Homo Erraticus – The New Studio Album from Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson To be released in April 2014

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by tootull, Nov 23, 2013.

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  1. tootull

    tootull All elements agree Thread Starter

    After the last two TAAB shows (for all time?) in the Czech Republic, sniffle sniffle, we head home to celebrate two years of great concerts around the world. Thanks to you, dear reader and devoted punter, it has been a rewarding, if challenging time for us all.


    To be able to perform so much new and conceptual old work together is a gift not many bands would have bestowed upon them. Old lags like me are supposed to fade away with the occasional revival or best-of tour in comfortable, familiar places. But out with a bang, I say. No comfort zone repetition and cozy ride into the final sunset. Turn up the wick. Burn a little brighter. Take on the impossible and take a trip. A wild river raft ride down the canyons of the Far Side.

    And so to a new album and new tours scheduled for next year. Homo Erraticus – for that is the title of the next epic voyage into the Progressive Rock pantheon of strangeness – will begin rehearsals and recording next week. After, that is, Monday’s rush or three to the lavvy-loo following the ingestion of that foul liquid feast which is the prep for the colonoscopy I must endure every couple of years. Clean out the passages. Leave all in a state of pink and spotless readiness to welcome the investigative foray of the curious one-eyed burrowing camera-worm. And you thought the on-stage prostate exam was bad enough? I really must try to get the recorded video this time as the camera snakes its way into the far recesses of my……mind.

    But back to Homo Erraticus. Written earlier this year, commencing 09.00 hours on January first, it chronicles the weird imaginings of one Ernest T Parritt, as recaptured by the now middle-aged Gerald Bostock after a trip to Mathew Bunter’s Old Library Bookshop in Linwell village. Bostock and Bunter (sounds like a firm of dodgy solicitors) came across this dusty, unpublished manuscript, written by local amateur historian Ernest T. Parritt, (1873 -1928), and entitled “Homo Britanicus Erraticus”.

    The illustrated document summarises key historical elements of early civilisation in Britain and seems to prophesy future scenarios too. Two years before his death, Parritt had a traumatic fall from his horse while out hunting with the Vale Of Clutterbury Hounds and awoke with the overwhelming conviction of having enjoyed past lives as historical characters: a pre-history nomadic neolithic settler, an Iron Age blacksmith, a Saxon invader, a Christian monk, a Seventeenth Century grammar school boy, turnpike innkeeper, one of Brunel’s railroad engineers, and even Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria. This befuddled, delusional obsession extends to his prophecy of future events and his fantasy imaginings of lives yet to come….

    Bostock has returned once again to lyric writing, basing his new effort on the Parritt papers and I have had the fun and frolics of setting all to music of Folk-Rock-Metal stylings.

    But you can call it Prog.

    The concerts next year kick off with the 22-date UK tour (details in the Tours pages of this website) and move on to various concerts in Europe through the Summer before we embark on the two scheduled US tours in September/October/November. After that – maybe Australia, New Zealand, who knows. And then on into 2015 with a bunch more, perhaps Latin America, India and beyond?

    The new album will be played in its entirety in the first half of the show and after the intermission, we launch into a collection of Tull classics from my personal favourite songs. All illustrated and complemented by video and on-stage embellishments from my increasingly theatrically-motivated troupe of musical thespians. OK – that’s exaggerating a little but they will bring a tear to the eye, a tightening to the heart and a queue for the loo as they utter brave soliloquies, bathed in the spotlight of the gods. I gave them the lines from the emerging “Show Bible” last week and they haven’t spoken to me since. Obviously too busy trying them out in the shower and seeking the approval of the family dog. (Yes – I know it’s odd that they shower with the dog but they are all quite pet-friendly, as musicians go.)

    The “Show Bible” is my name for the lengthy document which has the timeline and detailed description of all stage choreography, lighting cues, sound and effects cues and video links. This is only in its early stages, of course, as we haven’t rehearsed anything quite yet, but the whole point of doing it is to build the rehearsal and recording process together with the live stage show as a coherent whole.

    While Bostock enjoys a well-earned vacation out of the country, we can feel free, during the next three weeks, to edit, change and otherwise abuse his lyrical efforts as necessary. Things have to “sing” well. They might look pretty on the page but they have to work as sung, performed lyrics. Not merely to read well as paltry poetry. Album to be released around the second week of April.

    So – off to work we go in the studio. Wish us luck, dear readers and may the bringers of good fate and fortune smile on you too. But first – how about a quick Lamb Vindaloo after the Great Emptying to come on Monday? Thought not….
  2. calgary669

    calgary669 Forum Resident

    Calgary, Canada
    I need to take that appointment too....
  3. GodShifter

    GodShifter Low Key Faded Bro®

    Dallas, TX, USA
    Hmm .. if the album is as long & exhausting as that introductory essay, oh brother!
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  4. DonnyMe

    DonnyMe Forum Resident

    NW Indiana
    Thanks tootull for the heads up! I will be looking forward to this release as I thoroughly enjoyed TAAB2 and the tour that followed as well. This and BSS's 40th will make April a great month for me.
    I also enjoyed Ian's word play describing his anal-antics! He's quite a pip!
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  5. dreambear

    dreambear Forum Resident

    Kalix, Sweden
    After the last album, I have high expectations of this one. Ready to buy!!!!
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  6. tootull

    tootull All elements agree Thread Starter

    I hate the word punter.

    bump for a new day after all
  7. tootull

    tootull All elements agree Thread Starter

    New week! New bump!
    For those that just dropped in to see what condition their condition was in...

  8. Sounds cool....I might bite.
  9. dead of night

    dead of night Forum Resident

    Northern Va, usa
    Did Anderson say he had an, "onstage prostate exam"? Well, at least he's getting a checkup. That's healthy, right?
  10. Lord Hawthorne

    Lord Hawthorne Currently Untitled

    Portland, Oregon
    Depends whether he used a flute or not.
  11. jon9091

    jon9091 Master Of Reality

    And got a new singer.
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  12. Holy Diver

    Holy Diver Forum Resident

    The title sounds strangely familiar.
  13. Tristero

    Tristero Touching from a distance

    Steven Colbert recently beat him to it.
  14. tootull

    tootull All elements agree Thread Starter

  15. toddbooster

    toddbooster Forum Resident

    "From the keeeyyyboaaarrd world!" Awesome. Well, that's good news.
  16. padreken

    padreken Forum Resident

    San Diego
    Ian does these PSA's urging men to get annual prostate exams as part of the TAAB 2 tour shows (we saw it in Las Vegas). It was both comical and touching (they projected pictures of artists like Dan Foegelberg and Frank Zappa who have succumbed to prostate cancer).
  17. dreambear

    dreambear Forum Resident

    Kalix, Sweden
    Here´s the cover! Looks nice!!! [​IMG]
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  18. rstamberg

    rstamberg Senior Member

    Riverside, CT
    I'm in, of course.
    Love the cover, BTW.
  19. mmars982

    mmars982 Forum Resident

    Pittsburgh, PA
    So this won't be billed as "Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson"?

    Definitely interested. Loved TAAB2.
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  20. JAG

    JAG Forum Professor with Tenure

    Northeast USA
    well at least he is showing martin some respect not using the name jethro Tull anywhere....I still cringe thinking of him singing tull songs live anymore or worse even having someone else sing them
  21. dreambear

    dreambear Forum Resident

    Kalix, Sweden
  22. tootull

    tootull All elements agree Thread Starter

    The new album from Jethro Tull frontman to be released on Calliandra Records in conjunction with Kscope on April 14th
    In 2012 Ian Anderson released Thick As A Brick 2, the follow-up to Jethro Tull’s legendary concept album. The album was a critical and commercial success, charting around the world. In April he returns with Homo Erraticus, his new studio album.

    The original Thick As A Brick album, released in 1972, was based around the poem of disgraced child prodigy Gerald Bostock. For Homo Erraticus Anderson is reunited with Bostock, using lyrics written by Gerald based on an old historical manuscript. The manuscript examines key events from throughout British history before going on to offer a number of prophecies for the future.

    Suitably dramatised and exaggerated by Bostock as metaphors for modern life, he presented Anderson with ideas for 14 songs, which have now been set to music. The result is Homo Erraticus.

    The album will be released on Anderson’s own Calliandra Records label in conjunction with Kscope on April 14th.

    Following the release of this “Jethro Tull” (in all but name) album, Ian and his band will be embarking on an extensive UK tour, where they will play the album in its entirety followed by a selection of Tull classics. These shows will be followed by further tours in Europe, America and more later in the year.

    1 Doggerland
    2 Heavy Metals
    3 Enter The Uninvited
    4 Puer Ferox Adventus
    5 Meliora Sequamur
    6 The Turnpike Inn
    7 The Engineer
    8 The Pax Britannica

    9 Tripudium Ad Bellum
    10 After These Wars
    11 New Blood, Old Veins

    12 In For A Pound
    13 The Browning of the Green
    14 Per Errationes Ad Astra
    15 Cold Dead Reckoning
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  23. tootull

    tootull All elements agree Thread Starter

    Ian Anderson's forthcoming studio album 'Homo Erraticus' can now be pre-ordered from the Kscope store on a variety of formats.

    A limited edition deluxe 4 disc set (2CD + 2DVD-V) presented in a 60 page hardback book, including 'The Making of Homo Erraticus' on DVD, a bonus audio CD (featuring original hotel demos), and a 5.1 surround mix of the album on DVD - http://smarturl.it/HomoErraticus-Deluxe

    A limited 2 disc digibook edition (CD/DVD-V), including a 5.1 surround mix of the album on DVD and a 24 page booklet - http://smarturl.it/HomoErraticus-CDDVDV

    A double vinyl edition of the album pressed on heavyweight (180g) vinyl with a screen printed fourth side. Packaged in a gatefold sleeve with an 8 page booklet - http://smarturl.it/HomoErraticus-Vinyl

    'Homo Erraticus' will be released on 14th April 2014. The album release will be followed by an extensive UK tour, where 'Homo Erraticus' will be performed in its entirety followed by a selection of Jethro Tull classics updated with video and theatrics.

    Tickets – http://jethrotull.com/tour-dates/
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  24. dreambear

    dreambear Forum Resident

    Kalix, Sweden
    And here we have the first album teaser: :goodie:
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  25. dreambear

    dreambear Forum Resident

    Kalix, Sweden
    So what do you guys think of the little piece of music? It sounds very promising!!!
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