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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by IamJoe, Sep 14, 2021.

  1. IamJoe

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    I recently acquired an OPPO BPD-103 Disc player. I have an Emotiva PT1 Preamplifier en route and I am trying to figure what is the best way to connect the two, Coaxial or Optical? The Oppo will be used for music only (if that matters).
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    Coax, but I would try analogue out of the Oppo too, the dac is probably better than the Emotiva.
  3. IllinoisCheesehead

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    I prefer digital coax. It's a more solid connection. It also has more bandwidth than optical, but whether or not you'd hear an audible difference is debatable.
  4. Oddiofyl

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    Agree coax..... please post your thoughts and experience with the PT1.... I have been looking for a used preamp for my brother.... problem is every time I look on CL or any other classified , something follows me home ! And its not a preamp for him. Bought 3 components in my search for his pre !!!! Anyway I think the PT 1 is the best choice for him. He has all my hand me downs except a preamp. Would love to hear your thoughts.....
  5. tIANcI

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    If you only play Redbook CD, bandwidth is not an issue with either coax or optical. I stand corrected but I believe the coax and optical outputs are up to 192KHz.

    Some believe optical is a good option because there is isolation. At the end of the day it boils down to the implementation.

    Best to try all 3 (coax, optical and analogue). Can’t tell which works best till you have listened to all 3.

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