SH Spotlight I'm asked stuff: Favorite mastering engineer, best BOSTON CD, best TRAVELING WILBURYS CD, etc..

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Oct 3, 2018.

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    The depth of groove is limited by the physical makeup of the master lacquer and by the ability of the depth coil on the lathe -- and there's no point in setting the depth coil to go deeper than the (give-or-take) 6 mils of reliably-usable depth available on a lacquer before you hit aluminum and thrash the cutting stylus. (In other words, you could make an LP 2000 gram and a foot thick, but the grooves would not be any deeper, because the lacquers dictate the maximum depth limitations.)
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    In other words, no.
  3. Steve, what is the thinking behind the terrible over-emphasis of sibilance that is so common in recordings? Microphone problems? Bad equalisation? It's such a relief to be able to hear natural sibilants pass by your ears without feeing like you have been ice-picked (and I'm thinking Audio Fidelity's "In The Wind" by Peter, Paul and Mary here as an example of how sibilants should sound).
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    I really don't know what goes through the mind of other engineers, producers, mastering engineers, artists. Bad monitors? The Neumann style microphone is very toppy and it's easy to overdo it. So easy in fact that sometimes you don't even realize it's going overboard.

    I always try and tame that over-emphasis because it takes away from a natural sounding recording. Peter, Paul and Larry's IN THE WIND is a great example of a recording that is almost, not quite, but almost over the top with the top. The trick in this case was for me not to fix or ruin the beautiful top end, but too fill in the other deficient area of the Neumann microphone, the leanness of the bass response. Just filled in a little cloud to balance out the top and perfecto!
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  5. Agreed! Thanks for remastering this.
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    I had this one for sale on Discogs under the wrong release. I received an inquiry about it about the time this thread started. I had not read this thread but remembered that Our Host had recommended it years ago. I moved it to the right release and pulled it from sale pending a relisten. I haven’t gotten to it yet, however.
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    A question on the mono Beatles CDs.

    I generally prefer LP versions of the earlier Beatles albums but the stereo tracks on the mono Rubber Soul CD are the best I have heard, particulary Girl, Michelle and Norwegian Wood (IMO).

    Are these tracks the same mix as on the earlier stereo LP releases? Were a better tape source used on the CD?
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    Steve do you ever work with artists directly in your mastering suite either while mastering or during playback? It would be cool to know who'd be that interested if there were any.

    Second, did you ever work with or meet an artist where you said, this guy/lady gets it, a fellow audiophile? Someone like Tim Gane of Stereolab comes to mind but I'm guessing it is not too common.
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    I'll take this one. Those are indeed the orginal genuine stereo mixes.
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    Steve, you mastered a few Grass Roots songs for the Vintage Music Collectors Series for MCA back in 86. Do you know who mastered the Grass Roots MCA cd titled Temptation Eyes in and around the same time frame? There were 10 tracks in total. I know it was quite some time ago so no worries if you don't recall. Thanks very much.
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    As I've written (on this very thread at least three times!) I usually try and avoid working directly with the artists. They are usually so super critical it's not helpful

    Audiophile artists? I'm sure there are a bunch but the few that I've had to deal with are poison because they insist on approving everything on their own personal audiophile system and it involves many revisions (usually a wave of the magic Producer's Knob.)
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    Wasn't me so it could have been almost anyone at Whitney or even Precision.

    Did they remove 2 tracks or something? Or was it a compilation?
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    Your hand on remastering Hotel California must have been guided by angels as it is a true sonic marvel to hear!
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    ie; meaning return rejected effort as is and it gets approved yes?
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    Thanks. It was a bear to work on. Came out great finally, one of my favorite Eagles albums.
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    It was a 10 track compilation. I just checked Discogs a little while ago and it shows you as having "compiled" it, whatever that means. I do realize that Discogs is not always accurate.
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    Steve Hall, Whitney. Should sound wonderful.
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    Peter, Paul, and Larry? :laugh:
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    Thank you :righton:
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  24. Mr. Hoffman, are classical musicians, whether in the mastering room with the engineer or not, better audiophiles than rock people? Ears less whacked by years of playing and touring at high volume, better familiarity with the nature of live acoustic sounds, etc.
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    Can you remind us of why you had to re-EQ the intro to the song?

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