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Grover at it again! GROVER ULTIMATE REFERENCE cables are ready...

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Steve Hoffman, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    Grover has been working on his new wire for the past few months and has finally surfaced for air. He brought me over the new "GROVER ULTIMATE REFERENCE" cables today and they sound great. Grover's products have really evolved and his new versions (which replace all others) are the best yet.

    This is your chance to get really world-class interconnects for not much money. Grover is offering them to you direct:

    $125.00 for a 1/2 meter pair.
    $140.00 for a 1 meter pair.
    $165.00 for a 2 meter pair.

    These Grover ULTIMATE REFERENCE cables (patent pending) really rival some $5,000.00 primo cables out there; this is a bargain. Don't believe me? Try some for yourself (in the privacy of your own home as they used to say on TV). You have nothing to lose. Grover guarantees that his new ULTIMATE REFERENCE interconnects will out perform any other wire regardless of price or your money back. You can't lose with that deal.

    The new stuff is black, using nice Flex-Tech covering and each is meticulously hand made and personally signed by Grover.

    This is the natural evolution of the original Grover Wire and he is to be commended for keeping the price within range of most people while offering really remarkable sound to all.

    Grover is offering a trade-in upgrade policy: Any unshielded older Grover cable to the new Ultimate Reference for $65.00 until May 1st, 2005.

    I've known Grover Huffman for many years now and I can tell you that he is a guy who is always thinking about and striving for the best sound possible while keeping the price affordable to all. He lives and breathes this stuff. I think you'll agree with me that Grover's new creations are mind-blowingly good. Whether you have a $50,000.00 system or a $1,500.00 system, Grover Wire can really help your gear sound the best that it can.

    Grover is also offering wonderful sounding ULTIMATE REFERENCE speaker wire and special phono cable as well. You can only buy Grover's cables directly from him so scroll down to the bottom of this page and <Edited by Gary - see note below> to get a message to Grover. If you've had correspondence with Grover in the past, contact him directly. He'd love to talk with you.

    Edit January 31, 2007 by Gary:

    You can now contact Grover directly if you wish to speak with him:


    A message from GROVER:

    "Hi everyone,

    I have been working hard these many years on my wire to get the best sound I possibly could.

    As you all know there have been many changes in my cables over this time. The original cables were great and compared favorably with much more expensive products. My cables evolved to what I feel is a better and better performance.

    One thing I now know is that cable performance is the most critical part of any system. The Ultimate Reference is the culmination of all my years of work. These cables are perfection.

    I have NOT co-opted Michael Wolff's coating, and will not be using his innovations. I believe he will continue the EMPRESS line but without me. I wish him well in his endeavors.

    I sincerely believe my new ULTIMATE REFERENCE cables to really be the best in the world.

    It is my pleasure to provide these amazing cables to you at a price that will enable you to transform your system!"

    Sincerely yours,

    Grover Huffman

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  2. Grant

    Grant Back to the 60s!

    United States
    Are the older ones still available?
  3. Monsieur Gadbois

    Monsieur Gadbois Senior Member

    West Coast
    Hi Steve,

    Are these new cables using silver wire, copper wire or mixed?
    Also, what kind of end connectors does Glover use?
  4. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    Please direct all questions to Grover via "CONTACT US". Thanks!
  5. in2monk

    in2monk New Member

    Hi Steve, Do you know how the Grover Ultimate Reference cables compare to the
    Grover/Wolff Empress cables ? Thanks, Harry
  6. thegage

    thegage Forum Currency Nerd

    Talk about timely! I need some new cables and have been going back and forth on which way to go. Grover's just made the decision easy! I've already submitted my order.

    John K.
  7. JohnT

    JohnT Senior Member

    Good timing for me too. I'm setting up a second system (stereo only) and have an Elite receiver, Music Hall 2.1 TT, Sony SCD555ES and a new pair of Totem Model 1 speakers.

    With the receiver sitting on a 30" cabinet and the Model 1's sitting on stands flanking the cabinet, what length speaker cable would give enough flexibility to find the correct position?

    2 meters would be 6' - Is that ample?

    Thanks Steve - I just did that.
  8. Jamie Tate

    Jamie Tate New Member

    Yeah, what does he do with all the older cables? Is he going to have a garage sale someday? :D
  9. pjaizz

    pjaizz Forum Resident

    Washington, DC
    yeah Steve! You have been mighty coy on the Grover/Wolff Empress while extolling the virtues of the SR-II's and now this "Ultimate" Reference. From your description it sounds like Grover is co-opting the Empress coating to try on his cable. Of course, if this new one sounds better than the Empress.....wow! So ironic as I am waiting to receive my Empress order.

    Let me tell you guys, the Empress is the truth! But for $65, I'll trade in my old SR-II and try this new cable. Whoever gets it first, please post how it sounds!!!
  10. jpr703

    jpr703 New Member

    Raleigh, NC
    I recently got a set of these from Grover and they simply have to be heard to be believed--they're that good.
  11. Jeffrey

    Jeffrey Forum Hall Of Fame

    South Texas
    Hi SH,

    How much for these?

  12. Beav

    Beav New Member

    I have been using Grovers UR cables for the past week in my system. It replaced my Empress cables. The first couple of days had me shaking my head. It was bright, metalic sounding, harsh even. Bass was weak, though the mid-range was decent. After two days of this I put the Empress back in and the musicality came back to the music. Not willing to give up on the UR I put them back in and let them burn in for 48 hours more without listening. The next time I fired up the system, WOW, the bright, metalic sounding top end was much smoother and I was hearing detail like I'd never experienced before; mids were much improved and the bass was back with a vengence. I've tried almost every iteration of Grover's SR line, and though this baby is a terror fresh out of the box, give it a week, and you'll be amazed. Now, in comparison to the Empress, what we have are different flavors. The Empress has a sound that is very musical, it has just the right amount of detail and clarity, a very balanced presentation overall. The UR is turbo charged, still musical, but leaning towards a more exquisitely detailed and raw nature. Of course this could change with more break-in time. I have a feeling though that these two products will give you specific flavors and strengths, it'll be a question of do you like chocolate or mocha almond fudge best; both great tastes, one will suit you more than the other; your system will determine what's right for you.
  13. Oyama

    Oyama Forum Resident

    Hi Jeffrey!

    I know I'm not Steve, :D but I did e-mail Grover in regards to his new Ultimate Speaker cables... They cost $35 per ft. pair and he said that they're completely different from the SR Speaker cables, with much more silver. They come with tech-flex as well....
  14. sTiVo

    sTiVo Junior Member<br>Formerly <b>Joe Mama</b>

    SF Bay Area
    Did Grover use Techflex on the SRII's?
  15. Oyama

    Oyama Forum Resident

    I don't believe he did. Not on any of my SRIIs anyway...
  16. sTiVo

    sTiVo Junior Member<br>Formerly <b>Joe Mama</b>

    SF Bay Area
    I'll have to check mine when I get home. I remember a black netting -- of some sort -- on the last 2 pair I bought.
  17. Gord SW Ont

    Gord SW Ont New Member

    Unless he's changed it recently the Grover SR II's do not have a Techflex cover ... it is a light blue plastic tubing.
  18. sTiVo

    sTiVo Junior Member<br>Formerly <b>Joe Mama</b>

    SF Bay Area
    He must have changed them towards the end of last year. My last two pair are black (Techflex?) with thin white lines in a diamond pattern. They are beautiful cables. Of course they sound great!
  19. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    If you have black covering you have the current ULTIMATE REFERENCE versions already..
  20. sTiVo

    sTiVo Junior Member<br>Formerly <b>Joe Mama</b>

    SF Bay Area
    Awesome! Gift with purchase. I loves the Grovers. :righton:
  21. dbwebhead

    dbwebhead New Member

    Washington, DC
    Grover Ultimate Reference Cable - Purchase Info?

    OK. Sounds good, I'm game. Where does one purchase these wonderful cables? Could someone please send me a phone number, web link, or email address? Thanks.
  22. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    As I mentioned in the first post on this thread, to contact Grover just scroll to the bottom of this page and click on CONTACT US.
  23. rontokyo

    rontokyo Forum Resident

    Tokyo, Japan
    Could you please clarify this, Steve. How do we determine if the cable we've got is shielded or unshielded? In other words, how do we know if the cable we've got qualifies for the trade-in offer? Also, as regards the trade-in, we would get $65 off any length of the new Ultimate Reference OR any length of Ultimate Reference is $65 with trade-in? As this was your post I'm addressing you directly. Thanks.
  24. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    I don't know. I put your query in to Grover.
  25. pjaizz

    pjaizz Forum Resident

    Washington, DC
    The "Ultimate" Empress

    I wrote a stellar review of the Grover/Wolff Empress back in December after a buddy loaned me 2 pairs. Now I have 2 pairs of my own, and after corresponding with Grover himself, it seems the latest (last?) run of Empress use his new Ultimate Reference cable with Wolff's treatment on top.

    The first Empress simply put was the finest cable I have ever had in my system. I've tried and/ or heard many different brands and never felt the need to upgrade much from my Monster Reference cables. Then I bought a pair of SR-II's which raised my eyebrow. Then I got the loaner original Empress...had my mouth fly open and my ears absorbed pure aural ecstacy!

    The "Ultimate" Empress has the same effect! I can't say for sure if they are better than the original, as I don't have any on hand to compare, but they sound superb in my system!

    When they arrived in the mail, I decided to put a pair in my bedroom system first (Methor Integra integrated, Euphonic Technology cd player, Sound Dynamic RS-3). I decided to put on some non-audiophile stuff that I like to listen to at night. So the first stop was Snuffy Walden's score for The Stand (Varese). Lots of guitar, banjo, dulcimer type sounds, and the first thing that hit me was how articulate the cable is. I could clearly hear the difference in the mix! Each instrument was very well defined, and this at very low sound pressure levels!
    The uptempo funky piece has some synthetic percussion that exhibited the decay we all loathe, and you could hear the dead stop of the sound vs. the natural decay we prefer. I was amazed. I dozed off in bliss listening to the score for Somewhere in Time (Varese, much better than the original). The string sound was silky smooth, luscious and vibrant.

    Then on the next day, to the main system going between amp/preamp and univeral player/preamp. I have a burned copy of Caroline Henderson's superb hybrid Don't Explain (Stunt)(waiting for my studio copy) first and the spoken voice of Luther Thomas knocked me back 10 feet! His is the voice of trouble, and his gravelly sound gives you this feel. The atmosphere is tense, but electric with that "You are there" feel. This is one of the best discs of 2004! And the SACD layer is even better. My budget Pioneer 563a Universal sounds wonderful even on the cd layer!

    But to hear Astrid Gilberto doing the old warhorse The Girl from Ipanema (Verve SACD) was intense! When she pops up stage left, you feel her presence. You can hear very clearly her breathing through her mouth and her nose! It is incredible to hear this stuff!!

    I can go on and on here, but if this is the last Empress, it is simply astonishing! I'm going to try Grover's Ulitmate Reference shortly, but the "Ultimate" Empress reigns supreme for now.
    I'll write more when I get Grover's Ultimate Reference.

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