Guitarists having a bad day!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Rufus rag, Jan 11, 2019.

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    It can even happen to the greats

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    kirk hammett's solo :hurl:
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    I can't find video of this, but at the 9/11 memorial concert Melissa Etheridge was walking around complaining about her out-of-tune acoustic forever. The crowd was increasingly annoyed that they'd been duped into attending a Melissa Etheridge concert.
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    "I can dig it."

    Pete was already sick of Woodstock, and all he needed was Abbie ****ing Hoffman to just boil him over.
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    Neal Schon's most embarrassing moment of his career.

    In this 1978 Soundstage performance in Chicago, Journey brought Albert King & Luther Allison onstage for three songs. So in the second blues jam of the segment, directly following blues legend Albert King's solo, Neal Schon is so in-the-moment that he starts his solo a half step flat. :eek: In front of a legendary guitar player. :eek: :eek: Which is bad enough, but he doesn't even realize it until 33 seconds into the solo. :eek: :eek: :eek: Albert even steps in and plays a few notes at one point to try and clue him in.

    Here's the video of the whole show. Neals' solo starts at 38:57 and he goes until 39:30 before he figures out he's in the wrong key. Start watching far enough ahead of that, during Albert's solo, so you get a good feel for what key the song is in.

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    It's actually not that bad...It's just a blue-note he decided to play to contrast Albert's licks, that was a semi-tone flat. (It actually reinforces the back-up part being played)...

    No doubt that some folks won't get into it though ! I'm guessing that it was deliberate, but as you can see, the others don't get into it.

    Thanks for sharing,

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    This is so bad it almost seems like it's a joke, but some of the commenters say they were actually there. Michael is obviously drunk in the video. BS or not, I saw a worse performance from Michael which has since been taken down, at a performance with Uli Roth, which was just a long, out of tune bend over and over again.
    It was sad to witness his decline back then, I would frequent his website and he was posting the most bizarre, stream-of-semi-consciousness stuff. Around this same time he was featured in a Guitar World article which detailed his decline while living in a motel in the Arizona desert and drinking heavily.
    He's playing better than ever now and it's great to see.
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    It's not a "blue-note", though. It's 33 seconds of soloing before he shifts into the same key that everybody else is playing in. That's why Albert steps in with a few notes, either to nudge him into the right key or to just try and take the solo back from him. As a guitar player, I can see where, once he got started and thought he was in the right key, it took a little while to realize that what was wrong was him.
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    It's only the introductory note that's a semi-tone-flat for a bar, then the next bar he phrases fine, & then back to a semi-tone flat, & back again...He's also doing that (along with the key-boards ) at around the 38:00 too. It's like he's sliding the chord into where it's meant to go, but doesn't resolve. I've listened to it 3-times now & don't think it's a biggie...He was just trying something out musically that doesn't work for some folks.

    Dave Gilmour had a worse time with those new strings on his acoustic LOL !

    And poor Michael Schenker had his fingers freeze-up on him...Bummer...He's quite a good rock 'n roll player too !
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    How about that Dylan and Woody broken string thing at Live Aid?
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    This to me has always been ground zero for an out-of-tune rhythm guitar:

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