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Hendrix on vinyl - which ones?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by snork, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. howlinrock

    howlinrock Forum Resident In Memoriam

    SF Bay Area
    Thanks for your correction. That's what LP importer's in the states were led to believe (or made us believe) due to the controversey of the nude.

    I do remember seeing Wheels Of Fire seperate as well.
  2. Chanty Stovall

    Chanty Stovall Forum Resident

    Lincoln, NE
    I checked my Electric Ladyland UK Track single versions last night and part 2 is the A2/B2 pressing, while part 1 is an A1/B3 press. I really like these - the laminated covers, the cool photo of Jimi, and of course, the music. The package as a whole is simply awesome.
  3. owsley

    owsley Senior Member

    Thanks Professor for the sample. Sorry I missed your other thread on AYE comparisons. The Barclay AYE I referenced is apparently different from the lp you scaned and sampled. The AYE I have on tape is from the French Barclay 4 lp box set (featuring the first three Experience lp's) from the 70's. I just played the mono mix of the title track and it absolutely positively ends with the reprised coda note. It fades back in with a bit of echo which makes it different from the stereo mix. It is definetely the mono mix with louder piano and not a fold-down. The AYE lp you scanned in your other thread is, like my lp, a later issue. So we apparently both have different reissues of the Barclay AYE. The French lp you sampled is definetely has more high end than the UK Track but not as much bottom. The pressing I have (on tape) is not as bright but has comparable bass to the UK but is a very quiet pressing. I will ping my friend who hopefully still has the box set and get the matrix numbers for comparison.
  4. back2vinyl

    back2vinyl Forum Resident

    London, UK

    What I'm not so sure about is whether the double Electric Ladyland LP pressings and the single Electric Ladyland LP pressings were the same or different. From what you say, they were different, even though they were done at the same time.
  5. Cassius

    Cassius On The Beach

    Lafayette, Co
    The early ones should sound identicle, if it is -1 on the Black Track label.
    I have a very different experience than the previous poster in reagrds to the quietness of the early 70s Red Polydor, with the original Track vinyl quieter and sonically way better. I still believe the early upside down numbered copies to be the most musical and best sounding, it is so smooth, and is the closest I have ever gotten to the music.
  6. Todber

    Todber Active Member

    Hampshire UK
    Anyone know anything about this lp of pre Experience Hendrix recordings on the German Bellaphon label.


  7. prof. stoned

    prof. stoned Forum Member

    That's very interesting, Owsley.
    I didn't know about that box but I'm guessing the records in there are the same pressings as the Barclay aye/axis twofer and ELL reissues with different -very cool- sleeves (from the mid/late 70s)...?
    I wouldn't know the deadwax numbers of these records but I do know that the original 1967 barclay is an entirely different cut than my 70/71 copy.

    If possible, I would like to hear a sample of the alt. aye mix. :)

  8. ernie11

    ernie11 Forum Resident

    This 45 is not in great playable shape, but just posting a scan the label here brings back memories...I miss Hendrix.

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  9. sungshinla

    sungshinla Vinyl and Forum Addict

    I guess I am gonna get yelled at for this but --

    The double LP original pressing sounds a bit better (fresher) than the two single LP pressings, EVEN IF THE DEAD WAX MATRICES end the same (e.g., A/1 vs. A/1, or whatever).

    Also, I guess it was another thread where the thread starter kindly posted digital clips of the UK original of AYE and French Barclay pressing of AYE. I would guess that the French Barclay posted there sounds similar to the Japanese Mono pressing based on the "color" of the sound (i.e., jacked up high end and limited bass extension). Even on my crappy computer speakers, I preferred the UK original. Just my two bits.
  10. prof. stoned

    prof. stoned Forum Member

    The Japanese Polydor uses the same UK masters but it has been re-EQ'd a bit,
    unlike the Barclay I used which comes from a different tape.
    As the Japanese Lp demonstrates, you possibly couldn't get the same brilliance in the cymbals and voice by boosting the high-end on the UK track (masters).
    Not to argue with your preference in sound but it is the UK Track that was overly processed, not the Barclay tape.
  11. LFSDoc

    LFSDoc time has told me not to ask for more

    Genova, Italy
    I've recently purchased a mono Track "Smash Hits" (matrix A2/B2), and "Stone Free" sounds great! I must say I like the sound of most tracks, except "STP with LSD", which to these ears sounds like a folddown of the fake stereo mix... is it me?
  12. prof. stoned

    prof. stoned Forum Member

    Believe me, that track can sound a lot better than it does there.
    Like the Track mono of the Who's Direct hits, the whole mono SH's is a folddown of the fake stereo. Avoid.
  13. LFSDoc

    LFSDoc time has told me not to ask for more

    Genova, Italy
    I'm pretty sure the ones from AYE are the original mono mixes... Some of the others sound a bit anemic, but Stone Free is quite punchy.
  14. Bruce Burgess

    Bruce Burgess Forum Resident

    Hamilton, Canada
    Does anyone have "First Rays Of The Rising Sun" on vinyl? I have the CD, but wonder if the LP is a significant improvement.
  15. TommyTunes

    TommyTunes Senior Member

    No a significant improvement. It was cut from the digital tapes.
  16. back2vinyl

    back2vinyl Forum Resident

    London, UK
    Yes, I have it, but I don't have the CD so I can't say how much better it is. All I can say is I have the original Cry of Love on Track and Rainbow Bridge on Reprise but I find myself playing First Rays all the time. I don't like all the Experience Hendrix vinyl releases - I especially dislike Electric Ladyland for its overblown bass - but I find First Rays a very enjoyable listen indeed.

    TommyTunes of course is right, it's cut from the same digital tapes as the CD so it can't be THAT different. However I do remember seeing some chat on this forum in the past suggesting the LP was better. Might be worth a search.
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  17. gd0

    gd0 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies

    Golden Gate
    I've recently spotted new vinyl issues of ELL in the bins... there is a Polydor logo printed on the front cover (naked ladies version), but no other indication of source, no Back To Black sticker, etc... they're priced as a major release, $37.

    B2B's website shows they're planning to release this, but what I saw has no ID.

    Anybody know anything?... bogus?
  18. back2vinyl

    back2vinyl Forum Resident

    London, UK
    I've seen these on eBay a lot - they're yellow vinyl, yes? - and as far as I know they're unauthorised. Apart from anything else my understanding is Experience Hendrix long ago ruled that the naked ladies cover, which Jimi never agreed to, was never to be used again.

    I believe Back to Black did plan to reissue Electric Ladyland but the series ended without this ever happening. It's probably no loss- they would have no doubt simply reissued the 1997 Experience Hendrix version which as I said above, is awful in my opinion. You'd be much better off picking up a mintish Polydor or Reprise.
  19. gd0

    gd0 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies

    Golden Gate
    Dunno, I can't throw US$37 at it to check the color.

    I suppose B2B would have labeled their presence all over this thing if it was legit... but they do currently show it on their website, unless they seldom update it.

    Like you say, no biggie... my early 70s (I think) Reprise is fine.
  20. jmk81

    jmk81 New Member

    Looks like Electric Ladyland is being released in the Back To Black series with the UK release date today.


    I'd love to hear an opinion about the sound quality on this release.
  21. back2vinyl

    back2vinyl Forum Resident

    London, UK
    Yes, as I've said on the Universal Back to Black thread, it seems I was misinformed and Back to Black is reissuing Electric Ladyland after all. (Beware of the bootlegs that are also in circulation - the bootleg has the UK naked ladies cover and the B2B will no doubt have the conventional US cover). I guess it will just be a reissue of the 1997 Experience Hendrix MCA but it will be interesting to see.
  22. Barry Wom

    Barry Wom New Member

    I was just updating my excel catalogue and was up to H, so here's my Hendrix vinyl as of today

    Are you Experienced - Experience H. - Ltd# 4246
    Are you Experienced - Backtrack UK mono
    Axis:Bold as Love - Classics Mono
    Axis:Bold as Love - Experience H
    Band of Gypsies - Experience H
    BBC Sessions - Experience H
    Blues - Classics
    Electric Ladyland - Experience H
    Experience Part Two - Get Back
    Live at Monterey - Experience H - Ltd #2932
    Live at the Fillmore East - Experience H
    Live at the Isle of Wight - Blue Wild Angel - Experience H
    Rainbow Bridge - Reprise
    South Saturn Delta - Experience H

    could be better, but reasonable happy, need to get a good Smash Hits
  23. back2vinyl

    back2vinyl Forum Resident

    London, UK
    Good start but a little but heavy on the Experience H perhaps? In your shoes I'd have the Classic Records Band of Gypsys 200 gram (just re-pressed and PERFECT) on my shopping list and a mintish 1970s Electric Ladyland to get a bit closer to the Track without breaking the bank. I like the Experience H Are You Experienced, though. Have you got the UK one or the US one? I've got the UK one and it's one of my favourite LPs, only very slightly spoiled by the stereo, and only on some tracks.
  24. prof. stoned

    prof. stoned Forum Member

    The ideal Hendrix vinyl list (I have nearly all the 33's) I'm strifing for would be:


    AYE (ST) = EH US config (Yes, shoot me. The US Reprise vinyl doesn't sound this good. The Tracks/Polydor LP's with all the stereo/fake stereo/mono issues are below par).
    AYE (MO) = Barclay 1971 w/ Jimi live sleeve.
    ABAL (ST) = EH/B2B ??? (I haven't heard it yet but should this not be as good as I think it is then a late 70's Reprise gets the vote)
    ABAL (MO) = EH/Classic 200gr
    ELL = Reprise (early 70's with 1G matrices in deadwax)
    Smash Hits (ST) = US Reprise, I guess, but only due to lack of a better sounding release.
    Smash Hits (MO) = Forget about it... Instead: Greatest Hits Vol. 3 - Barclay
    BOG = EH/Classic 200gr
    Cry of Love = Reprise RL cut.
    Rainbow Bridge = Reprise RL cut.
    Isle of Wight = Polydor UK w/ -1 stampers
    In the West = Reprise RL cut.
    War Heroes = Reprise RL cut.
    Loose Ends = Polydor UK with -1 stampers
    Concerts = UK CBS
    Voodoo Chile box = EH/Classic 200gr (not spectacularly better than the CD but you need this for the awesome 2 live albums).


    -Hey Joe/Stone free (both the orig. UK for SF and the EH single Collection 2 for HJ)
    -Purple Haze/51th Anniversary (the EH single Collection 2)
    -Mary/ Highway Chile (the EH single Collection 2)
    -Burning of the midnight lamp / Stars (the EH single Collection 2 for lamp and Barclay single for Stars)
    -Stepping Stone/Izabella (orig US, withdrawn)
    -Gloria (one sided 7" 1978, UK)
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  25. Key

    Key New Member

    , USA
    Maybe that new Axis (st) is better. I relistened and that Japan Axis does have the usual high end boost in the EQ.
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