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Help me to get Elton John!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Sgt. Abbey Road, Nov 23, 2021.

  1. There are plenty of other forums.
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  2. kundryishot

    kundryishot Forum Resident

    United Kingdom
    Here and There probably contains much of his best works, the London tracks sans Buckmaster's hideous arrangements are really quite fine
  3. Quakerism

    Quakerism Monk

    Rural Pennsylvania
    I had a few of Elton’s albums. I think Tumbleweed Connection, definitely Madman, and Yellow Brick Road and Honkey Chateau. After that I quickly moved on and never revisited him. I’m not drawn to pop culture icons.

    I went to the Farewell Yellow Brick Road concert in Cleveland in 2018. I was under the impression this was his last concert tour. Who knew there would be a Final Tour that wasn’t so final either?

    If you need help getting Elton John then I’d say go ahead and move on. You won’t miss him. Those of you that enjoy him, and there are a lot….I think that’s cool. He definitely made his mark.
  4. Zhan

    Zhan swimming with the maenads

    That makes about as much sense as saying "there are other theaters" to Patrick Stewart when the Trekkies show up and ruin everything.
  5. Well, judging by your last post that I replied to, you don't seem to be happy on "this ****ing boomer forum".

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