Grateful Dead - Listen to the River Live in St Louis 71-73 Box Set

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by mcrichley, Jul 21, 2021.

  1. Erik B.

    Erik B. Fight the Power

    Clearly not becoming an issue in the coffers of the Dead family.
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  2. Erik B.

    Erik B. Fight the Power

    I do with all CDs that don’t come in regular jewel cases. Straight into slimline jewel cases.
  3. dsdu

    dsdu Forum Resident

    Santa Cruz, CA
    You can always get the George Harrison ATMP Uber Box instead.
  4. Dr. Luther's Assistant

    Dr. Luther's Assistant dancing about architecture

    San Francisco
  5. pbuzby

    pbuzby Senior Member

    Chicago, IL, US
    "Jed" alternate lyric from 12/9/71: "Drink all day and rock all night/Honey come quick with the dynamite"
  6. Sordel

    Sordel Forum Resident

    Midlands, UK
    I don't buy Dave's Picks and I don't buy every set that is issued but for me this was a very light trigger to pull: classic era; nice setlists; strong "theme" to the selection of material. I doubt I'll buy another GD set post '74 but this set makes a convincing argument for itself.
  7. jpgarry1

    jpgarry1 Forum Resident

    Glendale, AZ. USA
  8. Erik B.

    Erik B. Fight the Power

    All Things Must HARD Pass
  9. Trainspotting

    Trainspotting Senior Member

    Los Angeles
    Ordered. I don't really know any of these shows, so should be interesting.
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  10. GuidedByJonO)))

    GuidedByJonO))) Forum Resident

    I ordered my copy before DL2!
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  11. Matthew Tate

    Matthew Tate Forum Resident

    Richmond, Virginia
    how limited ?
  12. 13,000.
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  13. MikeT

    MikeT Prior Forum Cretin and Current Impatient Creep

    New Jersey, USA
    Ordered CD set and 2LP jam from 10/18. Will get the LP box of the 12/10/71 show as well, probably from Amazon or a local store.
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  14. tdcrjeff

    tdcrjeff Forum Resident

    Hermosa Beach, CA
  15. Jimmy Cooper

    Jimmy Cooper Forum Resident

    Kiel, Germany
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  16. Crosseyed

    Crosseyed lock up the rain

    Yes those Kiel shows are amazing particularly if the sound is improved.
  17. Beautiful 5 LP vinyl box $120 plus tax & shipping
  18. Eyes74

    Eyes74 Abstractor of the Quintessence

    Just ordered the box!
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  19. astro70

    astro70 Forum Resident

    Southern Illinois
    Ordered the 5xLP since this is one of my hometown venues. Have listened to this show before on relisten and liked it. I also love the Chuck Berry cover since it’s a St Louis show.
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  20. Jerry Horne

    Jerry Horne Peace Be With You.

    West Coast
    I wish 10/30/73 was available separately on CD.
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  21. Echoes71

    Echoes71 Forum Resident

    Ordered! Can’t wait
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  22. Cool. These vinyl sets sell fairly quickly and then get costly later. But now cry later.
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  23. dtuck90

    dtuck90 Forum Resident

    Think I’ll get the 2LP and 24/192. I’ll probably end up with the 5LP set as well
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  24. Wow Dylan and the Dead presale on the same day. Making up for such a crappy live album back in the 80s ? :tiphat:

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