Greta Van Fleet...Anyone?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Tree of Life, Jun 21, 2017.

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    That's absolutely true. They stole their songs and claimed to have written them themselves (see also: The Rolling Stones). :p
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  2. That's just something hipsters say because they're too lazy to look beyond a viral YouTube video or a Howard Stern episode.
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  3. Mistermono

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    Toronto, Canada
    Wow, I'm a hipster! Wait until I tell the wife (and Jake Holmes).
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    Ugh. Even Bert Jansch* himself said the handful of times he ran into Jimmy Page at some music event/function, Page would never look him in the eye.

    * wrote "Black Waterside." Page took credit for it as "White Mountain Side."
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  5. *Black

    Anyway, it's a traditional folk melody, isn't it?
  6. aroney

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    ...and now back to our regularly scheduled Greta Van Fleet thread...
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    No thank you.
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    reading pa usa
    Does anyone remember laughter?
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    No, but I have seen the bridge.
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    Kinda cool the details you can see in this photo, especially the things that show how green these guys are (despite 4 years together).

    Grocery bag sitting to the right of the Marshall. Stage clothes? Guitar cables??

    Guitar and snare cases next to the drum kit.

    Spare cymbal on the riser.

    White sheet under riser. Drum kit cover?

    Strip of extra duct tape on speaker cab.

    Well-used drum sticks.
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    They are pretty much local kids from where I live, as Frankenmuth is about 20 miles north of me. Until now, Frankenmuth was known as a place you went to get a nice chicken dinner! :laugh:

    Anyway, rooting for these guys! Yeah, they seem green as heck and maybe the Zep influence is a bit too strong. You know what though, there's a lot worse music/bands they could be influenced by than Led Zeppelin!
  13. Damien DiAngelo

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    Saw them last Saturday night at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI.
    Great show. I think the opening band, Goodbye June, was pretty damn good too.
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    I like that the guitarist uses a Sennheiser e609 as opposed to a Shure SM57.

    I always used the Shure until I was in the studio in 2007 and the engineer had me try the Sennheiser. I was blown away by the difference in tone and clarity.
  15. jmpatrick

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    Same here. Used a 57 for years. Discovered the 609 and never looked back.

    Still use a 57 to mic the horn on my Leslie.
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  16. artfromtex

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    Fort Worth, TX
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  17. aroney

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    Yup, here's the first recorded version from 2013:

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  18. aroney

    aroney Who really gives a...?

    Flower Power 2013 (back when they were just 17 (vocals/guitar) and 15 years old (bass/drums):

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  19. realkilroy

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    I'm listening to "From the Fires" now and I am really disappointed with the way it's mixed (too loud?). These songs need more DR. What's the point? Otherwise I like it very much. "Talk On The Street" is superb.
  20. Read the Rolling Stone article; then put them on Spotify - and WoW!

    Disclosure: I generally stopped listening to new rock bands from 1985 onward; finding plenty of music in my favs back catalogues and new releases; as well as discovering other rock made in the 60’s and 70’s; as well as some jazz and other music genres.

    Sometimes I’ll be reading the SHF forums or music mags and test run a new band on Spotty amd almost every time it’s a “Naw.” BUT this EP from GVF blew me away; so I then pugged in ear buds- still better!
    Took GVF for a ride and BlueToothed them over car stereo - very awesome!

    It was interesting reading about their root music interests and sources; denying ZEP was a first inspiration
    Let’s hope the follow up LP is awesome and we have a band to grow with over many years.

    Highly Reccomended!
  21. VatiBobo

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    Surely no-one is falling for the line about LZ not being their primary influence, though? I was just out in the car when Safari Song came on the radio and it's just so blatant in that song, especially so when you factor in the singer's mannerisms in addition to the sound. Plus, in the interview, the guitarist admits to obsessing over Page's playing. I understand why they would try to distance themselves from the LZ influence but they're fooling no-one. I don't doubt that they have other influences, but the LZ one is clear. Ultimately, if people like the music they may not care too much about their influences, but it just sounds like a PR line to me.

    (Full disclosure - if I could sing and/or play like that I'd probably be doing it myself and having a great time but I would know that anyone with a decent musical knowledge would know the inspiration or inspirations).
  22. aroney

    aroney Who really gives a...?

    Uh, they don't deny that Zep was/is an influence at all.

    Just that there are other influences, including the same stuff that influenced Zep too.

    Not that hard to understand really. Plus, being called the next Led Zep (no band ever will be) is a ridiculous amount of pressure and these are kids that are just having a blast writing, recording and playing tunes.

    Good for them and good for us.
  23. If your reading this- and haven’t heard or seen them yet- I reccomend ; first, listening to them on NON- VIDEO streaming.

    Why? I heard them on a Spotty before I pulled up a couple YouTube videos and they DO look their age; very young - but they sound very BIG and with enough seasoning and mature spirit.

    NOT that should all matter; but sometimes rock ears can be visual.

    When I heard them; my mental picture was a swaggering brood of dudes; not unlike;

    Repeated listenings are rewarded with “grower” benefits.

    Great music!
  24. VatiBobo

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    I get all of that, but it has been mentioned on here at least a couple of times (including in the post I quoted in my previous comment) that they have stressed that they are influenced more by the acts that inspired LZ rather than LZ directly/solely. I'm not convinced that that is the case but, as I said, I can totally understand why they would frame it that way. I've said before that there is a lot of talent there, but I think that the LZ stuff is both a blessing and a curse for them and, as you say, will lead to an insane amount of pressure. Hopefully their album(s) can address this by allowing them to find their own sound/style as they develop rather than leaning so heavily on influences. It's a process and they're starting at a pretty good spot.
  25. James5001

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    Kid can sing probably needs to get the Plant-isms out of his swag it borders on mimicry, I think there's enough signs that they can find their own twist musically.. I hope they do.

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