Has anyone from the uk recently ordered from acoustic sounds?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by DM333, Sep 3, 2021.

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    United Kingdom
    Hi I’m looking to place an order with acoustic sounds as even with the shipping costs to the uk the vinyls I want are cheaper. Has anyone from the uk ordered from them recently? I know I need to place an order for about £200+ and I’m assuming I then won’t pay VAT? I’m finding the new VAT uk laws very confusing.
    Also Do they package well? I’m nervous at placing an expensive order but I know they are a reputable company.
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    United Kingdom
    Hi. Not sure if you have already ordered but I placed an order a week ago and have just received the records today. I checked what customs/VAT would be charged before ordering and I'm pretty sure any order over £135 (including shipping costs in that value) will have 20% VAT to pay once the package arrives in the UK.

    My order including shipping was over £300. FedEx then sent me a bill for the 20% VAT plus £12 admin fee they charge. Even with the 20% VAT and £12 FedEx charge it worked out cheaper than buying the records from UK retailers.

    In terms of packaging, Acoustic Sounds packages the records very well. The last time I ordered 3 records and they came in a very sturdy record mailer with large overhang on corners to prevent corner dings. This time I ordered 9 records and they came in a large box with quite wide gaps at each side so the records are away from the corners and then bubble wrap top and bottom for extra protection.

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