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    I find this whole exchange hilarious. All of this in response to me just saying people might want to compare the prices across the two sites and maybe we have too many open importcds sale posts on this site? We all need some hilarity in these crazy times.

    I'm not sure it could just be a difference in cultures or backgrounds, but when someone says someone does something "all the time" I don't take it literally. It's just a throw off slang line to say "it happens a lot". To me if someone says "the Stones play 'Ruby Tuesday' all the time" I don't assume it's the only song they play, nor that they play it at every show, just that it is likely it could turn up in the set list if I go see them. However, as in life results may vary and you apparently see that phrase as just being intended literally. I have now explained the intent twice, including the first time saying sorry if there was any confusion and it was taken literally. So why double down?

    Just as you were being helpful point out the ebay sale, I was trying to be helpful pointing out that people might want to compare prices.

    The same conversation happened in another importcds thread and nobody took it personally, I just sharing information from experience of using the ebay and the site.

    importcds - next SAVE10 Sale?
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    I'm going to take a wild guess and say I think almost everyone here understood what you meant.
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    If a sale literally runs "all the time," is it really a sale?

    I believe the ancient Greek philosophers spent some time on this dilemma.

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