HBO Doc Going Clear and Tom Cruise

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by aforchione, Mar 31, 2015.

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  1. Cheepnik

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    Another thing I noticed in that documentary is that Miscavige is actually shorter than Tom Cruise. No wonder he's such a hateful little creep.
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  2. JETman

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    It does, as reported consistently over the last several years by ex-members. There's also reportedly a "children suck" mentality that "encourages" members to have abortions.
  3. Well, he doesn't come across as very likable in public. I don't know what he's like in private. Do you know him?
  4. rjp

    rjp Senior Member

    i watched the entire thing, and it got a little repetitive at the end, but was enlightening all the same.

    LRH was a borderline nut case for sure.
  5. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    Youre probably correct. Here are the options:

    1) Blackmail backed w/ kinky detailed stories of Tom Cruises life etc. Blackmail backed w/ gay partners coming out against John or whatever. I imagine, given the history, the "generals" of this cult could provide quite a sh*tstorm if provoked. But lets just say this isnt a threat in this information society we live in. Threatened w/ their lives? Kids lives? Perhaps, but lets say also it isnt on that mafioso level in violence.

    2) They are somehow kept from being exposed to the weird alien and kookie Xenu leader guy stuff. They still are wondering about the powers they may eventually get and/or actually have a *god* complex now deeply rooted. Perhaps also, they see some actual evidence of the benefits of certain aspects of the discipline. In doses and used in a correct way, its similar to the positive thinking gurhu techniques. Maybe they see it as that still.

    3) Money. Tons of money poured Tom (and Im assuming Johns) way.

    I lean towards option 3. Root cause.
  6. Jerry Horne

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    Dish Network is having a free HBO weekend and Going Clear is airing Saturday at 11 am Pacific on HBO-E.
  7. kouzie

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    I noticed that too. I checked and the Internet shows Miscavige as 5'1". I thought it was hilarious that he was front and center singing in the "Stand Tall" video.
  8. minerwerks

    minerwerks Forum Resident

    I found a couple of podcasts to provide interesting background on Tom Cruise.

    Jay Mohr talked on his own podcast about working with Cruise on Jerry Maguire. Definitely pro-Cruise, but it feels like a genuine, unrehearsed presentation not crafted to try and give off any specific impression of Tom Cruise. ( - this is behind a pay wall now, but I think I saw excerpts had been posted on YouTube).

    But the most interesting thing I've ever heard regarding Tom Cruise was his appearance on Chris Hardwick's Nerdist podcast ( Has Tom Cruise ever publicly given an hour of time to speak kind of casually like this? It's a bit surreal to hear. Sometimes, Cruise seems focused and you can understand how he became such a success. But there were some moments that seemed kind of strange to me. Like any time he was trying to riff off a joke (as is wont to happen on a Nerdist episode), he sounded kind of stiff and he only repeated exactly what had just been said. That could just be my perception, though. But as I said, a show like this is probably the most natural, unfiltered public representation you're likely to find of Tom Cruise.
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  9. Ghostworld

    Ghostworld Senior Member

    Really, I hear an uneducated accent (NY or Philly?) and smell a small-time crook or vicious hustler. White trash with good hair. Hitler and Goebbels had more gravitas than this cheapie.

    Funny the last part of this thread (which I hadn't read) shows this guy as 5' 1" which really fits him for the bill.
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  10. junk

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  11. junk

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  12. Jerry Horne

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    Hey la le la! We stand tall!
  13. Leviathan

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    Great to see that more of the public is becoming informed about the cult of Scientology. Every American should see this documentary.

    Their tax-exempt status needs to be revoked. I, for one, will never knowingly support an actor, musician, or anyone that is involved with the cult.
  14. spencer1

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