How to respond nicely to someone who says Pet Sounds is the most over-rated album in the world?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Brian Lux, Nov 24, 2021.

  1. Isaac K.

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    Actually, it doesn’t. Maybe to you. You have a habit of posting a few words and then expecting us to know exactly what you mean. That a subject reaches 22 pages says nothing about merit as most contentious ones easily reach that length on this site. Sorry that my example offended you but really, not sorry.
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    Depends on your contact with the person and your ability to escape.

    I recall reading that Robert Plant after the car crash was stuck in the hospital with a fan in the next bad, who badly serenaded him with The Ocean and other tunes.
  3. Isaac K.

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    That you happen to not enjoy something doesn’t make it any less important either. Every work is a stepping stone and if Citizen Kane was never made it would have likely negatively affected some film that you actually do enjoy.
  4. jwoverho

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    You just say: “It’s definitely not for everyone!” and move on.
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    60 bucks for the pet sound....:-plnktn-:
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  6. It would depend on the relationship I had with the person making the comment.

    If they were just someone I met at a gathering, had no inclineation to begin any type of relationship, and did not know, I might just say "Huh" and let that be the sum total of the response.

    If they were an acquaintence, or a friend, I may engage and ask some questions in hopes of hearing their reasons.
    Sort of like a person saying (So and So band sucks)....What does that even mean? Please explain.
    How things go from there will determine my next move.

    When people make these comments I am always taken back to a base position, that being, does their choice cause me to change my choice?
    If yes, then why? Why did thier new viewpoint suddenly change my mind?...Otherwise they are allowed to not like what I like, and vice versa...and I am A-okay with that.

    You don't like "Pet Sounds"? Okay.
    You think it is THE most overrated album in history?...Really? Okay.

    Now, if they get to hammering this over and over and over, THAT gets annoying and I might say something like "Yes, I know you don't like this". "I respect your choice"...."Can you respect a different choice"?
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  7. 7solqs4iago

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    at least an album discussion is useful, to me at least

    i can give you 250 topics far more currently volatile, causing instant rage, all less useful to me than talking about music...
  8. juss100

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    Well the point of the importance of Citizen Kane is that new cinematic techniques are used in a specific way to convey a powerful drama. And that's really just one facet of what makes it special since if it were simply a linear stage play written and acted in the way it is ... it would still be a powerful and thought provoking drama.
  9. juss100

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    Generally people find things boring when they aren't prepared to engage with them on their own terms. There's a gap between what the art is trying to convey and what the recipient wants to see or hear. It's far more interesting to discuss that than to simply assert "it's boring"
  10. That is sort of the whole point.
    Music is a personal taste luxury, and therefore will be viewed indivudually.
    While things generally fall under a "norm" or trend, when it comes to music NONE of it is a certain because it is measured by opinion....except for the sound graphs proving the interconnect cables did make the sound better................

    Unfortunately, when it comes to opinion items like music, there is a lot of emotional validation going on, even if only in underlying amounts.
    When you harshly disagree with another persons opinion about music it often hurts them emotionally in some manner...and the troubles begin.
  11. Modfather

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    Somebody says to you Pet Sounds is overrated? End the discussion or ask 'em if they like these pet sounds better. I think this cat behavior is amusing.

    This is what many fans and critics think of the Clash's Sandinista! which is one of my all time favorite albums.
  12. Jack White

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    Either just leave it without comment or explain what you like about the album without telling him that's what he should like about it or that generally he should like it and is an idiot or has terrible taste not liking it.

    When someone's opinion disagrees with your musical taste you have to let it roll like water off a duck.
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  13. bob_32_116

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    I'm not saying you suffer from this syndrome, more the people you were talking about in your post.
  14. Geee!

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    I'd say that I haven't heard Pet Sounds, but it can't be more over rated than The White Album, can it?
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  15. 7solqs4iago

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    Surf's Up
  16. Penny24

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    I think it's fascinating how passionate some of the posts itt are about Pet Sounds, both negative and positive. A very divisive album.
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  17. davenav

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    I’m that guy, and it’s you who doesn’t get it.

    Picking an album to hurl insults at is boring and childish. I don’t care for any number of albums, but I don’t go on threads about them and tell everyone they are wrong, and that it is actually ‘over-rated’.

    I find it appalling that people don’t understand what is wrong with insulting people. I don’t give a flying F about your tastes, but I’m not going to go after you about them.
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  18. Brian Lux

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    I had no idea what an involved debate this would turn out to be when I started this thread. And the continued interest in a subject that surely must have been discussed in great detail on these forums already. Very surprising.
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    Not always though. Weird example maybe, but "I Am the God of Hell Fire" ("Fire" by Arthur Brown) for instance may sound stupid and silly, but at the time it was for me anyway "Wow!!"
  20. Uncle Meat

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    Someone thinking Citizen Kane is boring, reminds me of peoples reaction to Pulp Fiction, both films move back and forth in time, and a lot of people don't understand the movie.
    They don't understand the movie.
    Memento is another one...

    I have this problem with my other half sometimes.
    "I don't understand what just happened"
    "That is because you were looking at your phone instead of the movie"

    If you don't watch a silent movie really closely, it is REALLY easy to happen.
    Just miss one scene, and ooops.... I am lost....
  21. Uncle Meat

    Uncle Meat Forum Resident

    Houston, Tx, US
    With Pet Sounds.... the arrangements are SOOOO beautiful... I like to listen to the songs without any vocals.....
    They are so complex.....and work well to....
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  22. JosepZ

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    I think all the fuzz is not about Pet Sounds at all (although several fellow members keep arguing about the album). Your premise invoked a situation every music fan has been through at least once. The thread's longevity is all about empathy if you ask me.
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  23. JosepZ

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    Barcelona, Spain
    I like those 3 movies, but I think implying that everyone who doesn't like them just doesn't understand them is much of a stretch.
    I love Memento but I would understand someone having a problem with its flawed premise. The guy's condition exists in the real world, but not like that. People suffering from it can't create new memories, and therefore they can't remember their diagnosis or the fact that they have a condition in the first place. Yet the protagonist is perfectly aware of his inability to store new memories and uses his tattoos as an aid. You would need to create at least one post-trauma memory to do that, your diagnosis. And that is simply impossible. But hey, it's a great film anyway. Just don't assume someone who doesn't like it is not paying attention or doesn't understand it.
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  24. HfxBob

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    Sgt. Pepper is much the same. A recent thread about it had to be shut down.

    You might say these things get a little 'political'...
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  25. Andy Pandy

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    I would not say much I guess, just avoid any kind of music related discussion with the person in question. Totally pointless and would not give you anything.

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