How come that Greta Van Fleet got signed?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Mark12345, Apr 16, 2018.

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  1. lightbulb

    lightbulb Not the Brightest of the Bunch

    Smogville CA USA
    Oh No!
    Now every time I watch her newscasts, my mind will drift to this post...

    Thanks a lot for befouling my mental imagery, whilst getting the latest updates on the world news!
    (On the other hand, the ward nurses will be confused when I break out into uncontrollable hysterical maniacal laughter...)

  2. Because folks like the derivative...
  3. ndoheny

    ndoheny Forum Resident

    Sacramento, Ca
    It's clearly a troll thread. The OP has one post and his name cries out I'm a troll. It's not hard to get this forum riled up. All you have to do is a variation on rock is dead, no one makes music like they used to and boom we get 15 pages of arguing. Falling for the bait is the problem. I imagine the thread will be shut down soon and it should. There already is a GVF thread and that's where people should go that are fans and the ones that are not fans shouldn't care one way or the other.
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  4. Overthehillsandfaraway

    Overthehillsandfaraway Forum Resident

    Could have sworn Greta van Susteren was an indie actress, then realised I was thinking of Greta Gerwig. Brain not what it used to be :doh:
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  5. Thievius

    Thievius Blue Öyster Cultist

    Is this the outrage of the day?

    I don't know why a lot of music gets signed. GVF don't do anything for me but I've no reason to crap all over them. Or wonder why someone puts money behind them. Its not my money, they can do what they want. If they're successful, congratulations. If not, oh well.
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  6. Crawlin From The Wreckage

    Crawlin From The Wreckage Custom Titled

    Good heavens! How could anyone sign these young imposters? Why, back in the 60s bands were signed solely on artistic merit and integrity. I mean, thank goodness Davy Jones, Peter Tork, Mike Nesmith and Mickey Dolenz were recognized as young virtuosos playing their own music back in the day, eh? ;)
  7. Daryl M

    Daryl M Forum Resident

    London, Ontario
    I work with university-aged kids and whenever GVF comes on the radio
    they just love it......their `Zeppelin', maybe? Anyway, I have the EP and
    I quite like it - any young band that covers Fairport Convention is all right
    with me. Having said that, the first full-length album will tell us old-timers
    whether Greta Van Fleet is the real deal or not.
  8. Chemguy

    Chemguy Forum Resident

    Way too many snarky individuals on this one.

    So what? If they're successful, good for them! You don't have to listen if you don't like it. They got signed because somebody liked them. They're selling records because someone want to buy them.

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  9. lightbulb

    lightbulb Not the Brightest of the Bunch

    Smogville CA USA
    At least you’re not thinking of Greta Garbo !

    That’d really date your age....

    PHILLYQ Forum Resident

    Brooklyn NY
    If the company can get a recording out of them without any heavy expense and market it right, they can make a profit. Probably not a huge profit, but if they can get a single that hits that might happen...
  11. misterdecibel

    misterdecibel Bulbous Also Tapered


    I blame google image search, and not my own carelessness. Besides, they all look the same.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
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  12. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

    Nobody in Greta Van Fleet has as much style as Luke Spiller!

    (now half a dozen people will find hideously ugly and embarrassing Luke Spiller pics just to prove me wrong)
  13. seed_drill

    seed_drill Forum Resident

    Tryon, NC, USA
    Hate him or hate him, it's how Bieber got discovered as well.
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  14. segue

    segue Forum Resident

    the Coachella crowd was 1/2 the size I expected for them. Many left before end of set. The singer is completely irritating after 10 minutes. Band was very competent but completely derivative.
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  15. yarbles

    yarbles Too sick to pray

    So they opened with a 9 minute instrumental? Nice!
  16. bartels76

    bartels76 Forum Hall Of Fame

    I'm not sold on the singer of GVF. There's no soul in his voice- "plastic soul" to quote a Beatle. The band itself are good players. I also don't know if that singer is going to blow out his voice in short order. It doesn't seem like he is singing in a range that is comfortable for him.
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  17. ramdom

    ramdom Hoarder Hearing

    Perth ON, Canada
    yeah, move along, they're gonna go over like a lead balloon...
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  18. ramdom

    ramdom Hoarder Hearing

    Perth ON, Canada
    Wobbie Plunt & Wimmie Puj!
  19. zphage

    zphage Beatard

    Bucks County, PA
    Cool. Good to know there can a return on investment with a School of Rock education.:righton:
  20. featheredfiend

    featheredfiend Forum Resident

    Morris Plains, NJ
    Oh, I'm painfully aware of what CR is doing - a year after calling the Magpie Salute a "cover band", he goes out and throws together a bunch of guys and is doing the exact same thing.

    Can't wait to hear the reviews of tonight's tour opener over on Amorica 3 - the place where all of us loser, die-hard Crowes fans still hang out!!! LOL!!!
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  21. lightbulb

    lightbulb Not the Brightest of the Bunch

    Smogville CA USA
    I hope you realize the double-irony in your post; in that Michael Nesmith alone has composed and created great songs and music, both as a Monkee and as a solo artist.
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  22. vinylkid58

    vinylkid58 Forum Resident

    Victoria, B.C.
    You nailed it!
  23. Fullbug

    Fullbug Forum Resident

    The Spin Doctors of Heavy Metal
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  24. Weirwolfe

    Weirwolfe Forum Resident

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  25. Matheusms

    Matheusms Forum Resident

    I’m relatively young (26) and couldn’t get a bit interested in this band. But it didn’t had anything to do with a lack of solid musical knowledge or contempt for classic rock music. My problem was the fact that I was listening to something that I had listened to before and, even being quite old and a product of very different times, still sounded better and fresher than a group formed by people probably younger than their idols grandchildren.
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