How do you weed out bad sellers on Discogs?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Hand Of Ike, Aug 1, 2018.

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    This morning I ordered four mono Kingston Trio records from an unfamiliar seller on Discogs. Three of the four were graded near mint for both the vinyl and the jacket. I included this note with my order:

    You should know I believe that when it comes to 50+ year old albums, ones which are near mint are as rare as unicorns. You have three listed here, both sleeve and LP. I'm not that picky. I accept these are old records. VG+ is a better-than-average rating for records from this era. It's just that near mint means something. Do you stand behind that?
    After I made the order, I regretted it. I realized I should have asked this question first. Oh, well, at least it was asked now. I paid for the order through Paypay.

    I then went to the Y to work out. When I got back, I found my purchase had been refunded without explanation, beyond it was at the buyer's request. I'll accept the back handed acknowledgement that these albums weren't really near mint.

    Or maybe the seller just didn't want to deal with me. In any case, I dodged a bullet.

    As has been said upthread, how do you weed out bad sellers? Communication. Sometimes they even pull the weeds themselves.
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    I have encountered a few bad ones
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    My suggestion is deal with a larger store...

    Once I find a good retailer I stay with them...

    I buy from Philadelphia Music on a regular basis & have had no issues...

    Also ask the seller to be specific about condition if they refuse then don't buy the item
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    FYI, there are many sellers that are dropshipping and don't actually have the item/product, so that could be why you're getting those kinds of responses.
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    I've been trying this as well. One person so far has downgraded an LP as a result, a couple of others have reiterated - and been accurate - in their grading. My most recent experience had the seller reply tersely that "it's in the condition it says it's in." Confident, so I went with it - mistake - big red flag there, but the feedback history was solid, so....

    Agree that without play grading it's a gamble. Fortunately I don't buy much vinyl, so I watch the sales here closely and always get great - outstanding - records.

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