How often do you report a fraudulent ad or seller?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Strat-Mangler, May 9, 2018.

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    I had to report one here who was advertising a cart as being new when in a thread, he let it slip he had put a few dozens of hours on it.

    Today, I reported a guy selling Elrog 300B tubes he blatantly stated are from the 2nd production run after all the defective/dead tubes most people were encountering were a thing of the past. The owner of the company confirmed to me via the serial numbers that these are in fact very early production tubes and should be avoided. Also, he mentioned the newer ones without these major QC issues can also be identified with a yellow box, when the ad showed an entirely different box. This is a seller who does nothing but sell tubes and already has one negative feedback to his account. I don't doubt he knew what he was doing when he wrote "This is from the improved second production where those issues were resolved." These used tubes are being sold for 1K CDN, too! An uninformed buyer might get these and have issues in a few weeks, making them as useful as a paperweight.

    How often do you report a fraudulent ad or seller?
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    People genuinely seem to have different ideas about what "new" means. I was once buying a printer locally advertised as "brand new". When I arrived to pick it up the seller offered to throw in truly new ink because the ink in the printer was over half used. I wanted to discuss just exactly what he thinks a "brand new" printer is, but it was so cheap I just bought it happily and accepted the new ink.

    As for real fraudulent advertising, I'd say it's caveat emptor most of the time. I used to report pirate copies of valuable CDs on eBay when I was selling the genuine article.
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    Saw an ad from a member here trying to sell a pair of bootleg Bob Dylan LPs. It had only been listed for a couple of minutes and was pulled before I finished reading the listing (I tried to reply to the poster and got the SHF error message). I took a screenshot and when I tried to refresh the page it was gone. This was a regular poster who was recently berating people in another thread about strictly following forum rules. Ironic at best..........

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