HBO' s "Succession" Any Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by audiomixer, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. George P

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    Yeah, she changed a lot in 4 years.
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    My wife and I are on the same page as you.
    We were going to watch the last half hour last night as well. We ended up watching the entire last episode instead.
    It was well worth watching a second time. Several things we didn't catch the first time.

    The main thing we wanted to look for is what triggered Shiv, in the boardroom, that convinced her to vote Yes.
    The only thing we noticed was as you said, "shiv gave a concerned sideways glance when Roman wiped the Kendall sadistic torture-reopened stitches in the board room".
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    i re-watched the funeral as well, all three gave what they had in their eulogies, so intense.....

    Roman wiping the blood (and that other clear stuff that leaks out) was the sealer for her vote

    i would forgive her for thinking Kendall punched him, she would never guess he pretended to give a hug and deliberately tore the stitches rubbing Rome's head against his suit shoulder, that's high-level unexplainable evil :(

    i didn't catch that Shiv would turn until she did, watching it a second time gave me a few subtle things i missed the first time

    can't wait for the next drama that causes me to want to watch parts of it again, sitcoms i will enjoy the rest of my life rewatching though

    [i am grateful to have worked for firms led by two brilliant, talented and kind leaders, on to a third one where it appears to be good as well, couldn't imagine working closely to anyone in this show, nothing would be worth it]
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    I thought Shiv just didn't trust Kendall given how he was acting in the board meeting and then in the conference room later.

    He was becoming unhinged, but when he tried his incredibly lame and transparent "I didn't kill anyone. I made it up" routine, Shiv saw that her brother had no stability, foresight, or mental fortitude to be trusted and act as a CEO.
  5. 7solqs4iago

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    Kendall wasn't suitable, and it's sad
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    obviously not going to happen, but a Mattson spin off show would be incredible! a la Better Call Saul..
  7. 7solqs4iago

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    an early harbinger was Kendall taking a call with the bank and talking profane like Logan and getting told this was unacceptable
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  8. Connor may have been the fool, but he organised the funeral and sat back while his younger siblings grandstanded.
    Of course he was actually at the "virtual dinner" with his father - singing, laughing and having a human interaction.
    As Logan said, "I love you but you're not serious people."
    Kendall, Shiv and Roman were never in the running.
    It all played out pretty much as Logan planned.
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    Justin Lupe, Conners wife, is showing a particularly strong resume working on Succession and The Fabulous Mrs. Maisel at the same time for the last 4-5 yrs! I gotta feeling she's gonna be the breakout of the show. If nothing else, I'll be checking out whatever she does next!
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    Had no idea same actress
  11. Yovra

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    Not reading anything about outcomes or spoilers...
    It's a strange beast , this series. I like NONE of the characters, they're greedy, flawed and selfish but there's something tragic brewing between them. None of them has a healthy relationship with anyone else; they're still the kids who grew up under the shadow of their father and (up until now) aren't able to have their own succes... It's like a Shakespeare for the 21th century!
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  12. Yovra

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    Okay....I have to take things in another perspective after seeing the final four episodes...this is a great series.
    The tragedy (I think)
    is that the three characters who were fighting each other and the world around them most of the time were unable to lead and incapable to have a healthy relation with anyone else.... They were at the worst when they came in a position of power. None of them could follow in their father's footsteps, and their father knew that. That might be the reason why he played this game with them.
    Maybe I'll rewatch the stuff from series 1 onwards again next winter....
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  13. Bradd

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    I rewatched the first season and a few episodes of the second but I think it’s time to move onto something else.
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    MAYBEIMAMAZED Don't think Twice it's alright

    I really like this show, I was a little late watching it.
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  15. Greg Smith

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    Spot on
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  16. GregM

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    Maybe, but Shakespeare was articulate, had a flair for dialogue and plot construction. I still don't think Succession did a great job with those. The ending did not feel like a revelation or any sort of twist. It felt like the exact same ending that many previous episodes and seasons had. With Shakespeare, the endings are a revelation and brilliantly constructed, and make you look at everything that happened earlier in a different light.
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  17. Kevin j

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    i'm just now getting into the 4th season, but i just wanted to say i love the irony of this particular comment and your avatar!
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  19. danielkov86

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    Finished the show last night. Great series from start to finish, though I think they could have condensed it all into three seasons instead of four (season three was kind of dull.)

    Greg was easily the most likeable and most enjoyable character to watch on this show. If anyone deserves a spin-off series, it's him. :)

    The ending was surprising to me but ultimately a good one considering the characters were all bastards and none of them really deserved the top job. This show often gets compared to Billions (though I would compare it more to Veep with its similar cynical humor), and the two series finales couldn't be more different.
    Billions was over-the-top mushy with happy endings and high fives all around, while this show was quite the opposite with each character retreating to their own world like before the show started but much more diminished, humiliated and despondent.
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