I'm rewatching "Stargate SG-1." I love Sam!

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Steve Hoffman, Oct 13, 2021.

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    I'm rewatching "Stargate SG-1" on Netflix. Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter USAF; such a great part for such a talented actor.. amanda tapping reduced.jpg
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    I saw your Twitter post and agree. My wife and I had never seen SG-1, and just finished the series on Netflix. We both enjoyed it a lot. It is good sci-fi with great characters. It also manages to add humor and not take itself seriously.

    The Samantha Carter character is great and was from the start of the series. You really care about her and hope she succeeds. Her interactions with all the other characters is very well done also. Amanda Tapping did a great job.

    My wife and I laughed ever time she said, "I've got an idea."
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  3. Steve Hoffman

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    When the script really lets her loose (like when her twin came through the mirror with long blonde hair) she really gives it her all. Totally convincing as a broken hearted person who just lost her husband. I really felt for her...
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    Really one of the best female charterers we've had on TV...I'm slowly making my way back though this (currently early into S2) after re-watching SGU (my favorite of the Stargate series.) I've already done two viewings of Atlantis.

    If you love Amanda you should also check out the excellent Sanctuary (which ran for 4 seasons) and she is also an occasional guest star and director on the equally excellent Travelers (3 seasons on Netflix) which was created by Stargate SG-1, Atlantis and SGU co-creator Brad Wright.
  5. The Blu-rays are upscaled but are a superior viewing experience (even though the DNR is very heavy handed in the early seasons). Amanda Tapping is a terrific actress and director. She also is terrific in her character arc in “Travelers”.
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    She was the best thing about the series.
    Great show!
  7. I dunno I liked most of the cast and Richard DeanAnderson was a hoot when he was in his sarcastic mode.

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