I'm at a motel, watching my first 4K broadcast on a 4k set

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Ghostworld, Dec 2, 2018.

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    And from the new clarity, the thing I seem to notice most is Dwayne Johnson is a really bad actor. Never noticed it so much before. He's running around with Mighty Joe Young and a bunch of CGI dinosaurs. The computer animated beasts look great in this high definition, you can see every bit of fur and snot. But I can also see every nuance on actors' face and for the first time I think Dwayne Johnson is really a bad actor. It's revealed in 4K. I noticed this with Peter Jackson's Hobbit, as well. Poor physical performances LEAP out at you. Maybe this will be like a new dawn of the talkies' fallout, with higher resolution revealing the poor theatrical skills of once-popular "faces," and people like Dwayne won't make the transition to the new 8k clarity; whereas the stage-trained members of Royal Shakespeare Company will win even more roles. Thank goodness: the death of the "movie star" at last.
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    Be sure to wash your hands after using the remote.
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    Patience can be difficult at times. Hang in there and check the menu for adult channels, ...your date may have been delayed with another customer. :righton:

  4. alexpop

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    Bates ?
  5. Frankh

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    Kathy Bates is there with him? Get outta there quick before...

    ....oh, Anthony Perkins...


    Both good actors by the way.

    And I've always found The Rock to be at least personable, even though some of his films, especially recently do stretch credulity a bit.

    Enjoy yourself!
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  6. R. Cat Conrad

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    You may be half right, ...the second half. :winkgrin:

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  7. alexpop

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    Master at wordplay, huh? :laugh:
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    Yes, 4K can look really good. You can also step up from there and watch 4K HDR (aka UHD HDR) Blu-ray or from Netflix, Amazon, or Apple TV, and that can look very good.
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    See post #2.
  10. alexpop

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    Do motels cater with 4K tv's now ?
  11. Vidiot

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    I dunno -- ask @Ghostworld, who started the thread.
  12. jkauff

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    Probably most newly-constructed motels. Why buy previous generation TVs when non-HDR 4K sets are so inexpensive that Sprint and T-Mobile are giving them away free with a phone purchase?
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    I remember how fake the Titanic looked with its CGI people falling off of it while it was sinking. This was on Blu-ray . . .
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    True a lot of old movies looked better on my wega, cgi..didn't notice the strings. :)
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    That scene in Almost Schmidt..Bates, if offered a jacuzzi ..run don't walk. :D
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  16. alexpop

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    Seems to have disappeared.Totally engrossed with the 4K experience no doubt.
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    Never thought of the Rock being compared to Shakespeare...but I found his acting in Be Cool (unfairly lambasted) or No Pain No Gain to be just exactly what the movies needed and he was very funny.

    The pretty face will age but the wit and shownmanship will hang on. I don't see the Rock going anywhere outside of successful. He is a smart man that oozes charisma. I find most all films enjoyable and just like with say...Stallone...who needs to have a critical theater snob's approval (not saying the OP is this...just commenting on the group think that always kept people like Marilyn Monroe outside the system because of the pretty face) to be good at keeping the audience coming back for more?
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    Spoiler alert - The actor's performances are exactly the same. :laugh: When the medium changes substantially (this goes for high frame rate even more so than higher resolution), the perception of artifice goes up in the viewer's eyes (Hey! That is a person on a set or in a digitally rendered environment!) and the willing suspension of disbelief goes out the window. This disconnect may eventually fade as one sees more content in the new format, assuming it is being rendered skillfully. If you are watching it on a monitor that artificially manipulates the frame rate for "smooth motion", the chance of a skilled rendering is around zero. :)
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    We were watching the recent Guardians of the Galaxy film on our new 4K set last year and it was looked as though we were watching a stage play broadcast. The actors were obviously standing in a soundstage on a set. I don’t remember it being quite so obvious with DVD or even Blu-Ray.
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    Yup just turn off every user-'aid' there is. The same as you should do when you get into a performance car.
  21. Instant Dharma

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    While the servant waits....
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  22. alexpop

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    ...to look through the keyhole. :D
  23. dougotte

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    The real question is: would motels provide 4K content via their cable contract? Most hotels I've been in don't even provide HD access, much less 4K.
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  24. alexpop

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    Modern world, I guess.
    The motel I was in for a couple of nights in San Fran/market street. I had to ask for clean sheets. Found hairs. No 4K, coin TV.
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    I travel a lot for work and you'd be lucky to get HD programming in most hotels. I haven't actually turned on a TV in a hotel room for almost two years. Maybe I should check tomorrow night? I wouldn't mind a 4k viewing of the newest Dwayne Johnson flick after a long day on the road:help:.
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