Greater Houston area record stores?

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  1. stax o' wax

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    The West
    I will be in the Houston area over the weekend.
    I will have some time on my hands and would love to hit some good record stores.
    I'm mainly into quality used vinyl, are there some standout record stores?
    Any recommends would be appreciated.
  2. MKHopkins

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    Beaver Falls, PA
    I go to Houston for work every couple of monthe. Sig’s Lagoon off Main is the only one I have found that I consider worthwhile.
  3. Tom B

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    Katy, Texas
    I'm local. Cactus is the 'big one' in terms of range of stock and opinion of itself. Overpriced though. Vinal Edge (yes, Vinal) in The Heights can yield some interesting non-mainstream things and is good on used prices - though used stock goes quickly. Sound Exchange on Richmond (is it still there? I read it was moving) is small and has some ok jazz. Sigs Lagoon? Used to live very near and after a bunch of visits I realized the stock is overpriced and fairly static.

    Black Dog was good before it moved out of the 'inner loop' and is now characterless and directionless without much of anything. The record shop -Soundwaves? - on Montrose that is also a surf-y shop has little of interest.

    Honestly, most things I buy in Houston tend to be from various Half Price Books branches.

    WAIT! Just realized this thread was for a couple weeks ago... so I'm late. Sorry. Interested about what you thought though... most of my 'local' buying happens two hours north west in good ol' Austin. Far better.
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  4. Maurice

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    Which store is best for used CDs?

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