How can one turntable sound better than another?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by dennis1077, Sep 6, 2021.

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    Well, at least he did an equipment profile video.
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  3. A Grain of Sand

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    Magnetic cartridge > Ceramic cartridge.
  4. vinylscuz

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    Materials make a difference. I just told part of this story, on another thread, for a different reason. I bought an entry level turntable with a stock platter. I then upgraded to an acrylic platter. Resonance and low level rumble completely went away and the table went dead quiet except for music. From hearing my cousin's two Regas and my Pro Ject, motor isolation, plinth rigidity, platter, and bearing all make a difference.
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  5. Mike70

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    yes, that's one thing i don't like it from Rega / Project ... they sell TTs in the same price tag as other brands (like Technics or Mofi) but you then have "upgrade kits" ... so, what i bought originally? a digital speed controller as "upgrade" when the other brands sell it included at the same price?
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  6. Jeffreylee

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    First off, what @George Blair said. His experience mirrors my own. I was writing a story about the AT-120 and switched the AT95E cart from the AT to a Clearaudio Concept. Everything felt more solid and coherent with the Clearaudio, and instruments seemed bigger. I assumed all of that had to do with the Concept letting the AT cartridge track without interruption.
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  7. Slippers-on

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    Went from a Music Hall MMF-7.1 $1400 Turntable to a Perpetunia Ebner PE4040 retail $4k. Same cart, phono amp , and phono cables at the time, Denon DLS1, Icon Audio Ps1 MKII and Wireworld Platnium Eclipse 7 phono cables. Instant difference and tremendous, huge upgrade in sound…wasn’t even close. Why? Better everything design wise.
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  8. Rich C

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    I completely agree that $1500 is a great range for getting the benefits of technologies developed in more expensive models in a given line.

    Of course a cartridge in the 75 to 100% of the price of the turntable can help out quite a bit along with proper geometry.

    The idea that signals traveling about unimpeded is all that you need is beyond ridiculous.
  9. KT88

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    I've got 4 or 5 of those... no shinola.
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  10. dennis1077

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    Well written. I'm learning so much from this thread.
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  11. KT88

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    I agree, and also recognize that the tonearm typically comes along with the turntable.
  12. dennis1077

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    This is precisely what drove me away from the Rega Planar 3. If I'm dropping over a grand on a turntable, the concept that I need to purchase several upgrades for it to perform optimally bothers me.
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  13. Grant

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    The quality of the turntable is the main reason a table sounds better than another. The cart adds flavor, sure, and all together is synergy.
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  14. KT88

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    That's non-sense though. It's spread by the sour grapes crowd. Think about it without that misinformation about "optimal performance" for a moment. One thing is clear from life experiences and from scientific observation, and that is that nothing is "perfect". So optimal is a place that we might randomly assign according to budget or aesthetics, or whatever subjective view we take at the time.

    There cannot be one "perfect" machine. All engineered products are designed with compromises. What you get with any product is a its performance at its price point. yeah, you could add additional components or swap out parts. Or yeah, you could take that same money and buy the next level product. In short, you don't "need" to do anything.

    What I like chiefly about certain audio products is how they sound. Functionality and longevity is important too. I actually used a Rega Planar 3 turntable for 20 years without any "upgrade" to it. I did buy better cartridges and phono stages along the way. The old Planar 3 lived up to that challenge, and the latest ones are even better.
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  15. KT88

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    Cartridge choice is huge in relation to sound. Once you have at least a decently quiet table anyway. True that a really horrible "record player" type table can present a daunting road block.
  16. fretter

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    I definitely miss the speed adjust feature on my turntable. Adjusting the speed would make some of my albums sound better to my ears.
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  17. dial

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    Well the hifi world is really very far from science which is based on work presented to expert committees. An engineer or a physicist will work double blind and list measurements related or not to the listening sessions. Remember a vinyl is not perfect as a CD, it wears out very quickly even with a Lyra Olympos or a Zyx Universe on a SAT (don't miss the argument of the firm concerning their product which would go so far as to be precise to the billionth of a mm). Also sound memory is not able to retain all sound characteristics precisely.
  18. csgreene

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    Yup. It's why I wouldn't go near either brand.
  19. mkane

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    Suspended decks is the best when it comes to isolation. We switch back and forth between 3 and a great arm on a mediocre deck is a waste...

    Until you hear a nice piece over a length of time is hard to gest the gist of what anyone says.
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  20. Daddy Dom

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    Let's take a V8 and put it in a $500 town car.
    Now let's put the identical motor in a $5,000 sports car.

    Just forget about tyres, chassis, brakes, transmission.
    Are they both going to drive and handle the same around a track?

    That guy sounds an idiot to me.
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  21. Socalguy

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    Just as some people have better eyesight than others, some have better hearing and are able to detect subtle variations in pitch, resonance, decay, and distortion. Some just have money to burn.
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  22. csgreene

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    And then they get older and their hearing goes to shyte. Loss of high frequency hearing, tinnitus, etc. Like the old saying, "Youth is wasted on the young."
  23. Glmoneydawg

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    Guessing you haven't listened to either brand?
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  24. csgreene

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    Of course, I have. :rolleyes:
  25. vinylscuz

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    I agree. It's hard to understand why turntable companies that have six or eight slots have upgrades for them also. My excuse was, I got the turntable really cheap and I was curious what resonance was. I understood resonance from the bell of a clarinet but couldn't see what it could be in an electro mechanical device played through my stereo. I'm tickled I was curious. I'm glad I was curious about phono amps too.

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