Han Solo Anthology Film - "Solo: A Star Wars Story"*

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    Do you guys know how to use the "report" button? If you find a post that you feel is offensive, then report it, don't respond to it.
    I, and other moderators have deleted many posts in this thread, and we may have neglected to delete some others. My apologies for that.
    This is a thread about a fantasy movie set in outer space. Sure, there are some allegories to events in 20th century Earth, but concentrating on those issues leads to discussion of politics, and that is not the mission of this forum.

    If there was an error, don't start whining in this the thread about your precious words being removed.

    "polite" posts may have been deleted because they were replies to other posts that contained material that was deleted due to forum infractions.
    We don't have the time to edit each post to remove the text of the deleted post that you replied to. It's bad enough that we have to read through all of the verbal diarrhea to determine which posts are on topic and which are off topic, trollish, threadcraps, offensive, etc.

    We have no idea what "Social persuasion" you are, and frankly don't care unless that persuasion is "troll".
    So, there's your explanation.
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