Greta Van Fleet...Anyone?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Tree of Life, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. aroney

    aroney Who really gives a...?

    I'm curious, what recent bands can you recommend to me that are wholly original, with lyrics that don't suck, and have cool (in your opinion) promo pics?

    And, most importantly are good musicians with good tunes.

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. FrixFrixFrix

    FrixFrixFrix Forum Resident

    Parts Unknown
    What are we talking, like the past 10 years?

    Alabama Shakes
    Courtney Barnett
    Ezra Furman
    Tame Impala
    Vampire Weekend
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  3. AcidPunk15

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    New Brunswick, NJ
    The singer and band sound exactly like led zeppelin I used to hate all their music but that single is great and that music video is superb to me. If you like this band listen to Zep. There are tons of great new bands like Bully, Metz (!!!!), Girl Band (!!!), Fidlar (!) , Kurt Vile, Courtney Barnett, The Idles, The Wytches (!!!!) Ty Segall, Diet Cig, Savages, Parquet Courts, Car Seat Headrest (!!!!!), The Lemon Twigs, and JD McPherson.

    I don't know why the band that literally sounds like led zeppelin is chosen as the band that might "save" rock. Maybe its because they are Republic Records and are managed by the same people who manage major artist (Cant remember which but they are huge pop artists). IDK maybe its people their all good looking but anyway yah if you want great new music to listen to The wytches, car seat headrest, Metz or any of the other band I mentioned.

    Does anyone agree with me?
  4. JasonA

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    Cereal City
  5. overdrivethree

    overdrivethree Forum Resident

    I mean, I get wishing a young and decent band the best. But I get some real "I hope these guys blow up so it validates REAL ROCK AND ROLL AGAIN" vibes from all of this. And they're all right, but they're not a fraction of what Zeppelin or any other classic band was in their prime. Sorry. They're maybe the next Knack at most.
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  6. aroney

    aroney Who really gives a...?

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  7. FrixFrixFrix

    FrixFrixFrix Forum Resident

    Parts Unknown
    The best they can hope for is making the rounds on the festival circuit as a lower tier act for a couple years, unless they have a sudden spark of creativity and start making music that's more than just a fifth generation carbon copy of bands that actually mattered.
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  8. overdrivethree

    overdrivethree Forum Resident

    They're already a band that you might get thrown at you when you ask "what's new these days?" That's how I heard about them, and I thought 1. If I want to listen to Zeppelin, I'll listen to Zeppelin and 2. I asked "what's new these days" in the first place because the last thing I wanted to hear at that moment was Zeppelin or other classic rock I'd heard a million times.
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  9. cwitt1980

    cwitt1980 Forum Resident

    Carbondale, IL USA

    I do. I don't like all the artists mentioned but the whole Greta Van Fleet is going to save 'rock' is a bunch of hyperbole. Real rock lays in the underground still with bands that don't even want some label executive messing with them or calling out who the pretty one is. Greta Van Fleet just makes my eyes roll. I'll have more of an interest when they make their Physical Graffiti.
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  10. Olompali

    Olompali Forum Resident

    I caught Stevie Ray Vaughan early specifically because of the "plays like Jimi" thing. Caught him several times over the years. Couldn't believe folks passed on him because of the Jimi thing. Now so many regret never going back then.
    If he came about during the internet, SRV would surely suffer the same slings and arrows X 100.
    Pity that.
    So I can dig the (insert latest rock band with 3-4 records released in the last ten years) AND revivalists such as GVF just as well.
    Imagine that.
    Plus, I can wait past a coupla' EPs before severely critiquing a new artist's purpose and intentions.
    Ain't it crazy?
  11. Olompali

    Olompali Forum Resident

    Please show us more about this "real rock."
    I don't want to have the FOMO.
  12. overdrivethree

    overdrivethree Forum Resident

    You can wait "before severely critiquing" but once a band puts their work out into the world, any/all opinions are fair game.

    Anyway, seems to me they've coming out of the gate swinging, in terms of what they're doing. Seems pretty intentional. It'd be cool if they can transcend it. But at this "post-modern" point in time, I'm not holding my breath.
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  13. Olompali

    Olompali Forum Resident

    Btw, NP:
  14. artfromtex

    artfromtex Honky Tonkin' Metal-Head

    Fort Worth, TX
    Generally, this thread is for those discovering the band. For a while this was a real positive thread full of good vibes and excitement over a new band with a classic sound.

    Dissenting opinions are certainly fair and welcomed. But, why the need to keep posting, in varying degrees, the same statement over and over? It is kind of making this thread a downer.
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  15. Sentient Six

    Sentient Six Forum Resident

    Annandale, NJ USA
    Your favorite band is Led Zeppelin and you have the gall to talk about originality? :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:
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  16. johnny q

    johnny q Forum Resident

    Bergen County, NJ
    I heard one of the new tracks on Jim Florentine's show on Sirius. I liked it. I get a kick out of that singers voice, at times he has more than a little bit of a yodel! Question...why does the new EP have some of the older tracks on it - live versions?
  17. DPK

    DPK Forum Resident

    Lexington, SC
    :confused: Huh? LZ is far from my favorite band. Don't really like 'em at all. I have three favorite bands: Guided by Voices, Pearl Jam, and the Wedding Present.
  18. artfromtex

    artfromtex Honky Tonkin' Metal-Head

    Fort Worth, TX
    @johnny q
    They just combined the new songs with the older ones. Same versions. Their first EP was largely only available as a download. CD's were scarce.
  19. Sentient Six

    Sentient Six Forum Resident

    Annandale, NJ USA
    Sorry, mistook you for another member.
  20. Sentient Six

    Sentient Six Forum Resident

    Annandale, NJ USA
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  21. fourfeathers

    fourfeathers Forum Resident

    Toronto, ON
    Holy **** this guy is the best Robert Plant impersonator I've ever heard. If this band doesn't work out, Jimmy and JPJ should give him a call.
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  22. stoneknuckle

    stoneknuckle Forum Resident

    reading pa usa
    It's like KLASSIK 78 without the "nod & a wink."

    I think Reef did this better, but it is an enjoyable listen.
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  23. artfromtex

    artfromtex Honky Tonkin' Metal-Head

    Fort Worth, TX
    I now LOVE this song. Totally grew on me.
  24. McRich

    McRich Forum Resident

    Greta Van Fleet on Drudge Report.

    When’s the last time a rock band was featured on Drudge?!

    Linked to Chicago Tribune article.

    Greta Van Fleet is big, and heavy, and for real

    Gretna Van Fleet is an 80-something dulcimer player in tiny Frankenmuth, Mich., who had, at least until recently, avoided national attention. In the early 2010s, local brothers Josh, Sam, and Jake Kiszka, who formed the core of a four-piece rock band about to play its first big show, decided to name the group after Van Fleet, though they did not know her. They converted “Gretna” to “Greta” because it flowed better. And though they weren’t thinking about it at the time, the change will also help in sidestepping any copyright issues that might have presented themselves as the band gets bigger.

    And it will almost certainly get bigger: Greta Van Fleet has only released two studio EPs (“Black Smoke Rising,” in April of this year, and “From the Fires,” this month), but is getting the kind of hype hard rock bands in 2017 almost never get. The song “Highway Tune” went to No. 1 on iTunes. Shows are sold out everywhere. Even Gretna Van Fleet is doing interviews. To many critics and fans, the quartet is the future of rock, and its past (the sound is a lot like circa-1972 Led Zeppelin), all at the same time.

    In separate phone conversations from the southern Tennessee studio where they’re currently recording, bassist Sam Kiszka and frontman Josh Kiszka (whose twin brother, Jake, is the band’s guitarist), talked about the rise of Greta (and Gretna) Van Fleet. The following are edited excerpts from that conversation:

    On why ‘Greta Van Fleet’ may wind up being a complicated name to have

    Sam Kiszka: Usually the story is, “People kept telling me to listen to you, but I thought it was some kind of country singer, some kind of Taylor Swift kind of thing — or some solo female artist.” But it couldn’t be more far off.

    Josh Kiszka: The first big gig we had, her name was on the marquee, and people started calling her up. She played the dulcimer, and they thought she was playing a show. She came down with her husband, and she gave us the go-ahead. For someone in her 80s to sit through a blasting rock and roll show was pretty cool. … It went over so well, at the end of the show she came up, and we all took pictures together. She was sweet.

    On being brothers in a band together, which can also be complicated

    Josh: We’re not always going to get along, but being brothers, it’s easier to get over something much quicker. That’s another thing we’ve learned, a lesson from history. Bands with brothers have been infamous for going at it all the time. That was a lot of what we did early on, and after a while, it made no sense. It’s a matter of saying, “This isn’t worth arguing about.” We’ll just save that for later.

    Sam: That’s due to our roots and how we were raised: family first, friends first. It’s a great bond, and I think we understand each other really well.

    On being the latest band tasked with saving rock and roll

    Josh: I theorize it has something to do with the (fact that) we’re making rock ’n’ roll that’s different from the rock ’n’ roll people are making now. It’s been a privilege to go out and make exactly the music we want, exactly the way we want it, and people are receiving it well.

    Sam: Rock doesn’t need any saving, there’s already a bunch of guys out there doing really great stuff. They paved the way for what we’re doing now. There’s lots of great stuff out there, you’ve just gotta dig for it. I don’t think rock ever died, but it’s definitely not the most popular genre. There was a time when nobody listened to anything but rock ’n’ roll. Now it’s hip-hop.

    On the earliest days of Greta Van Fleet

    Josh: I was 16 and Sam and Danny were 13, that was the first year of being a real entity. — (These days), we communicate in non-verbal ways, and each of us is a fan of each others’ work. There’s a lot of love put into the music. It’s a complicated thing. I’m not sure I could see it from the inside.

    Sam: I don’t know anything else but music and high school. Every weekend ever since eighth grade, we would play in bars and stuff. By the end of senior year, me and Daniel skipped pretty much the entire last month. We were literally checked out. — The turning point for us was releasing the (debut) EP, and “Highway Tune” going to No. 1. It was just overwhelming. It’s the same thing we’ve been doing for five years. Not much has changed, except we’re better.

    Allison Stewart is a freelancer.

    Twitter @chitribent
  25. HfxBob

    HfxBob Forum Resident

    What would be really cool is if these guys turned out to be the 'Anti-Zeppelin' as far as being decent human beings and treating other people with respect.

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