Hana ML with SUT?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by CrimsonKink, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. CrimsonKink

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    Boston, MA
    Anyone running a Hana ML into a SUT? I've joined the Hana party :wave:. I'm just a couple days in but I like what I'm hearing.

    I have some SUTs, custom wound, for a Zu Audio/Denon 103r, by Dave Slagle in NY. I loved the way the 103 sounded with them, but I went DIY with the enclosure and it all became a bit of a fail, cable strain, wonky isolation, etc. So, they've sat in a closet for quite a while.

    I'm enjoying the Hana so much I feel I oughta try and revive the SUTs, if the Hana can work, matching-wise, with them.
  2. Ontheone

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    I run a Hana SL through a SUT. Not exactly the same specs but enough for some reflection perhaps. What gain and resistance loading are you running into ML? I get guess somewhere in the 61dB to 65dB would be perfect along with the recommended >100 ohm loading. I find with the Hana's that they perform very well against the minimum > # recommendation (i.e. right at 100 ohms probably will be ideal). You may not need a SUT at all if you're coming at the right gain and loading.
  3. thegage

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    Mine works just great with my Moon 310LP, but I continually wonder how it would sound with a SUT. I suspect I'll pull the trigger eventually when I have nothing else to scratch my upgrade itch.

  4. mkane

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    1:20 should work fine. We have a pair of Slagle SUT and to date, the best of 6.

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