He or She never fulfilled their potential in your eyes..

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by frimleygreener, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. RobNeil

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    Midlands, UK
    The Stone Roses
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  2. Keith V

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    Jersey City, NJ
    True on all accounts but he could have released some great albums even if they didn’t do incredibly well.
    The funny thing about grunge is, Ric Ocasek’s Troublizing sounds the most dated of his solo work. I blame Silly Corgan.
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  3. Zoot Marimba

    Zoot Marimba And I’m The Critic Of The Group

    I got the sense he mentioned Rolling Stone’s list as a joke.
  4. jimmydean

    jimmydean Forum Resident

    Vienna, Austria
    you should listen to "like flies on sherbert" ... great album, one of the lost classics...
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  5. HotelYorba101

    HotelYorba101 Forum Resident

    I totally got messed with haha hey you never know on this site! :D
  6. No Bull

    No Bull Forum Resident

    I agree about Troublizing. Ben should have put out a follow up to The Lace...even if it was on an Indy label. He was a great vocalist.
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  7. Tullman

    Tullman I prefer analog

    Boston MA
    Randy Rhodes
    Jimi Hendrix
    Stevie Ray
  8. DTK

    DTK Forum Resident

    I think Plastic Ono Band, especially, and Imagine, are proof that John fulfilled his "solo potential". It's hard to imagine -ha- him topping those albums in the 80s.
    They were created in turmoil, but that's part of what makes them great. Rekindled relationships (I suspect you mean Paul) wouldn't have pushed him to greater heights, not if Double Fantasy is anything to go by.
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  9. INSW

    INSW Forum Resident

    Strongly disagree with the inclusion of Jeff Beck and Joe Walsh. They each have about ten great albums and are still going strong in their 70s. Just because neither became solo superstars doesn't mean they didn't fulfill their potential.
    And besides, Joe Walsh has survived a great deal and Beck has a number of oil changes dominating his everyday schedule.
  10. quakerparrot67

    quakerparrot67 Forum Resident

    tucson, az.
    wow- ths song gives xtc a run for their money...

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  11. Isamet

    Isamet Forum Resident

    New York
    Great concert though. Saw him opening for Bad Company. He really puts on a good concert
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  12. Dondy

    Dondy Forumaniac

    The all-time epitome: Gene Clark. This guy had the greatest career takeoff imaginable in The Byrds, he had the songwriting skills, the V-O-I-C-E, the looks, the taste and... Sigh.:(
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  13. driverdrummer

    driverdrummer Forum Resident

    Irmo, SC
    New Radicals
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  14. DPM

    DPM Forum Resident

    Nevada, USA
    King's X

    Despite a string of very good albums early on and being an incredibly potent unit on stage, the other little power trio from Texas just never really caught on in a big way with the public. To this day they remain an underground phenomena with a cult following.


    This Brooklyn-based boogie metal group was hindered by a predatory manager whose actions led to a revolving door of band members coming and going. The departure of original vocalist Guy Speranza was the nail in the coffin though the band would soldier on in one form or another until the death of original guitarist Mark Reale.

    KT Tunstall

    This girl has a knack for writing catchy songs yet big success seems to have passed her by. Curious.
  15. Sordel

    Sordel Forum Resident

    Midlands, UK
    Surprised that someone else mentioned, but this was the first person I thought of. To be honest, though, I think he's done further work under another name so maybe he fulfilled his potential when I wasn't looking ...

    That's not really fair ... I agree that her career has been on a downwards trajectory but I think she pretty much met her her potential.

    Although she's one of my favourite artists of all time, I feel that Kate Bush has wasted her potential.
  16. the pope ondine

    the pope ondine Forum Resident

    I would agree with jeff beck being on the list if he had stopped after 72 but his fusion stuff in the mid-late 70's made up for it
  17. Malinky

    Malinky Forum Resident

    Agree with Jeff Beck, all technique over substance, as they say in the film `Amadeus`......`Too many notes`.....where are the TUNES Jeff?
    As for his pal `Rod Stewart`, started off as a truly great blues singer, and then decided to spend the rest of his career waggling his backside, and crooning!

    Joe Walsh `Strummed along with the Eagles`......err, there was that little guitar solo in `Hotel California`.
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  18. Overthehillsandfaraway

    Overthehillsandfaraway Forum Resident

    I'll agree with Beck, but in the context of the JBG only. If he'd not been so trigger happy and that band had stayed together, they could have achieved so much imo. Not Jeff's fault he had his bike accident in '69 though. But before then he had already been through 4 drummers and sacked Ron Wood before reinstating him virtually the next day.
  19. Overthehillsandfaraway

    Overthehillsandfaraway Forum Resident

    The daddy of them all is Eddie Cochrane. As a gifted songwriter as well as having the looks and guitar talent, what could he have done had he lived? I'm absolutely sure he'd have broken out of the pure rock n roll mould and developed in interesting directions, and made great music in the process
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  20. Ignatius

    Ignatius Forum Resident

    Bob Dylan. Enough with changing the world and our souls; what have you done for me lately?!?
  21. Lemon Curry

    Lemon Curry (A) Face In The Crowd

    Mahwah, NJ
    It is a lost classic. Then.. no more classics.
  22. Lemon Curry

    Lemon Curry (A) Face In The Crowd

    Mahwah, NJ
    Kate Bush.
  23. Leepal

    Leepal Forum Resident

    Swindon, UK
    Buddy Holly - would have been interesting to see where he would have gone musically.

    Sex Pistols - only one real album, but maybe that was the way it was meant to be.

    The Vapors - had some success but the song writing was strong enough, imho, to have achieved more. Same with The Only Ones.
  24. fuse999

    fuse999 Forum Resident

    The Sons of Champlin, who in their own words- Answered the phone when opportunity came knocking.

    Also, Moby Grape, wouldn't know where to begin with them.
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  25. notesfrom

    notesfrom Forum Resident

    NC USA
    My Bloody Valentine


    Should have made more than just two or three albums each.
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