Hendrix on vinyl - which ones?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by snork, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. snork

    snork New Member Thread Starter

    I'm looking to add some Hendrix to my new vinyl collection. What are the thoughts out there on the newer 180g releases?

    http://store.acousticsounds.com/sea...d=artist &artist=jimi,hendrix &category=all_5
    -for a quick look at a selection of new vinyl.

    If not the new releases, which ones would you direct me to? Hopefully, a version I can find for a reasonable amount...

    Particularly looking at Electric ladyland, with an interest in Blues. I love his version of Catfish Blues.
  2. VinylNutz

    VinylNutz Active Member

    I can highly recommend the Classic Records Hendrix output. They did a great 180/200 gram mono reissue of Axis Bold as Love. The sound is amazing and it comes in it original UK packaging with Track record labels and laminated sleeve. You should be able to get this for $30 or so.

    They also did a great 180/200 gram pressing of Band of Gypsys and two 180/200 gram Hendrix blues double LP compilations, one called Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Jimi Hendrix and the other Jimi Hendrix: Blues. Spring for the cool 180 gram blue vinyl if you can.

    I also have Classics 3 lp set reissue of Hendrix at Woodstock.

    I have the 180 gram Experience Hendrix/MCA reissues and they sound fine and are well packaged with booklets.

    There's a couple of hundred dollars well spent.
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  3. andyinstal

    andyinstal Runner for Others

    Allen, Texas
    I will second the opinion on the mono Axis from Classic. Sounds awesome!
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  4. LesPaul666

    LesPaul666 Mr Markie - The Rock And Roll Snarkie

    New Jersey
    To be honest, I like those Kramer/Marino digitally mastered EH LP's much better than any of the Reprise US pressings, for sure.
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  5. Sckott

    Sckott Hand Tighten Only.

    South Plymouth, Ma
    Not sure if I have what Les has, but there was a reissue run of Polydor Hendrix from the UK during the 90's.... I have all three plus the Classic Records mono Axis.

    I was too lazy to note the catalog numbers before but here they are (apology to whoever PMd me about catalog #s before):

    Are You Experienced (US running order!) Polydor 847234.1
    Bold As Love "" 847243.1
    Electric Ladyland "" 847233.1

    I also had in my posession the corresponding MCA 180grammers. I listened to them 5 times, two of which I had compared the reissue UK pressings, most likely sourced from digital (the MCAs even more likely digital). After close listens, even though the booklets were incredible, they got eBayed to some cat in Germany....

    These UK reissues have beaten just about every pressing I've tried including the Reprise reissues made from Specialty. I've never owned mint original UK Hendrix (I just can't, man!) but these reissues were really a find. Two I got from Red Trumpet, one I got locally.

    Like the Badfinger LP reissues that were found in the UK for a very short time, I've not seen these UK reissues of Hendrix again. Doubt they're very valueable....
  6. AaronW

    AaronW Senior Member

    Los Angeles
    I'll third the 200g Classic Mono Axis! I never suspected Hendrix in mono would sound so good! Now they just need to do AYE...
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  7. VinylNutz

    VinylNutz Active Member

    AYE, I'd like it too!
  8. bluesaddict

    bluesaddict High Tech Welder

    Loveland, Colorado
    New guy here, :wave: just found this site and so far I would give it a 90, its easy to dance to and has a good beat. :righton:

    Now onto the Hendrix. I would start with Axis Bold as Love. This one is still my fav, then I would get Band of Gypsys “Live at the Fillmore East” (3lps). I picked up the reissue a while back and it rocks. Buddy Miles, Billy Cox and Hendrix…… must have been one hell of a night.

    I have the “Hendrix Blues” on CD. I don’t know it its on vinyl or not but this might be another one for your collection.
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  9. Frumaster

    Frumaster New Member

    They have done several tracks from AYE in the Mono singles set. Hey Joe, Purple Haze, Fire immediately come to mind. Maybe a couple others, Wind Cries Mary I think.Comparable sound quality to the mono Axis, although its not on 200g QSV vinyl.
  10. God, please send me a mono Are You Experienced? LP with UK track listing. Or a needledrop...or anything!
  11. Essential Hendrix on vinyl:

    -ABAL - Classic Records - Mono
    -Band of Gypsys - Classic Records - 180Gram
    -Cry of Love - Reprise - RL in deadwax
    -Rainbow Bridge - Reprise - RL in deadwax
    -War Heroes - Reprise - RL in deadwax
    -In the West - Reprise - RL in deadwax
    -Smash Hits - Reprise - Not fantastic sounding throughout but still the best vinyl source for half of these songs.
    -AYE - Track - Mono (Good luck finding a decent copy for a reasonable price)
    -AYE - Reprise - Stereo (with 1 A to G in deadwax)

    Not essential (but sometimes mistaken to be so):
    - Voodoo chile 4LP box - Classic records - Compressed, digital sources.
    - All the MCA vinyls - Same digital sources as CD.
    - Any Polydor or Track pressing of AYE in stereo.
    - Smash hits Mono/Stereo on Track Records or Polydor -Awful dark compressed sound.

    Did anybody ever compare a Reprise ELL to a early Polydor or Track pressing ?
    I have an early reprise but I'm not astounded by its soundquality, though it has to be said that this album never sounded great to begin with.
  12. snork

    snork New Member Thread Starter

    Great info guys thanks. Looks like Axis just made the top of my Hendrix list. I actually bought War Heroes years ago before I even had a turntable, just for the album art. I'll have to see if it's the Reprise pressing suggested. Just as important is what to avoid, and digital sources are of little interest to me so a big thanks on that info too.
  13. audiospirit

    audiospirit Active Member

    Never buy new releases released under "Radioactive" label,they are horrible.

    No-Noise to killing all. I forgot exactly,but I think this vinyls was made somewhere in EU.
  14. OE3

    OE3 Senior Member

    i was not aware this was mastered from digital production masters. may i i ask your source?
  15. Tone

    Tone Senior Member

    I was about to ask the same question.
  16. rd1

    rd1 Forum Resident

    North Ga.
    Voodoo Chile box set

    Voodoo chile 4LP box - Classic records - Compressed, digital sources.

    I don't believe the above is correct, I copied the statement below from Acoustic Sounds web site on this album;

    This deluxe four-LP box set of this great compilation was previously only available as a two-CD set. It includes four studio sides and four live sides along with a 12-page, 12" X 12" color booklet filled with pictures and an essay by Kurt Loder. This issue was compiled from the original analog masters and mastered and cut by Bernie Grundman on Classic's "all tube" stereo cutting system and pressed on 140-gram Red vinyl. These babies are RED HOT and include all the biggest songs – "Purple Haze," "Foxey Lady," "Stone Free" and all the rest.

    Got a copy last year of the 140 gram version, and for colored vinyl (red), it's dead quiet, as are two other Classic Hendrix albums that I have, AYE, Band of Gypsies.

  17. I know about the above claim that the whole thing should be analog.
    But I just don't believe it with this LP box, as it sounds really cold and sterile to me.
    I A/B-ed some of the tracks with real all analog pressings, and the box didn't sound lifelike or warm at all, much like the CD version.
    Besides, most of the mixdown's of the live tracks were recorded on a digital format.

    And regarding the dynamics:

  18. Barry Wom

    Barry Wom New Member

    I was given one of these in VG+ shape, especially after a clean. It was really disappointing, didn't enjoy nearly as much as the stereo. The mix was quite dull with treble rolled off badly, and the pressing wasn't badly warn.

    I'd try to hear a copy before shelling out big bucks.

    Pyschedelia was made for Stereo IMHO

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  19. Barry Wom

    Barry Wom New Member

    and whilst the Family Hendrix LPs are not as good as the Classics, they beat , to my ears at least, most if not all 70's and 80's re-releases.
  20. I know. But to hear the mono mix, this will be the best sounding source.
  21. VinylNutz

    VinylNutz Active Member

    I don't find the Classic mono reissue to have a rolled off treble. I was really impressed with the sound of this one. The source apparently was the original analog master tapes and Eddie Kramer the original engineer was involved in the reissue.
  22. jpbarn

    jpbarn Forum Resident

    Northern NJ
    Only version I've heard is original Track, & it sounds fantastic.
  23. Tone

    Tone Senior Member

    I have a MONO and STEREO Reprise AYE and though the mono is very rare and valuable, I prefer the sound of the STEREO pressing. Very different mixes.
    Vocals are too upfront on the MONO IMO.
  24. mtodde

    mtodde New Member

    Atlanta, GA
    I thought I had missed out on the Classic reissue of Axis: Bold As Love; everyone has it on backorder and Classic's website indicates it won't be available until December. Today I discovered that Mosaic's True Blue Music has it at a very reasonable price (eBay isn't always the best deal!) so I jumped on it...it shipped this afternoon and should be in my greedy little hands later this week. http://www.truebluemusic.com/prodinfo.asp?number=HENDJI03L

    I have a 70's Reprise reissue of Electric Ladyland that sounds spectacular...the soundstaging is enough to give you flashbacks.
  25. MikeyH

    MikeyH Stamper King

    Berkeley, CA
    I have the Track, and some others in mono (Reprise, and 'another country').

    You shouldn't pay big money for the Track without hearing it first. Someone had their compressor dialled to 11, and I'm not sure what sort of tape recorder with mis-aligned heads. My opinion is the same as Tim's. The Reprise is ok, my other country surprise edition is great - showing that the master tape was fine, even when copied. If someone, anyone, can come up with that tape we'll all be very happy. I'll buy a Classic from that tape, even (my sole other Classic is of course, Axis in mono.. which is not a limited edition so far, and just goes unavailable while they run off another few thousand now and again)
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