I am selling several sealed Audio Fidelity CD's/SACD's on eBay

Discussion in 'Third Party Sales & Auctions' started by rjstauber, Dec 30, 2018.

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    I have several extra sealed copies of Audio Fidelity Gold CD's and a few SACD's which I will be selling. Just listed some of them on eBay (in Germany, but international shipping is no problem, and I would gladly sell them to forum members here if you want to place a bid). I will ship with tracking for 7 Euros (apporx. US$ 8), and I can ship 2 CD's for that price. I will adjust the shipping cost accordingly after end of auction.

    I just listed the first seven titles, but I have quite a few more which I am planning to sell, around 30 titles in total.

    Audio Fidelity | eBay
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  3. rjstauber

    rjstauber Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Today I listed the last batch of sealed Audio Fidelity CD's which I am selling. That's it, no other titles available.

    Some of these might stay at rather low prices, they all have a starting bid of 1,- Euro, and if they sell for a low price, I would feel much better if they would go to a forum member here.

    As mentioned, I will accomodate for the best shipping option incl. tracking at very reasonable prices. I should be able to mail around 7 to 8 CD's incl. tracking for around 10 Euros. Carefully packed in a sturdy cardboard box.

    Some other CD's (West Germany, Japan) also listed, and one Grateful Dead Dave's Picks series which I have a duplicate of.

    Thanks for looking.

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