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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by frimleygreener, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. frimleygreener

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    united kingdom
    I know claimed benefits are controversial..but if you were "gifted" one, would you connect it to your amplifier,or to your turntable power supply(Rega Brio/Rega Neo ttpsu respectfully)?
  2. displayname

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    I'd start with the amp, but once you have it at home, why not try it with each for awhile. See what works best for your system.
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  3. Buisfan

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    High voltage power cables draw very little current, ANY POWERCABLE WILL DO.
    There are no high end powercables, if labeled as such they are are the ultimate snake oil.
    Better spend your money on a spare stylus.
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  4. displayname

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    This was not the OPs question. You might have more relevance in this discussion where you’d at least be on topic. Power Cables... Do they really matter?
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  5. Pastafarian

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    My power supply, from experience, although it's not in the price range of High End.
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  6. F1nut

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    Your power amp.
  7. vwestlife

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    I'd sell it and spend the money on something that actually does have a provable audible benefit.
  8. Ezd

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    Try both and share your observations.
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  9. zonto

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    If you use a power distributor / conditioner I’d start there. Then the amp.
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  10. chipcalzada

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    Definitely try and plug it into your amp first, but agree with what's been said there's no harm in trying it also into the turntable PS. What I've learned with power cords is that there are no fixed set of rules and each component will react differently to each power cord. In my system my favorite cord is plugged into my integrated amp, 2nd favorite is plugged from the wall outlet to the power conditioner, the rest is just a mix (phono stage, turntable & sub) which is where I heard the least amount of audible benefit when trying different cords. Good luck!
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  11. mkane

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    I can't tell a difference and I've had a few but, I'm kinda old.
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  12. JNTEX

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    Try it everywhere, it depends on the cord. Some work better with certain components. Some are worth less than what you paid for that one.
  13. Dave

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    Owning Audio Xtreme Statement power and Xtreme Plus power cords by PS Audio along with the Black Sand Silver Reference Mark V power cord and the model below called The Statement so I a fairly good idea regarding this. Try the cord on all pieces. When I did it was very apparent that the Black Sand cords were considerably better than the PS Audio cords.

    I tried the Black Sand cords between the line conditioner, the wall outlets, the power amp and the SACDP. It turned out that The Silver Reference sounds best between the line conditioner and the power amp and The Statement sounds best between the wall and the line conditioner. Reversed they both weren't as good and connected to my SACDP they both didn't do as well as the stock Sony cord. Synergy plays an important role with each and every power cord I've tried. YMMV.
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