How does one determine a reasonable price for a vinyl record?

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    My apologies if this isn't the correct forum to post this, but seems like it. I'll copy my post from the "Music Corner" forum below. As I go through all these albums I'd really like to know what I have, financially speaking and possibly be offering a number for sale that I may not particularly care much for now. Thank you.

    "I jumped on the digital train from the start, collecting CD's and laser discs, etc. It was awesome to have access to music without occasional pops, crackles and skips; not to mention recordings that were previously out of print on vinyl. So starting around summer of 1983 or 84', my albums were boxed up and my focus was on digital.

    After procrastinating for many years, I have finally brought my old Technics SL-23 TT to a local high end technician who will be replacing the belt, plugs, etc etc etc and installing a Audio Technica VM95ML. This will go into the MM phono section of my Macintosh C-42, powered by a MC-7500 Mac amp to refurbished Tiel 3.5's. My digital front end is the last player OPPO made, the 205. I'm going to be really interested to see how the vinyl compares to the digital, although not an entirely fair comparison given the low front end of the TT.

    Given the above, I sorted through my garage in the home I moved to six years ago to uncover my old albums. I found five boxes with roughly 80-albums in each box. Only one of the boxes is somewhat damaged; by that I mean moisture somehow at some time got in the bottom because I literally have to pull the covers apart. Most of the albums in that box still appear to be ok, though obviously in need of a deep cleaning. It sucks to see the cover to the original Cheap Thrills completely damaged, though the album just may be ok. Fortunately, this only happened to one box and what it really means, in-terms of effect on the albums is unknown at this time.

    I'm just sharing my excitement and can't wait to clean these up and hear what they sound like. I'm talking my original Who, Hendrix, Clapton, Ronstadt, Tull, Dead, Stones, Airplane, Tuna, Moody Blues, Peter Paul & Mary, John Prine, etc etc etc... all first releases. Being a pack rat has not always been something I've been proud of, but holding on to these sure is. The only thing I can't find "yet" are my fathers and sisters vinyl. I know I have some really sweet old Sinatra, Perry Como, etc. from my dads days and a box of 45's my sister had to hold her 45's, all from the 60's. I know I have those; just haven't located them yet.

    Any advice, or suggestions are welcomed. I hope to have the TT back mid to end of this week, and will report back. The guy has a very expensive sonic type of album cleaning machine, but he charges $1 an album, so not doing all 400+, at least not yet; but in process of picking out around 25-50 to start with.


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    Hey Bro, sounds great! Perhaps in Music Corner may be a better place...? The Gorts will let you know :eek:

    I will PM you shortly (sorry to call you Shortly...)
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    Check what your pressings in similar condition have sold for on Discogs and eBay. That's a good place to start.
  4. G E

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    discogs is a great resource. They trend a little higher because fees and taxes come out of their proceeds.
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    Thank you guys. !
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    Boy this is a can of worms and grading and packing arent even really in the discussion yet.
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    That's tough. Do you have some local used record stores near you where you can get an idea of what the local market prices are? You can make more selling online but then condition and pressing variations come more into play. Good luck.
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    I’ll do some research. I’m more interested for when I get around to cataloging all my stuff. I’ve procrastinated way too long. I’m 67 and when I pass, my surviving family will have no clue. I’d like to leave things more in order so they know what these huge numbers of albums, cd’s and all other stuff is worth in case they wish to sell it. I’d rather have it.

    oh, the Mac amp is MC-7200 (200 watts per channel). Typo writing 7500.

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    If you are using Discogs, identify the pressing, and depending on condition go median/half value with the date you looked it up. Get plastic sleeves for the albums and leave a sticky or piece of paper with the pressing, value, info.

    You should be able to replace that Big Brother album for $12-$15, or buy a copy for the cover:

    Big Brother & The Holding Company - Big Brother & The Holding Company

    Depending on where you live your classic rock vinyl should be valuable store fodder/inventory now more than any other time and continuing forward. These kind of collections of the titles you mentioned are usually desired for bringing customers in.
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    Exciting stuff @Zafu . I echo others suggestions of using discogs to determine a ballpark value. If you aren't familiar with how to determine which pressings you have with discogs I'm sure someone here (myself included) would be happy to show you some things you'll need to know.

    A dollar per album is a decent price for an ultrasonic cleaning but I can see not wanting to get all of them done all at once. I would suggest you get yourself some kind of cleaning system though. The Spin Clean is a decent way to start out. Spin-Clean Record Washers - Shop the Official Spin-Clean Store

    Good luck and let me know if I can help!
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    I am 95% sure these albums are in VG condition at best. In that case they are dime a dozen on discogs and sell for a few dollars at most. It will take you A LOT of time identifying which pressing you have for sale for each album. My two cents is to dump it at a local record store for some paltry store credit. Or sell to someone locally via craigslist.. Doubt you will get more than 50 cents each on average though..
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    Thank you, but after getting my TT back and hearing how incredible my albums sound, I'm not interested in selling any of them. By the way, the majority of my albums were bought upon release from 63' to 83'. I tend to think my original Tommy, All things must pass, Layla, Allman Bros at the Fillmore, etc etc etc etc are worth a heck of a lot more than a dime a dozen; but turns out not to matter. They are priceless to me.



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