Grateful Dead-Pacific Northwest-73-74/19 disc box set

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by I333I, Jun 12, 2018.

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    Lucky Budd‏ @lucky_budd 3h3 hours ago
    Here is a sneak peek (#levidrome) of the new Grateful Dead box set designed by Roy Henry Vickers! How sweet is this??!! A traditional bent box with the many treasures inside! It will sell out very quickly! The art and music are just ... exactly perfect!!

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    I'm not sure that two posts qualifies as being "hung-up". In fact, my first post was in response to several other members that had shared confusion about making changes to their own orders. I said in that post:

    "Just a quick heads-up for those who may be considering a change to their orders."

    I was simply trying to be helpful.

    Plus, the customer ervice rep said this about my inquiry to cancel:

    "Since it is a pre-order, we can look into seeing if we are able to gain approval to cancel the order so you can then reorder with the preferred items."

    Sounds to me that cancellation is not so simple and I'm not getting a reply, and have never cancelled an order before.

    Plus, this is not an order for just the LP set, it's an order for two "Complete" sets and the LP set. And if you read my first post I mentioned that the longer I'm delayed in being able to cancel, I'm concerned I will not be able to re-order the two "Complete" sets for fear of them selling out.

    If that's "hung up" then color me hung up.
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    Thanks! That's what I'm trying to do but customer service is not making it easy. See my response above.
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    Looks like you might not be able to cancel. I know some places don't allow cancellation of limited pre-orders but I thought did.
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    Thanx man, had no idea! BTW, I see you've got a cool new hairdoo :)
    (Evil Twin Brewing?)
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    Yeah, I'm confused, others seem to have had luck cancelling, been waiting to hear back from them all day. No biggie, but saving $50 on the LP box certainly makes the entire order more palatable.
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    Hoover, AL
    Exact same situation and response. But I went ahead and cancelled them reordered the box from and the lp from amazon UK. Nice and easy fix all things considered. And I can use that $45 for other goodies.

    Also upgraded to expedited shipping to boot.

    Another cancelling tip... there was a button on the bottom of my email that said "yes, please cancel". Thanked my cs rep and he said enjoy the music and sorry. Stress free. Not sure how to operate in this new world order.
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    The box set and art is stunning.

    Something tells me it will sell out by end of next week. It will be a highly collectible item afterwards.
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    What is a "traditional bent box?"

    Honestly, I'm not a fan of this design.
  12. unravelled

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    Hoover, AL
    It's pretty but needs a little more GOGD in the design.
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  13. Guitarded

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    NW First Peoples stuff.
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    Pacifica, CA
    Glad you said it first. Going for the download! Me.
    Promised Land is not a meal though. You owe me two Mendy's. :D
  15. A bentwood box. A box made out of a single plank of wood that is scored, steamed, and bent into shape. Used for storing dried smoked salmon, especially.
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    Bentwood boxes are unique to the Northwest Coast First Nations peoples of British Columbia. Bentwood boxes are used for symbolic and practical purposes. They can be used as burial boxes for ancestors, for storage of clothing and household items, for transporting goods, and even for cooking. The kerfing, or bending, form is made by selection of a thin, tight grained plank of red or yellow cedar. The wood is divided into four sections by carving a groove halfway through at the corners. The cedar plank is steamed, and then folded to form the four sides.
  17. Kevin55

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    I love NW First Nations design. I love 73-74 dead. This release is my dreams come true.
  18. Tom H

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    Kapolei, Hawaii

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    Kapolei, Hawaii
    The traditional art aspect makes the design more interesting, for sure.
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    East Bay, Ca
    No skeletons? Wtf!!

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  21. notesofachord

    notesofachord Where are the prawns?

    I agree on your first sentence - lovely. About the last sentence, I couldn't care less. I don't get off on exclusivity.
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  22. notesofachord

    notesofachord Where are the prawns?

    There's a skull on the lid. Not on the picture of the real bentwood box that Tom posted, but on the boxset picture posted before that.
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  23. scribbs

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    For me this is an artifact, probably even more so than the Europe '72 box, because of the setting of the shows and their comfy quality. This might be the first box to not disappoint me in some way. :D
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    Now that’s a thing of beauty. I’d wager it picks up a Grammy nomination.
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    St. Louis MO
    Nice - does not disappoint!!! Really great PNW mojo - maybe they’ll be including a slab of dried salmon?

    But I do hope this is as sturdy and well- constructed as it is beautiful. While the more elaborate sets have been beautifully-designed, they have tended to be a bit fragile as executed. That is, would you really ever carry around the Europe ‘72 set in the mini-steamer trunk? And the thin balsa veneers-on-cardboard construction of the 30 Trips box is just too delicate. But they are both awesome designs - i especially like the Bergman “Wild Strawberries” motif of the 30 Trips box.

    I am jazzed! (Btw, i ended up re-ordering w expedited shipping and then requesting customer service to cancel the first order - $4 extra is a no-brainer.)

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