SH Spotlight I'm asked stuff: Favorite mastering engineer, best BOSTON CD, best TRAVELING WILBURYS CD, etc..

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Steve Hoffman

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    Thanks. It was a struggle.
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  2. JamesD1957

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    Cypress, Texas
    I'm enjoying it and am of the opinion that's it's the best sounding versions of those amazing songs. Meeting Michelle had to be the cherry on top of that sundae! Do we have an "I'm jealous of you" emoji here? ;)
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  3. ggjjr

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    Grosse Pointe
    Steve, I'm sure it was. She was a crush of mine from early on.
  4. sunspot42

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    San Francisco
    I just scored it recently used via Amazon. Sounds so, so much better than other collections I have, like the Creeque Alley set. Which is wonderful by the way, highly recommended, great song selection, sequencing and interview snippets. Textbook example of how to assemble a collection like that. And they tried to improve things sonically - it's quite good in spots.

    But not this good.

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