How many bands have reunited with the original members and how was the comeback received? *

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    Manzanillo, Mexico
    How many bands have reunited with the original members and how was the comeback received? I thought of this while watching one of those rock docs they show on AXS TV. It was about The Byrds. The documentery was mediocre IMHO. But it inspired me to spin their old comeback plainly called Byrds. This was eight years between albums. A long time. The Press panned it but it did peak at the Top 20 on Billboard. Personnally I liked it, nothing close to their peak stuff but listenable. So any other comebacks with the original members and how did it fare?

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  2. The Beatles (well one was on tape or virtually I guess). It was a mixed reception.
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  3. Mott The Hoople. It was pretty well received. It's too bad that Ian couldn't do the 1974 line up tour that he had planned last year. That should have been an omen for the year. No studio album but a live one was done.
  4. Safeway 1

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    Manzanillo, Mexico
    :D Always enjoy your comments Wayne. It must be a NorCal thing;)
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    I like that album.
    As far as a "comeback" that was a huge success or critically acclaimed, I can't think of one. I am sure there were many with some bands other than big names but I can't think of them.
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  6. AKA

    AKA You guessed it… Frank Stallone.

    Soundgarden broke up in 1997, but reunited in 2010 and remained together until Chris Cornell’s death. Not the original lineup, but the most successful lineup.

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    Love Mott. I believe they are down to 3 living members. Ian, Mick and Verden.
  8. Yep. Makes me a bit sad. Mick isn't in the best of health.
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  9. Campaigner

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    How were the Cream reunion shows received? From a non-fan's eyes it seems the "reunite, do a handful of gigs, bugger off and maybe release a live album" approach was the way to go.

    Also, from a purely commercial standpoint, the Police reunion tour of 2007-08 seemed to do alright.
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  10. AKA

    AKA You guessed it… Frank Stallone.

    Bruce Springsteen reunited temporarily in 1995 and permanently in 1999 with the E Street Band. Until the deaths of Danny Federici and Clarence Clemons, this lineup included everyone who had been in the band since 1975, plus Mrs. Springsteen (who had performed with the band, but wasn’t an official member until the reunion tour). Though currently dormant, the “reunion” is still ongoing 21 years later.

  11. HotelYorba101

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    The Police reunited for that 2007-2008 tour and I thought it sounded fairly decent:

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    I think The Police and Cream were recieved well as a Live Touring venture...neither trio visited the recording studio again for a proper studio album. Probably just as well!

    Unless Sting, Andy & Stewart really hate this Pandemic time so much they just have to get stuff outta their systems!

    It was mentioned that Cream supposedly filmed some the nights at MSG...hope one day any of the footage will appear in future Deluxe 2009 Live Boxset one day...but probably not?

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  13. I thought they were pretty terrific.
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  14. topekatj

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    AEROSMITH. Comeback was well received.
  15. Bad Company. They did pretty well with a couple of newly recorded songs and a tour.
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  16. LandHorses

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    X (the band) original lineup reunited in 2004. Great concerts, but mostly stuck in a time warp with their 1st 4 albums until finally making the new Alphabetland this year.
  17. classicrockguy

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    The Mamas and Papas got back together for a "contractual obligation" album "People Like Us" in 1971. The critics liked it but the group understandably didn't. I think it's a great laid-back "feel-good 70s" album that's actually better than most of their more acclaimed albums (except the debut).

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  18. Instant Dharma

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    Van der Graaf Generator. 27 years.
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  19. bRETT

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    The Rascals. Well received but....
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  20. impalaboy

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    Van Halen.
    How was it received? Depends on which reunion and who you ask.
  21. mr_spenalzo

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    The most successful line-up of Suede reunited after about a decade, and has made 2 great albums (and a slightly less great one, but they were still warming up)
  22. pocketcalculator

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    Mission of Burma is one band that reunited and came back as good as or better than before - their second reunion LP, The Obliterati, is as good as or better than anything their first time around, and their live shows were killer. Live, Buzzcocks and Midnight Oil absolutely delivered after their reunions. (I haven't heard any of the post-80's Buzzcocks records, and new Midnight Oil has yet to appear.) The reunited Camper Van Beethoven has put on great shows and made great albums (particularly the last two, El Camino Real and La Costa Perdida).

    On the other hand, the reunited Stooges and Soft Boys put on killer live shows but their reunion albums were not up to the same level as the first time around. I never saw New Order live, but their post-93 reunion albums were not that good. The reunited X has put on some great shows (and some just ok ones) but their new album is frankly middling.

    Somewhere in between were the reunited Go-Betweens, who, when I saw them doing acoustic shows, were great, but didn't equal their original output until their third and last reunion album, Oceans Apart.
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  23. Safeway 1

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    Manzanillo, Mexico
    I had forgotten about that one!
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  24. Francophile50

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    Another successful reunion was Asia. In 2008 through 2015 they toured with original lineup from 1982 to a very popular reception. They were a little older little heavier but still talented and capable of performing and creating new music and carrying on the brand with much success.
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  25. Alternative4

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    Faith no more, not the original lineup, but they qualify because they often opened their reunion shows with reunited!

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