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    Hi Folks,

    Im in a sticky and puzzling situuation with headphones and i'm hoping you guys might be able to help me out...

    I'm no audiophile, but i know a bit about audio and equipment.

    I use two portable players when on the move and everyday quiet listening:
    • Apple Ipod Touch 6th Generation 128gb (A1574) - loaded with Apple itunes AAC Encoded music and spotify
    • Sony NWZ-A15 Hi-Res Audio Walkman (with 125gb SD Card) - 320kbs MP3s and 24-bit Flacs.
    For headphones i have three main sets:
    • Sennheiser HD419 Closed Backs - Frequency Response - 20Hz - 20,000Hz / Impedence - 32 ohms
    • Sennheiser HD218 Closed Backs - Frequency Response - 19Hz - 21,000hz / Impedence - 24 ohms
    • Sony MDR-NC31E Earphones - Frequency Response - 20Hz - 20,000Hz / Impedence - 31 ohms
    On the ipod the two Sennheiser headphone sets sound great. Open and full soundstage, great clarity bass and highs. I can't use the Sony set as this includes a Noise Cancellation circuit (through a 4way 3.5mm jack) and that messes with and triggers Siri all the time.

    On the Sony NWZ-A15 the Sennheiser HD419 perform okay, but they are on the quiet side as i don't think the player is powerful enough to power them properly (even though the Ipod will with no issues). The HD219's are useless with a dull, thin and lifeless sound quality, even though the frequency response is better than the HD 419's. So, I tend to use the Sony earphones which are okay and loud (with them being earbuds), but get a bit uncomfortable after a while

    I've tried tweaking the EQ and the various installed Sony Sound Enhancements for the Sennheisers but it doesn't really improve anything to make me go WOW!

    So bascally i'm looking for a set of (fullsize) headphones that will work great my Sony player and the iPod. I've been looking at the Anker Q20's (and the soon-to-be released Q30's) as they are Hi-Res audio rated and have great reviews and a decent price point. Not looking to spend vast amounts, but any help/advice would be appreciated in a decent quality pair.

    Thanks in advance.
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