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    I’ve had fairly good experiences on Discogs, with just a few issues. Vinyl purchases have been the worst experiences, with jackets and vinyl not being at all accurate for NM and VG+. In the 2 purchases that had issues, one had seam splits and both were noisy with pops, surface defects and sounded worn or poorly pressed. In both cases, sellers offered to refund purchases. CD purchases have been more reliable with one having shipping damage to the case, but everything else in great condition.

    My worst experience was with a seller that rated me poorly for a honest mistake on my behalf. While shopping I had a browser issue before I could submit payment and a purchase I was making disappeared. After trying several ways to find it or the seller, I gave up and looked for another seller to purchase the same from, assuming that either someone else got the purchase I was trying to make that disappeared or that it never registered in Discogs. A week later I received notice of failure to submit payment for the lost/missing person and immediately reached out to the seller to apologize for the error and explain what happened. The seller in turn, just gave me a poor rating in Discogs. Literally the only bad rating I’ve ever had. Lesson learned after looking at the rating of the seller, is NEVER buy anything from this guy.

    All that said, I am most reluctant to buy vinyl used unless it is particularly desirable.
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    You should request a review on that rating and explain it to Discogs. The fact that you reached out and the seller refused to do anything will probably get that review taken down.
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    Discogs will make adjustments to ratings when an honest mistake happens. When I was new to the website, I listed a handful of titles for sale, but was not visiting the site daily adding my collection and shopping. Someone ordered an LP and I was unaware because it went to a secondary email that I didn’t check daily. The order expired before I realized what had happened and I offered a further discount to the buyer and explained my mistake, but all I got was negative feedback. When I submitted an inquiry to Discogs, the negative feedback was removed promptly.
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    Well I hope you changed that, and that they no longer have 100% positive!
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