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I Had A Nightmare About Beatle Remasters

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jligon, Mar 6, 2002.

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  1. jligon

    jligon Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Peoria, IL
    It was around 2004-2005 and re-mastered Beatles CDs were finally materializing, albeit at a Disneyesque pace. In fact they were all being introduced 40 years to the day from the original release.
    After initially pining for an unpeeled Butcher cover jewel case to come out in limited runs the following year, I ultimately realized that I despised the sound of the new re-masters. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to any of them because, like in real life, my rectifier was blown in my dream too.
    I signed in to Ebay (I had over 150,000 feedbacks) to see if I could pick up some of those “official” Japanese MFSL gold discs and I was amazed to find the original 1987 Beatles releases were selling for $80 to $100 a piece!
    "These are the ones to get. Amazing sound just as George Martin intended."
    Visibly shaken, I continued my search and was delighted to stumble across a killer deal on the increasingly elusive Madacy DVD of Let It Be!
  2. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al Senior Member

    Long Island, NY
    Personally I never cared for the Madacy DVD of Let It Be. The 5.1 remix was always grating to my ears - why the hell did they put Billy's organ in the rear channels? I also expected better bonus material - after all, did we REALLY need that 18 minute version of Dig It?

    If you can afford it, search out the S & P "Beatles For Sale" from '04. I know there were only 4,000 pressed before Barbara and Zak pulled the plug for lack of approval from the Starkey Family Trust - but it remains the only digital Beatles with the "breath of life"....

    (hey Uncle - wake up - wake up)
  3. Andy

    Andy New Member

  4. Claviusb

    Claviusb A Serious Man

    LOL! You guys are killing me! Ah hahahahahahahhahahaha!
  5. vinylrec

    vinylrec Senior Member

    Delaware, Ohio
    Gee Jligon, I hope you won't need counsiling from this horrible experience....Ha :)
  6. Gary

    Gary Nauga Gort! Staff

    Eh, I think Jligon is right. Once the Beatles are Mewtilized into something unreconizable, we will have a better appreciation for the stock copies. They'll be "the ones to get". The only exception is Hey Jude which was never released on CD. And that'll be painful!

    This situation is the flip side of a Hoffman disc where you never realized a particular recording could be so good. So instead of "Wow! I've never heard THAT before" on a Hoffman disc, it'll be "Wow! Paul was off key on the whole album!"

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