Help in valuing rare prog record - Cirkus - One - RCB01 - Signed

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    Hi all,

    I've come into possession of a great signed copy of this record, and, not being a big prog collector, I'm looking to sell it on. I was hoping I might be able to ask for a bit of help in valuation. I have an idea from discogs/popsike past sales etc of the general value of the copy, but I'm a bit less sure of how to include the fact it's a signed copy in the valuation when listing. I'm in the UK, if that makes any difference at all...

    Details as follows:

    Cirkus - One (1973)
    Original Private Press - (I think it was 1000 copies) - RCB01
    Vinyl looks NM (it's lovely: blemish free and glossy - looks essentially unplayed. Haven't play-tested yet though.)
    Cover VG+ (some light ring wear, mostly on back, and a bit of wear on the seams, but all intact. Inside gatefold essentially perfect)

    Original inner sleeve is signed by:

    Stu McDade (drums)
    Derek Miller (Keys)
    John Taylor (Bass)
    (these three between them share the songwriting credits on the album)
    And Alan Roadhouse (who it looks like was the vocalist from 1975 - after this album was recorded)

    Any ideas/guidance would be very much appreciated!

    Cheers :)
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    Signatures are worth big money when they're from major stars. The signatures of Messrs. McDade, Miller and Taylor have little or no value per se. It's certainly worth mentioning that your copy has the signed inner – it gives it a certain cachet over other copies – but I suspect that any uplift in price will be pretty minimal.
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    Sorry, I should point out that it's THE Stu McDade... :D

    (Thanks for the reply!)
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