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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Mario500, Feb 19, 2023.

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    So sad, I loved his work on Hägar and his own strip Raising Duncan. A very talented artist. RIP :cry:
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    RIP. Hagar the Horrible is a classic strip. I read strips like Hagar, The Born Loser and Gus Arriola's Gordo (probably the best strip ever, at least art-wise) thanks to my mom, who loved them. She had a boxed set of Hagar paperbacks that I reread many times.
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    Sad news. :cry:

    All Dik Browne's kids seemed to have taken some role in what became a family profession. I did still read Hagar where I didn't some others when they went on without the original artist. It was still good and some others weren't so much. I would generally say not to go on without the original artist but there have been exceptions, many over a long period. The ones not continuable seem exemplified by Peanuts, and going way back, Skippy and Krazy Kat... just impossible to follow their original creators probably.

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