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  1. lowendmidfi

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    I'll be in Hong Kong next week. I'd like to purchase cantonese pop music from the 70's for my mom. Is there a store that's got a good selection, either used or new? I don't speak cantonese so I'll have to rely on the store employee for artist recommendations. I don't want to ask my mom which artists she likes because I want to surprise her.

    I would like to look for CDs for myself as well. I'm all over the place musically, but I do love modern indie rock and 80's new wave/alternative i.e. Depeche Mode, New Order and Duran Duran.

  2. Harvey Rickenbacker

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    There's a HMV store on Nathan Road TST that had a decent range of indie rock etc. when I was in there a year ago. Not so sure re cantonese pop (I wasn't looking). They also had a fair bit of vinyl (new and used) but I found it hideously expensive. Everything is expensive in Hong Kong.
  3. lowendmidfi

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    I was actually having dinner in this shopping center where HMV is located By the time I was done it was too late to shop. I'll come back to have a look. I've bought CDs from this store the last time I was in HK years ago.

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