD. I just can’t splash that $ right now.
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  15. dsdu

    dsdu Forum Resident

    Santa Cruz, CA
    I've heard tell it takes longer to manufacture the cds that spin clockwise.
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  16. SJR

    SJR Senior Member

    Yeah, they’re a pain in the ass. You gotta play them upside down too.
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  17. dsdu

    dsdu Forum Resident

    Santa Cruz, CA
    I think you're inserting them wrong.
  18. Grateful Griller

    Grateful Griller Forum Resident

    Instant purchase. Early Bird subscription is the best value for any of the releases. If you're not happy w/a pick you can almost definitely recoup your money not that I ever sell them. Revisiting the Berkeley 72 pick which is fantastic...Releases tend to get better w/age for me.

    So if next year's bonus is better than this year's than my theory of it being 9/26/72 (with 9/28/72 as main release) is probably out the window...So I have no idea.
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  19. SJR

    SJR Senior Member

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  20. giantleech

    giantleech Lord of all fevers and plagues

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  21. Revolver

    Revolver Forum Resident

    Looking at the Dave's picks individually the last couple months makes the early bird sub totally worth it. The subscription cost less than what two of last years Dave's Picks would cost to buy off Amazon.
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  22. SJR

    SJR Senior Member

    Also, seeing some of the prices of the earlier Dave’s Picks on Discogs will make your eyes water!
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  23. US Blues

    US Blues Undermining Consensus Reality

    That'll buy you a lot of Castlemaine!
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  24. Lunna

    Lunna Forum Resident

    What I would really like to see is subscribers having first dibs on the box set. Though it hasn't been a big problem lately, it sure would take the stress out of worrying about it being sold out, particularly if you don't look at your emails every hour or less a day.
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  25. SJR

    SJR Senior Member

    Ha ha!

    We don’t drink that crap down here in Melbourne. It’s classy craft beers all the way :righton:
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