If you're on Fios 100/100, you can upgrade to 200/200 for free

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    Nope, it's not music. But it's free.

    If you are on a Fios 100/100 mpbs plan, you can upgrade for free to 200/200 Mbps. I'm on their $39.99/month plan and just upgraded to the double speeds.

    Go to Fios Mix and Match: Custom Internet, TV and Phone Packages, Plans and Bundles | Verizon

    Scroll down. Pick your speed. You may need to click on "see more speeds". You should see 200/200 Mbps for the same price as 100/100Mbps. Set up an order to get the new speeds at the same price you're now paying.

    One note: You can only get this if you run Ethernet from your Fios ont box to your router. If you are using coax, you'll have to switch over to Ethernet to take advantage of the deal. Fios will happily switch you to Ethernet for free, but you'll need to switch.
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