‘House of Cards’ Resumes Production, With Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Veech, Feb 1, 2018.

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  1. Veech

    Veech Space In Sounds Thread Starter

    Los Angeles, CA
  2. GentleSenator

    GentleSenator what if

    Portland, OR
    good thing i'd had enough after the incomprehensible last season.
  3. Veech

    Veech Space In Sounds Thread Starter

    Los Angeles, CA
    It seems to have run it's course but I'll still check it out. How odd that they showed Claire finally breaking the fourth wall towards the end of season 5.
  4. alanb

    alanb Forum Resident

    Yep - it jumped the shark or whatever you yanks say......

    interestingly from the linked article - amid allegations.....

    Crazy world we live in.
  5. Ghostworld

    Ghostworld Forum Resident

    Why bother? That’s like keeping the x-files going after Mulder left.
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  6. ohnothimagen

    ohnothimagen I don't suffer fools or trolls gladly...

    IMO I don't think the cast changes or the fact that it will be the final season of the show will make much difference at this point...I'd imagine the Spacey disclosures have tainted the series a bit too much. I won't be watching...
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  7. Splungeworthy

    Splungeworthy Forum Rezidentura

    So I'm just going to take a different tack here and say I was and still am a fan of the show, and the fact that they've added two actors who I admire greatly just increases my anticipation for its return. It only had one season left in it anyway, and Claire has been the focus just as much as Frank. I fully recognize the other-worldlyness of the Washington D.C. the show portrays, and I'm OK with it-it's just a high class soap opera.
  8. dprokopy

    dprokopy Forum Resident

    Near Seattle, WA
    The show has been leading up to Claire taking the reigns pretty much from the beginning. I suspect the series would have ended with Frank dying anyway (probably of a heart attack, an idea they've been hinting at for the past few seasons), so all they're really doing is moving that event up to the beginning of the season (really, what other way is there to dispense of the Frank character without Spacey participating?), and what we'll see is the aftermath of that.
  9. Tanx

    Tanx Forum Resident

    Washington, DC
    I have a few episodes of season 5 left, and I still enjoy it a lot. Hard to say whether I'll watch it without Spacey, whom I've always thought is just brilliant. But Robin Wright has done amazing things with her character as well.

    I don't know if anyone else is still in season 5, but weirdly, the writing will make it incredibly easy to get rid of Frank.
  10. Frozensoda

    Frozensoda Forum Resident

    I’m in!
  11. The Hud

    The Hud No More Mr. Nice Guy

    Is Robin Wright still with the show?
  12. Deesky

    Deesky Forum Resident

    She is the show, in its last season.
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  13. realkilroy

    realkilroy Forum Resident

    Oslo, Norway
    I would prefer a sort of "Better call Doug".
  14. Joel Cairo

    Joel Cairo Video Gort Staff

    Portland, Oregon
    Anyone seen the two recent trailers?

    The latest is really cold... I'm surprised it doesn't end with her pulling a Frank move, and p***ing on **his** grave!

    Then again, this might be the short version... :)

    - Kevin
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  15. MYKE

    MYKE Analog Upstairs, Digital Downstairs

    Just did, after hunting them down to IMDB. Looks like it'll be another good season.

    As far as cold, not in my opinion, been around people like that my entire life, and I have no problem with that. The opposite of an overly-sensitive weakling.
  16. pscreed

    pscreed Somebody set up us the bomb

    It was all a dream...
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  17. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR!

    Hollywood, USA
    Reportedly, the show survived another season mainly because Robin Wright went to Netflix and the producers and convinced them that there was a way to keep going after Kevin Spacey's departure, and she says she did it in order to keep the hundreds of jobs of the people who work on the show.

    Robin Wright reveals House of Cards was 'very close to being axed' | Daily Mail Online
  18. I’ll give it a shot without Spacey. Robin Wright has been terrific.
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  19. George Co-Stanza

    George Co-Stanza Forum Resident

    I had kind of lost interest in the show, but I will definitely tune in to see how the show handles Frank's departure.
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  20. ggg71

    ggg71 Forum Resident

    Boston, MA
    Meh. Last couple of seasons were mediocre at best. Pass.
  21. ShockControl

    ShockControl Forum Resident

    Now that Kevin Spacey has made a comeback with a film that grossed $126 on opening night, I'm guessing the producers are regretting their decision.
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  22. Vahan

    Vahan Forum Resident

    Glendale, CA, USA
    Spacey hadn't really been a huge box office draw in awhile. He had become a TV show actor, something Hollywood frowned upon.

    I do not think his latest film would have been a huge box office smash, regardless of whether or not the scandal broke and he became dirt.
  23. townsend

    townsend Forum Resident

    Montrose, CO
    BTW, Diane Lane is incredibly beautiful. Hope the best for the series.
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  24. el supernautico

    el supernautico formerly known as "supernautic"

    Is it great news? No matter how bad Kevin Spacey's image is by now (and it is certainly rightfully so), I always admired his work. IMHO, one of the best actors ever. It's a shame...
    We will see how "House Of Cards" works without one of its central figures, and I will watch it most definitely!
  25. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR!

    Hollywood, USA
    Well, Baby Driver, in which Kevin Spacey had one of the leading roles, made about $227 million worldwide, so I wouldn't say that was chopped liver. But it's fair to say that Spacey's film career is pretty much dead now.
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