Grateful Dead-Pacific Northwest-73-74/19 disc box set

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by I333I, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. AxiomAcoustics

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    They patched those underwater cables that the Russians cut.
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  2. AlienRendel

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    Chicago, il
    ****, I gotta buy this, don't I?
  3. One_L

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    I grew up in the northwest. Although I didn't travel to Portland or Vancouver for the shows, I did see the Hec Edmondson shows at the UDub. Two incidents stand out for me. The first, we dosed. My friend Brian, who wore glasses, lost them sometime prior to entering the pavilion. Once we got inside, Brian was convinced the Wall of Sound was only a backdrop, not a wall of speakers. The second incident, remember bic lighters? you had a little slider on the side that controlled the height of the flame. The lighter was being passed around for obvious reasons. Once Fred had the lighter back in his hand, someone had cranked the flame setting. Fred had a big bushy mustache. For the remainder of the show, half his mustache was gone. I honestly think we laughed about that for the next 8 hours while grooving to the music.

    Good times!
  4. MikeT

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    Yes, prices always include VAT, so you have to actually put the item in a order to see how much the price with VAT removed actually is regarding a specific item. You don't have to complete the order if you don't want to, but at least you can get an indication of the actual price to the US.
  5. Same for me. At least a lot faster than the May 1977 or July 1978 box sets.

    My collection could certainly use a lot more 1973 and 1974 and I also don't own a Dead show on my birthday yet (May 21). Therefore this is another no brainer for me. The only problem will be finding the space to store the set and finding the time to listen to it all.
  6. AxiomAcoustics

    AxiomAcoustics Searchlight casting......

    Excellent info, thank you. There's a lot of Jazz on there that is either pricier or not listed on the US site but never actually ordered.
  7. Jerry Horne

    Jerry Horne Omaha United Cabs

    I paid $15.99 for expedited domestic shipping. Is that what everyone else was charged?
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  8. AxiomAcoustics

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    Heed your avatar my GD friend.
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  9. Phoenician

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    Am I the only one disappointed that the '74 shows don't have any Seastones?

    Okay, so it's just me.
  10. footlooseman

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  11. superstar19

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    Yeah, my checkout screen showed $11.99 for standard and $15.99 expedited. With that and tax pushing it to nearly $215, I didn't pull the trigger on the order. Now I'm leaning towards the hi-res option.
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  12. AxiomAcoustics

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    Seemed a fitting way to finish out the work day, close enough, but not too close:

  13. I333I

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    Okay, I’ve gotten the last three box sets and I have a current subscription to Dave’s (which has been great this year), can someone tell me the significance of this set as far as the style of playing goes? Song highlights?
    I’m in the midst of a possible domestic change and am hesitant to shell out the cash like I used to.
    Admittedly, I don’t have much, if any, of these particular years and lately GD has been taking roughly 50% of my recent listening time...
  14. Icenine1

    Icenine1 Forum Resident

    Ordered it. No second-guessing myself into not getting it.
    I too was thinking about the Hi-res. I have the 24/192 1977 Get Shown the Light and the DR is better than the CD. Plus cheaper. But I lean toward physical issues more these days. If I wanted to I could sell it. Plus it is just plain cool to look at the whole deal.
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  15. anth67

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    NW USA
    Looks beautiful. Sure wish when it's more than 3 shows, though, they were individually available, at least for download. Much as I'd love this, I don't think I can afford another big box. I've bought every one so far, and I just can't continue forever.

    Love the Pacific NW theme.
  16. Jerry Horne

    Jerry Horne Omaha United Cabs

    It's not just you.
  17. AxiomAcoustics

    AxiomAcoustics Searchlight casting......

    (Not lust you)
    Being a fan of many things Avant-Garde I love Seastones but certainly not disapointed in the box choices. Hopefully Dave's will cover a few others.
  18. Jerry Horne

    Jerry Horne Omaha United Cabs

    Nebraska appears jammed.
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  19. AxiomAcoustics

    AxiomAcoustics Searchlight casting......

    The problem with their shipping charge structure is that, unlike most places where the rates get cheaper 'per item' as your order increases, WB charges the same amount for each individual item, or so it seems. I paid $45. Ridiculous.
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  20. steveharris

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    I was thinking of just getting the 3 cd set and the vinyl.But I have both the complete box and vinyl ORDERED!
    What have I done!:faint:
  21. AlienRendel

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    Chicago, il
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  22. ianuaditis

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    Long River Place
    I didn't see this - they didn't start Seastones until June. It would be a deal breaker for me if they existed and they left them off.
  23. AxiomAcoustics

    AxiomAcoustics Searchlight casting......

    Ya know, if you want to get around that pesky tax issue you can always have your orders sent to my house. Just a suggestion.
  24. Lands End Drums

    Lands End Drums Forum Resident

    Alright, ordered! Now, how do I keep my wife from finding out? ;)
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  25. Bill Cormier

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    Malta, New York
    Just pre-ordered the 5/19/74 vinyl set!

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