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Hendrix on vinyl - which ones?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by snork, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. sungshinla

    sungshinla Vinyl and Forum Addict

    Here is what I wrote just now in response to a similar question (it came from an e-mail without our Forum handle, and I am not sure who it was):

    "Unfortunately, that is NOT the late 70's/early 80's German replica of the the UK Track.

    This is one way to find them:

    First of all, front of the gatefold cover does NOT have any company markings at all. No "Reprise" (which indicates US pressings), no "Polydor" (which indicates other foreign pressings and later UK reissues, such as the twofer, etc.) appears on the front cover.

    Secondly, if the label is pictured, it looks identical to the original circa 1967 UK Track label (i.e., black label with silver print, with Track Record inside a large box up at the top, with Polydor Records Ltd. written immediately below the box, the cat. no. 613-003A at the left, and Made in Gr. Britain at the bottom along with other all rights reserved language), EXCEPT it also has "POLYDOR INT. GmbH" in small righting at the right side of the label and it is missing the typical triangle at the right side of the label.

    Thirdly, the vinyl is noticeably thinner than the typical approximately 180 gram Track vinyl of the period.

    Fourthly, it is missing the lyric sheet but rather comes in a paper sleeve typical of Polydor of the late 70's/early 80's with a date code at the bottom right of the inner sleeve (e.g., "N 45/81" for circa 1981).

    Good luck to you!


    If the e-mail was from you, I apologize but the information is no secret and I think everyone here will benefit from it so that we won't get ripped off bidding on a replica reissue. Also, please include your Forum handle in your e-mail inquiries. There are just too many Johns, Toms, Scotts and Sungs in the world. All right, the Sung thing is a poor attempt at a joke. :D
  2. sungshinla

    sungshinla Vinyl and Forum Addict

    Thanks! I really appreciate it. :wave:
  3. Shakey

    Shakey New Member

    Chicago, Illinois
    I have both, a German (maybe Swedish, have to look tonight) Polydor (the one with the naked women) and domestic ELL, If I remember correctly the
    Polydor is better.

    Bought them all while in print so I don't know what they cost nowadays.
  4. john lennonist

    john lennonist There ONCE was a NOTE, PURE and EASY...

    Nope, email wasn't from me...

    I, like the other poster above, am glad that you hijacked the thread! :righton:
  5. Anyone familiar with the 4 LP Barclay Box Set? I have one on the way. It's supposed to have AYE (mono), ABAL, and ELL.
  6. seed_drill

    seed_drill Senior Member

    Tryon, NC, USA
    I've got the late 70s UK AYE mono Track reissue with the generic brown cover. Was this made from the original mono tapes, or is it a fold down?
  7. sungshinla

    sungshinla Vinyl and Forum Addict

    I have never heard of that one before.

    I know Polydor reissued AYE in STEREO and AXIS in STEREO with the UK black TRACK label replica in the late 70's/early 80's with an inner sleeve indicating that at least the inner sleeve was manufactured in West Germany, but I am not aware of them doing a Mono version of AYE in the same series.

    I think what you have there is a "Back Track" reissue (as opposed to "Track" replica), which do not sound as good as the originals. Mike Fremer seems to like them, but I am not very impressed with them. Check the dead wax. If I remember correctly (my copies are in somewhere in large piles of records), the cat. no. on the dead wax is not 618 001 or whatever the original UK Track cat. no. was.
  8. Fatman

    Fatman Senior Member

    Salt Lake City
    The e-mail was from me. I must have hit the send e-mail rather than the send message button. Sorry for the confusion.

    Anyway, because I hit the Buy-it-now button before receiving your reply, I will soon be the proud owner of the wrong German ABAL. Any idea how this "other" German Polydor will sound?
  9. sungshinla

    sungshinla Vinyl and Forum Addict

    Hello Anthony,

    Now I can put your name with your handle. Nice to meet ya! :wave:
  10. johnny33

    johnny33 New Member

    I have a german Hendrix vinyl boxset. Has a pic of him on the front with big bold lettering of his name and the box is mostly white. Seems I recall it sounding very good.

    Anyone familiar with what I am talking about?
  11. dj2hynes

    dj2hynes New Member

    i think i know what you're talking about but the ones i've seen are well out of my price range.
  12. Tone

    Tone Forum Resident

    Do any of the "Electric Ladyland" Nude cover re-issue albums sound 'bad'?
    Better than the US Reprise originals?
    (I know none of them Look bad :) )
  13. Marvin

    Marvin Forum Resident

    Is anyone familiar with a 1997 Polydor British 2-fer with AYE and Axis (#2383-031)? Does it use the UK or US tracklisting for AYE? How do these sound compared to the '97 CD versions?
  14. Vinylsoul 1965

    Vinylsoul 1965 Forum Resident

    Well, here I go to add ANOTHER question to the pile: I have a Canadian pressing of ELECTRIC LADYLAND (my fave Hendrix album) that has the matrix numbers 30799-1A through to 30802-1A (and the album is pressed disc one:1-4, disc two: 2-3). Clearly the matrix numbers suggest that these are the first stampers created for each side (even though I picked it up in 1977/78) and are different than the US release, but I am wondering what tape was used to master this version? My only guess can be that it is a copy of the UK master - does anyone know for sure?

    I do love the sound of this copy, but I have never heard a uk pressing of this album (my mother would have killed me if I brought home that album cover! lol!). Are the Canadian Reprise pressing equal in quality to the US counterparts?
  15. Cassius

    Cassius On The Beach

    Lafayette, Co
    I will add one more question:
    Has anyone heard the mid to later 70s Red Polydor of Electric Ladyland?
    I am curious how it stacks up against the original track. or the Swedish German releases.

    The date is a guess based on a4/b5ish stampers and a glossy gatefold of the original cover art.

  16. Tullman

    Tullman Senior Member

    Boston MA
    Especially, Electric Lady Land. That one sounds real good.
  17. goldwax

    goldwax Forum Resident

    Is the 2-LP AYE on MCA still in print? Is it worth getting? What's on disc 2?
  18. MikeyH

    MikeyH Stamper King

    Berkeley, CA
    Not in print. Remember there was a limited issue (numbered) and a regular MCA. AFAIK these are identical except for the number sticker. The second disc is the tracks from the UK release and some singles, IIRC 5or 6 tracks in all. Same as the EH CD.
  19. goldwax

    goldwax Forum Resident

    Thanks. Sorry to be such a lunk, but how does the EH CD sound, then? I've got a line on a sealed numbered 2-LP version for $20, and am wondering if it's worth taking the plunge or not.
  20. goldwax

    goldwax Forum Resident

    Bueller? ... Bueller?
  21. LFSDoc

    LFSDoc time has told me not to ask for more

    Genova, Italy
    I'll revive this thread, only because I have exactly the same question as Vinylsoul 1965... I've bought a NM copy of this Canadian pressing, and was wondering the source of it, or how it compares with other versions...
    thanks in advance
  22. rinso white

    rinso white Pale Fire

    I'll revive this again, as I just picked up a German Polydor copy. I have no idea when this is from, but it's Polydor 2612 002 with red labels. It has the thin, glossy cover with the US back on the front and vice versa. Anyone know when this is from? How it sounds? I'm going to hold off on listening until I can clean it this weekend.

    Thanks for any info!
  23. For The Love

    For The Love Active Member

    Richmond, VA
    I picked up a UK Are You Experienced that was a Back Track release on the Track label.

    Album was advertised as mono, but it is stereo, even though the label says mono, but this is an awesome sounding album and the vinyl is dead quiet.

    The cover is plain brown with no photos of Jimi or the band.

    If you can find one definitely worth picking up.

    Here's one on ebay:
  24. Key

    Key New Member

    , USA
    Well of what I have I will rate it.

    I like the JPN 200gram Axis: Bold as Love over the MCA 180 grams remaster. People on here say both are digital but I really can't tell if the JPN is. All I know is it sounds better and is more dynamic than the MCA.

    Electric Ladyland it's sort of a tossup between my Polydor and the MCA. I have that weird onethat is made for automatic turntables - with mismatched sides A/D (?) B/C (?). I think it's West German. I guess it's supposed to be so you can play it without interuption but it seems like the side placement is wrong. Like shouldn't it be A/C B/D so you can use two turntables? Anyway the Polydor sounds more dynamic but lacks bass.

    I don't have the most informed opinion on AYE. I really think we should get together and try to restore the mono version from the best vinyl sources we can find because if someone doesn't do it soon I fear it will never get done. Are there any reissues with a better frequency response than the original pressing? That japanses one that says "Jimi Hendrix" in green letters? Because I have to say that the mastering engineer killed the bass on that one.

    Band of Gypsys - Classic 200gram
  25. doubleaapn

    doubleaapn Forum Resident

    Trophy Club, TX
    Not an LP but I recommend chasing down the Polydor 7" "Hey Joe/Stone Free". Both tunes sound great but the true-mono "Stone Free" is a revelation and smokes any of the CD versions i've ever heard by a long shot.

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