Grateful Dead Dick's Picks 34 now out on vinyl from Real Gone Music. Only available their site

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    We're releasing Grateful Dead: Dick's Picks 34--11/5/77 Rochester, NY on vinyl! 6-LP set, 180-gram, four-page, full-sized, four-color insert. Mastered by David Glasser, lacquer cutting by John Golden. Exclusively available at our website and at a special preorder low price. Also for one week only free shipping on domestic orders if you type DEAL in the discount box and hit "Apply" as you check out.

    Here is link

    Grateful Dead: Dick's Picks 34 (6-LP Set)
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  2. Crush87

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    New York
    Did you source from the original analog masters?
  3. MikeT

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    Well I just ordered the vinyl version of Dicks Picks 34 after reading this, but didn't read close enough to see I could get free shipping if I put DEAL in the discount box... oh well.

    Hope this is pressed well!!
  4. Guitarded

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    I'm in. Thanks for the DEAL!
  5. frogfog

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    Ordered. Will you issue more in the future?
  6. frogfog

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    Just received #893/1500. Safe packaging, quick shipping. Nice shiny records, didn't listen to yet.
  7. Clucking

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    Hey Real Gone Guy, any chance you can give us some detail on the mastering process, what tapes were used, who did it, etc? Any and all info would be welcome. Thanks!
  8. Jerry

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    I recommend a new thread in Music, as this is a business forum. I'd also love to hear about the mastering and any interesting stories.

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